Saturday, June 12, 2021

Graduations & the Last Day of School

   Kayla graduated from middle school this year and I just can't believe she is off to high school in a few months.  She is very excited to start and can't wait to be back in school all day everyday this August.  It seems like she was just graduating from preschool a few years back!

We were thankful for in person graduations but they did split the students into two groups and of course all of her besties graduated at the ceremony before her so we were bummed to not get pictures of all of them together.  

These girls below are some new friends she made last year.

My beautiful girl!

After her ceremony the graduates received free In-N-Out and she was happy about that!

The next morning Brooklyn had her graduation from fifth grade.   She'll be off to middle school next and is also very excited to start!   Her ceremony  was a hard one for me because that elementary school has been a part of our lives for so many years.  I will miss seeing all the familiar faces and of course knowing I will no longer have any babies in elementary school makes me sad.  What happened to this tiny adorable preschool graduate?

Brooklyn was asked to write a speech and speak at her ceremony and she did such a great job!

Brooklyn and her fifth grade teacher!

She also had Kayla when she was in fifth grade.  She cried when she said goodbye to the girls, she adores Kayla and this year she fell in love with Brooklyn as well.  

The years have flown by!

After graduation Brooklyn opened a small gift from us.  This book had been signed by all of her teachers from Kindergarten to fifth grade.   It's a such a neat thing for her to have and look back on being able to read sweet words from all of her past elementary teachers.


Last Friday was the last day of school which meant it was time to take the traditional photos by the front door.  Just like the first day of school, the last day was also online from home.

Kayla all ready for her first day of eighth grade

and here she is very ready for the last day!

Brooklyn back in August on her first day of fifth grade

and on her very last day of elementary school

There are always a few goodies waiting to get the Summer fun started on the last day of school.

Here they are ready for all the fun that Summer can bring!

Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Spring Break in Paso Robles

So almost two months ago (yes, I'm way behind here) we went camping during Spring Break up to Paso Robles.  Chris and I have gone up a few times for a little adults only vacation and we love it up there.  It's beautiful, there is a lot to do and they have great wineries!  We knew we could all enjoy a family vacation up there so we booked Spring Break to go up.

It took us a little over five hours so as soon as we got there we were definitely ready to relax and enjoy the week.

Chris' boss and his wife were also camping there so we grabbed our drinks and went and hung out with them for awhile, the girls decided they wanted to watch movies in the trailer so they did that instead.

We found this lil' guy on our walk back.

The next morning we ate breakfast and got ready to start the day.

Waiting on friends so we could head out to enjoy some wine tasting.

Our first winery we went to was Tobin James, we had been there before but this time was a blast and we ended up joining their wine club.   Apparently I was in charge of carrying the wines since I made the executive decision to join ;)

Afterwards we drove to a spot known as 'Tin City'  they have restaurants, wineries and breweries.   We grabbed lunch and then tried one more winery. 

Brooklyn enjoyed her water tastings.

The girls were being so good and really they were having fun, they said this day was their favorite.  They get a kick out of hanging with us and our friends.  Since they were being so awesome we awarded them with ice cream and maybe that's why this day was their favorite.

This ice cream was AMAZING!  It was made out of goats milk and Brooklyn's coffee flavored ice cream is still talked about in our house, it was that good!

Chris's boss isn't much of a wine drinker and needed a brewery so we walked over to do some beer tastings.

After that we drove over to one more brewery to buy some beers for later and then back to the campsite we went.

Snacks and exploring the campsite 

This was our view behind us, it was so pretty!

The next morning we headed out a ways to Pinnacles National Park.

Chris had gone years ago when he was little and wanted to go back because there are caves you can hike through.  Unfortunately the caves were closed due to covid so we didn't get to hike through those but we still got some hiking in and it was very pretty.

I was the uncool mom because the caves were closed but that didn't stop people from climbing over the gates to go through anyway.   I said no and they were upset with me but I knew I had to be the adult and make the right decision.  Trust me I wanted to climb right over as well but somebody has to be responsible over here even if it stinks!

It was a long, hot day of hiking!

We took it easy and played cards that night.

Our last day in Paso we went to visit some more wineries.

These girls enjoyed all the gourmet snacks they were being fed.

Our last winery has become a favorite!

We got more food and of course the girls enjoyed that and hanging out with Brutus and the cats that were roaming around the winery.

We always have the best time at this winery, the employees are so nice and this time we even got to go back and taste some wines from the barrels including one that we would NEVER be able to afford to buy so that was fun!

When we got back to the campsite the girls wanted to swim

They swam for maybe thirty minutes because they said it was too cold but then asked for shaved ice as soon as they saw the truck

Back at the trailer it was time for the campfire

and s'mores

The girls rode bikes for a bit before we were all too tired to stay awake any longer.

The next morning we packed up our spot to make the trip back home.

The camp spot was so nice and there is so much to do up there.   A few of the things we wanted to do were shut down due to covid so we will have to go back another time to do those and of course visit a few more wineries ;)