Friday, May 22, 2015

Second Grade Open House

We are down to less than two weeks until Summer and I am still a bit surprised how fast this year has gone by!!  Kayla had her open house on Wednesday night and when we walked up to her desk we saw this,

"You're o-Fish-ally a Third Grader"
WHAT!!!  she's going to be in third grade already?  It just seems so strange to me that she is going to be a third grader.  She is excited and sad about the upcoming Summer, she loved her teachers this year and made some great friends she will miss over the break but she knows we have lots of fun planned and she can't wait for it all to begin.

I loved wandering around her classroom and seeing all of the art she created and listening to her read all of her reports.  The classroom theme was ocean and the rainforest they did a great job decorating it for all of the parents.

I love seeing the pride in my girls faces when they get to show us everything they've made for Open House.  Of course I loved everything but when we first walked up to go into Kayla's classroom they had silhouettes of each kid on the wall outside and above was a sweet poem they wrote about themselves, this was my absolute favorite thing because she described herself perfectly!!

Love my amazing soon to be Third Grader!

Monday, May 18, 2015

Weekend Recap

Saturday was our last softball game of the season.  Kayla's team made it to the championships and had their final game at 9am.  All season their gmaes were timed and usually went 2-3 innings but for the championship there was no time limit and they would play a full 6 inning game.  They ended up losing but ending the season in 2nd place is still pretty great!

I'm pretty excited to have my evenings back to normal for a few months until soccer starts!

This little guy was Brooklyn's best buddy throughout the season.  So glad she had such a sweet little guy to play with during all those practices and games she was dragged to. 

After the game my dad took us all out to lunch at Bob's Big Boy, the girls had never been there and it had been years since I had.

We went home after lunch and got cleaned up before we headed back out to the end of season award ceremony.  We thought we had to go to receive our 2nd place medal but realized after being there for almost 2 hours we didn't.   We were a bit annoyed since we had a party to be at but the girls enjoyed hanging out with their friends.

Kayla'as team was goofing around and started a little train with each other and one of the moms told them to go down the center and once they did all of the other teams joined in and it was really cute.

We left early when we found out we didn't have to be there and headed straight to Palm Springs to celebrate my father in laws birthday.  I put together this cute assortment of garden goodies for his present.  I loved it and I'm pretty sure he did too.

The girls couldn't wait to get into the mini cupcakes!  Brooklyn loves bacon so she grabbed her maple bacon cupcake right away.

The girls had so much fun!  We were there until almost midnight but Brooklyn didn't quite make it the entire night.  It was a very long and busy day! 

Sunday morning was a lounge around the house day.  I was so happy to be home all day with no where to be.   The girls did some painting and played outside.

I took a morning nap, did laundry and got some yardwork done in the backyard.   I served up some appetizers for everyone after their hardwork washing the cars and Brooklyn brought me a "bouquet flowers" she had picked for me

Before dinner Kayla got some 'Thank You's' taken care of.

and after dinner we took early showers and the girls watched Inspector Gadget before an early bedtime to make up for the long night prior.  We are down to a little less than 3 weeks of school left and I cannot wait!!

Friday, May 15, 2015

Pastries with Parents

Thursday morning all the second graders at Kayla's school hosted "Pastries with Parents"  They had coffee and donuts for us and then each kid interviewed their parents asking us a bunch of questions about our childhood. 

Then after we were all done enjoying our treats and Kayla finished her interview all the second graders gathered on stage to sing this song.

Yes, I cried and I'm crying again listening to it now.  How could I not hearing their sweet little voices and Kayla just waiting for me to.  She told me before that I would probably cry so she made sure to watch the entire time.  They made sure to sing the part of the song that says "let us go" a little bit louder and that's where I couldn't hold back the tears!  After she was done she came to say bye and gave us extra hugs and kisses.

When she got home from school she brought us a card she had made at school thanking us for coming.  It was so nice spending some extra time with her at school and hearing that special song.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Mother's Day Weekend

Mother's day was a whole weekend event for us.  Saturday morning we were supposed to have Brooklyn's last softball game but unfortunately due to the rain the game got pushed back til later in the day and we already had plans so she missed her last game.  Luckily our plans included something exciting for the girls so nobody was upset about missed games.

For Christmas Santa brought us four tickets to see 'Fancy Nancy, the Musical'.  Since it was my weekend I made sure to get a few family pictures before we headed in.

The play was really cute and although Kayla tried to say it was more for Brooklyn's age she totally loved it too!  She was laughing and smiling the entire time.  At the end of the play they asked all the kids to stand up and strike a fancy pose and Brooklyn just about leaped out of her seat to strike a pose, it was adorable.  We made sure to wait to meet the actors after the show and the girls got their autographs and got to take a picture with the 'Fancy Nancy'!

Afterwards we headed over to my parents to celebrate Mother's day with my aunt, mom and grandmother.

Brooklyn took some time to serenade us with some songs.

and then things got a little crazy as they usually do with these four kids!

Sunday morning was breakfast in bed for me and presents.  The best way to start of a morning if you ask me!

When I decided to finally climb out of bed I decided to finish reading my book that I have had forever!!  Trying to find time to slow down and read has seemed impossible the last few weeks but I loved that I got the time to read and the house was quiet!  The girls made their way in to join me and I thought they looked so cute propped up with their books near me.

Eventually we had to get dressed for the day to go to my sister in laws for Mother's day.  The girls were still tired from Saturday and passed out on the way there.  It was a much needed nap for them.

They spent most of the day playing with their aunt and uncles kitties and even got a few scratches from them which they quickly learned is how kittens play.

The boys made the moms 7 homemade pizzas, all different flavors and all delicious!!

We ended with presents and dessert which was a pizza cookie of course.  Mother's day weekend is always one of my favorite times of the year.  It's always nice to feel appreciated for everything we do.