Saturday, August 11, 2018

Ten on Ten

I had the best of intentions to post all of my Ten on Ten pics yesterday but got distracted enjoying our Friday evening instead.  Kayla was supposed to have soccer practice but due to the air quality from all of the fires out here it was canceled so instead we enjoyed pizza, the girls stayed up late watching movies together and hubby and I enjoyed drinks on the patio.  It was a great way to end our first week back at school.  

I told the girls that I would make their lunches for the first week or two and then they could start making it themselves if time allowed.   I really don't mind making lunches for the first half of the year after that it gets annoying.

It's so nice that everyone is up and ready to go to school in the beginning.  Soon enough I'll be dragging Brooklyn out of bed and rushing Kayla to get out the door.

Friday was the first day I was actually home during the day so I was happy to work out and get a lot of housework taken care of.

I enjoyed a little bit of gardening before it got too hot.

I also vacuumed the house and cleaned the bathrooms, then I showered and watched the movie Home Again.   I love a good Nancy Myers movie!

Time for a smoothie.

Before it was time to pick up the girls I wrote them each a little note in our Mommy and me books and left them on their beds.  

Then I headed to Hobby Lobby to find something to go on our kitchen counter.   I have been wanting a tiered tray but they have always been too large for the spot so I was excited to find one that was the perfect size and after I spent an hour and a half doing pick up I came home and got it all set up.

The girls showered up early last night and then got on their tablets for a bit.  It was nice week back and I will say that I am enjoying the fact that I can get so much more done while the girls are in school.

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Back to School

The girls are two days in and all is good so far.   We are already super busy and the heat the last two days has been crazy!   On the first day it was so humid and gross out we all felt like we had just gotten out of the shower the moment we stepped outside.   Today the humidity is down a bit and it's a tiny bit cooler so that is good.   Tuesday night both girls were beyond excited to be going back to school.  Kayla has been excited all Summer for middle school and after Brooklyn met her teacher Tuesday night for Back to School night she couldn't wait either.   I will say her teacher sounds like she will be awesome this year so I'm happy she'll have fun!

After we read our favorite back to school books and the girls were tucked into bed I set up some fun coloring items and their first day signs.

We were all up bright and early at 6am Wednesday morning and by the time I had finished showering and gotten ready the girls had already gotten dressed, made their beds and eaten breakfast!

They had lots of extra time to color and play around before we had to leave.


Ready for 6th grade!

Ready for 3rd grade!

One last picture together before I say goodbye to my girls for the day.

This year they are at two different schools and their start time is only a 10 minute difference.  Brooklyn starts first and then Kayla but I purposely took Kayla to school first on this day because I knew I needed a distraction to keep me from being too sad and walking Brooklyn up to school would be the perfect distraction.   I could barely talk to the girls because my voice was cracking on the drive up to Kayla's school and once I saw all of the kids on that campus I was done.   I pulled up to drop her off and she was soooooooooo excited and happy just look,

I had that lump in my heart and just prayed she would have a great day!

She turned and waved right before she walked across and I watched her all the way until I couldn't see her anymore.  I just can't believe she's already in middle school.

I pulled myself together and I drove to Brooklyn's school, we got there just in time for her to line up with her class.  Here she is with some of her buddies.

Off to her classroom.

 One last goodbye to mommy.

 Hubby called me as soon as I got in the truck to make sure I was okay and after that I went home cleaned up a bit and then headed to the grocery store.   While I was at the store I got the message that my online training videos were available to watch so as soon as I came home I started those which kept my mind off of the girls for just about the entire time they were gone.

 I only got teary eyed when I received this picture of Brooklyn from her teacher letting me know she was having a great day. 

 When it was time for pick up I was happy to have some new magazines along with a few text messages from friends making sure I was getting by okay now that I have a middle schooler.  Those helped keep me busy while I waited in two pick up lines.   I left the house at 1:45 and didn't get back home until 3:30!  I'm pretty sure this might be worse than waking up early this year.   We are going to be rushed all week long especially since the girls have soccer practice Tuesday through Friday.  

I set out some goodies for the girls for when they got home and then while they enjoyed their candy we talked about their days.

Brooklyn had a wonderful time and loved her first day back.  Kayla said that it was sooooo boring!  She was upset that they didn't learn anything and would not actually be starting the teaching part until Monday.  This week is basically just about teaching them the rules and what is expected of them in middle school.  I told them to show me how they felt about their first day of school below and this is what I got,

 After getting school stuff taken care of and put away we ate a quick dinner and then we were off to Kayla's practice.

Brooklyn kept herself entertained by making a fort and I did my best to keep my eyes open.   The girls were in bed right after showers and I called it a night by 9!   We were all exhausted, thank goodness tomorrow is already Friday.  It's going to take awhile to get back in the swing of things for us.

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

The Last Few Days of Summer

Our Summer Fun List has all been checked off except for one item.  The girls have packed their school bags and have their first day outfits picked out for tomorrow.  I can't believe it's already here and we will be back to those busy schedules in just one day. 

We enjoyed our last few days of Summer as much as possible.  One of the things on our Summer fun list was to visit an arcade.  Kayla couldn't wait and it definitely did not disappoint.  

Brooklyn played the same car game for just about the entire hour we were here.


We all had a blast playing the video games.  So many were from when hubby and I were young


The next morning Kayla had middle school orientation and this is the only picture I got because I was planning on getting one of her at pick up but when we arrived for pick up we found out she had lost her retainer and after digging through trash cans for about an hour we still did not find it.

Before we knew about the retainer ordeal Brooklyn and I enjoyed cuddling at home after we dropped off Kayla.

Then we ran some errands and stopped into Starbucks for a treat.  We even grabbed one for Kayla which she barely got to drink because, trash digging.   Ugh, so not a fun way to spend our Friday!

I was happy to enjoy a beer with dinner that night after our day.

That night we also went over to my brother and sister in laws for some homemade grape mojitos and for the kids to have some cousin time.  Hubby is not the biggest fan of animals so of course their kitty chose him to jump up on.

Cousins enjoying some movie time together

Saturday we headed out to Palm Springs to enjoy our last Saturday swim day at my father in laws.

I'm so not ready to give up these swim days!
They are always the perfect way to spend a Saturday.

Sunday we enjoyed a yummy breakfast before getting lots of housework done.

Of course the girls enjoyed relaxing and watching movies together.

Monday morning we had an orthodontist appointment so Kayla could get fitted for her 2nd retainer.

After we went to Target to get some back to school items and of course so the girls could pick out some new Hatchimals.

Then it was time to meet my parents for lunch, one last Summer lunch together

Today the girls completely cleaned out their desks and organized all of their school supplies while I did laundry and cleaned.   Back to School night for Brooklyn is later on and then we'll be home to get ready for the day back tomorrow.   I'm usually a little happy to have the routine back but this year I'm just not ready, I need more Summer!