Friday, June 15, 2018

Go Karting

In the first week of Summer we had already marked off two of our Summer Fun List activities!

A friend had mentioned to me several months ago how her daughter attended a birthday party at a nearby go kart place and had so much fun she asked if I would want to meet her with the girls sometime this Summer and I knew they would love it so I said yes.  We then decided that hubby's should go as well because they both enjoy racing.   Hubby is obsessed with Formula1 and LOVES to go karting!  He's been asking me to go for the past 15 years or so and I've always said no thank you but I decided I'd finally give it a try.

The kids raced first, separately from us adults.

They all did great and Kayla and Brooklyn really liked it!  Kayla came in first, Brooklyn second and their buddy Lily, third.

Next up was us adults.  My friend Kristine and I were a bit nervous as we had never done this.   There was nothing to be worried about though because it ended up being really fun!

Hubby came in first of course, then our friend Dave, I came in third and Kristine came in fourth.

After all of the excitement of racing we all went out to dinner and caught up on life.   Our first week of Summer was a good one with a trip to Great Wolf Lodge and then some Go Karting.  So far Summer is off to a good start!

Monday, June 11, 2018

Great Wolf Lodge

One of the things on our Summer Fun List was to go to Great Wolf Lodge.   Kayla was most excited for this trip and had been asking over and over again when we would be going so she was very happy to find out that we would be going the first week of Summer.  We went for one night which was more than enough time for us since we got to spend both Thursday and Friday in their waterpark.   We had plenty of time to have fun by just staying one night.

We checked in early and put our stuff in our rooms.  Hubby and I took a little happy vacation shot of whiskey before heading down to enjoy the water slides.

Kayla loved all of the slides and had no problem finding things to do but Brooklyn is not so much into rides or scary, fast things so she struggled with finding things to keep her busy.   She did try on slide that we could all ride together as a family but she ended up not liking it which I didn't blame her because it was a bit scary to me too.  She ended up sticking to the kid zone but that only gave her about 3 slides for the entire two days we were there.   We went on those quite a few times and then enjoyed the lazy river and wave pool while daddy and Kayla rode most of the other slides together.   

We stayed at the water park until about 6:30 on Thursday and then headed to our room to shower and get dinner.

After a late dinner we grabbed ice cream for dessert

By 10am we were back at the waterpark before heading home.  We stayed until about 2 and then made our way home.  Brooklyn got a little bored this day because she had already done the same things so many times.

Kayla did a good job though spending time with Brooklyn and going down the water slides Brooklyn liked or just playing in the wave pool together which was nice because then hubby and I got a little break and got to actually hang out together.   Kayla begged me to go on a few slides with her and even though I, like Brooklyn prefer to take it safe, I gave in because I know how much she loves these things.  I did end up liking one of the slides that we rode in a tube together and then the other one I did not like at all!  We had a good laugh at the one I did not like at all.   She got up after the ride laughing saying how much fun that was and I was like no, that was not fun at all :)

We all changed into dry clothes for our ride home and then stopped into the gift shop so Kayla could buy a dragon before we left.

Kayla was sad to go and Brooklyn was ready to go.   Overall it was a fun experience but I don't know that we will be rushing back anytime soon though.  I am much more looking forward to our relaxing beach camping trips coming up soon!

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Summer Begins

Saturday morning the girls cuddled on the couch and watched t.v. while I made breakfast.   We were so happy to have a slow morning before heading off to Kayla's last Soccer tournament.

It was hot which made me thankful that this was our last tournament.  The girls stayed cool in the shade before warming up for their game.

After Kayla's first game we came back home and ate an early dinner before heading back to her next game.  I looked over and the girls were back on the couch in their same spots as they were that morning.

After game affogatos for hubby and I 

Sunday morning Kayla had her last game.

Unfortunately the girls lost all three of their games this past weekend and Kayla ended on not playing so great the last game.  I'm pretty sure she was in need of a soccer break as we all were.

We told the girls that we would have a movie night and we'd pick up Panda Express for dinner that night.   Everyone was happy to be at home and pj'd up for the evening.

We watched Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and enjoyed our dinner together.  I love watching all of these big kid movies with my girls.

I woke up bright and early Monday morning and started my work out and I'm hoping to continue it daily while we are on Summer break.

Brooklyn started swim lessons and she's the only one in her class so she's getting one on one attention and should be a pro by the end.

Kayla is done with her lessons so she's my side kick while we watch Brooklyn.  She's been cracking me up all week.

She may need a break from playing soccer but that hasn't stopped her from playing FIFA on the Playstation or watching it on t.v.  She's excited for the World Cup to begin next week.

The girls picked out a few new books from the library and are all set for a few weeks.

I purchased this farmhouse looking organizer at Hobby Lobby before school got out and then picked out all new markers, colored pencils and crayons to fill it up.  I figured Brooklyn would love it and she does, in fact both girls have been using it daily to write or draw.

Lots of reading going on

and writing!
Brooklyn wrote this yesterday and I was in awe, I'm pretty sure I need to read this book when it's done.

Mac & Cheese was requested for dinner and it's always been our family game night meal so it just goes hand in hand now that we play Bingo while we eat every time.

It isn't Summer without Snow Cones in our house

Such a simple and fun treat!  I bought this one on Amazon and we use it all the time in the Summer.

Kayla was at a friends house so Brooklyn and I stopped at the pet store to see all of the animals.  She now wants a pet hamster and has been researching how to care for one all morning.   I told her she can talk to daddy which probably will not end well.   Maybe mommy can make it happen though! ;)

We have a few fun things coming up this weekend so we are excited for them to happen.  We are happily jumping right into Summer!

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

The Last Weeks of School

Kayla pretty much sums up our feelings of the last two weeks of school!   We were so ready for it to be over with and we were already in our relaxed Summer moods.  The girls were staying up later, we weren't worrying about homework, it was just come home from school, relax and play!

I know this picture is blurry but I'm still posting it because it was a good memory.  When I helped with Brooklyn's field trip to the park I saw Kayla as soon as I got to school.  She came over and gave me a big hug and then we took this pic but the part I want to really remember is when I arrived back to the school after the park and I was walking across the campus and I saw Kayla running over to me, she said hi again and gave me another hug but this time she held on and walked with me all the way back to Brooklyn's class with her arms wrapped around her mommy.   She was at recess and did not mind one bit that she was holding her mom in front of everyone.  I asked her if she would walk with me like this next year and she smiled and said, "no".   It was okay though because I'll always remember my 5th grader who doesn't mind loving on her mom even when all her friends are around!

End of the year teachers gifts were all wrapped up and ready to give.

Thursday was Field day.  All the grades play outside for the entire day.  They have a DJ playing music and kids dance as well as water fights and lots of sports for all of the kids to play.  The girls were suntan lotioned up and wearing their hats all ready for the fun day.

Brooklyn's teacher sent me this picture of my girls hanging out.   Later on our walk home both the girls told me about their day and that they hung out ALL day together!   I was so happy and a bit sad because next year they will not be able to do this.    They said they played soccer, danced, drew with chalk and had a water fight together.

This was our very last walk home from school!

Next year they will be at two different schools and there will not be time to have our walks together.   I love walking to and from school with these two.   Kayla especially will tell me so much more about her day when we walk home and it's so much more fun to have the extra time with my girls before they get home and get to work doing their homework. 

Brooklyn saving all the rollie pollies on our walk home.

On the last day of school I always have some fun surprises set out for the girls but this year we weren't quite sure how the last day was going to work out and if they'd be coming home at the same time so I decided to surprise them with their Summer surprises the day before instead.

I collected a few things over the last few months that I knew would be fun for Summer,
Bath & Body Works Hand Sanitizers
books & magazines
cute Summer pj's
a soccer ball made to be played on the sand
some fun sinking jellyfish for the pool
taffy & cookies
soccer goals for the backyard

After they checked out all of their new Summer goods Brooklyn decided she would make a 'Have a fun Summer' card for everyone in her class.

After dinner they usually take showers to get ready for bed but since it was the last night of school I let them play outside for awhile before.  They set up their new goals and played soccer of course.
Late Summer nights are the best and we are so happy they are finally here!