Friday, August 2, 2013

Insta Friday

I'm linking up all my instagram pics from our vacation over here,


It's been a week since we've been home and we have spent everyday running around getting ready for back to school.
Looking back at these pictures makes me a little sad that our favorite vacation is over until next Summer but I'm thankful to have captured all these great moments.
Hope you enjoy!

On the way out to Balboa Island it was raining by our house but luckily it wasn't once we got to the beach,

Hubby and I celebrating our vacation with a little drink,

We always end our days on the island with a walk around it, even though it was a bit overcast it was still beautiful.

The girls were eagerly anticipating the next morning so they could play in the sand.

We woke up the next morning and it was quite cold of course the girls didn't mind one bit.
I was wrapped up in a towel and they were playing in the be a kid again!

My view 

Daddy buried Kayla and this was the most still she was the entire week!

Seashells somebody laid out in the shape of a heart, found during one of our evening strolls.

Miss Kayla looking cool with her shades

It may have only been noon but we were on vacation and a cup filled with wine is a necessity while relaxing on the beach.

Brooklyn showing off her jumps

Every Summer vacation we find a photo booth so we can take our annual family pic.
Notice Kayla's baby Sally made it in our picture this year.

Our last day on the beach and Kayla made some friends, they took turns pulling each other back and forth for about an hour.

I miss this little spot in the beach house, the girls ate their breakfast here each morning watching the cars go by

I also miss having my coffee delivered to me each morning!
Here's my hot delivery man making his way to my doorstep ;)

It's hard to believe Summer is just about over!


Kelly said...

I loved looking at your vacation pics! That looks like a fun place to be. Your daughters are so adorable. I think watching children enjoy their time at the beach and playing in the water is so gratifying knowing you're making memories and everyone is having a good time. We're starting back to school next week too. Gosh, the summer flew by!

Colleen said...

ha! my brother and I were saying that same thing yesterday. the kids just jump in the water whereas with us, it takes a minute or too. It's just too funny.