Sunday, December 3, 2023

October Recap

 October was full of fun!

Some festive goodies for the girls to enjoy

Kayla resting on her days off of school and cross country

I wanted everything!

Brooklyn started her cross country season this month.

Her favorite thing is going out to eat as a team after their away meets.  She's so sad middle school meets are going to be over.

I got Brooklyn hooked on Gilmore Girls so we've been watching the series together.

Another year subbing on Pumpkin Patch field trip day

Dinner and a movie but charcuterie style

A perfect cozy Fall evening

Kayla feeling under the weather 

Another race for Brooklyn and yay for a meda!


Kayla had her cross country race at her high school and after we had the grandparents over for some food.

Brooklyn receiving her Honor Roll award.

and then later that day she was racing again.

I told the girls I had some place fun I wanted to take them.  They were excited and asking a ton of questions.  I told them it was Halloween themed and they would love it.

They definitely did!
Fun Halloween themed coffee drinks were a hit.

Afterward we went to the Halloween store where Brooklyn kept us laughing.

Spooky dinners were made this month

Brooklyn had her local cross country race and it was cold.  This race is fun because the high school comes to help which means her big sister is there to cheer her on as well as hand her her medal.

She came in fourth place!!

Grandma came to cheer her on.

The next day I picked up Brooklyn from school and she was carrying the most beautiful bouquet of roses. 

It was the Halloween dance after school so he got her roses.  Her friends took pictures of him giving them to her.

Brooklyn and her dad carving pumpkins.  Kayla didn't want to this year.

Skullzones for dinner to finish up the fun Halloween food.

Our sweet neighbors don't hand out candy but they always bring by candy apples for the girls each year!

Brooklyn was VERY upset that I was going to give away good candy to the trick or treaters this year.  I caught her with the basket trying to take out all the ones she wanted for herself.  I couldn't tell that sweet face no so I let her put some aside to keep.

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