Sunday, September 20, 2020

Happy 11th Birthday Brooklyn!

Brooklyn turned 11 a few weeks ago.  Her actual birthday fell on a Tuesday this year so we celebrated with her at home.  She woke up to lots of balloons and birthday decor.   Daddy made her blueberry muffins and then she headed down the hall to school.

She is done with distance learning around 11:15 so I put together a fun snack/lunch platter with a few of her favorite things.  She loves blackberries so I grabbed these along with a pack of sparkling watermelon while I was at Trader Joe's.  I also found some bacon jalapeƱo cheddar which is now a new favorite in our house. 

She was dying to dig into her gifts so after we ate we told her she could open them.

Brooklyn is always great entertainment for us

By far my favorite gift opener of all time.   She truly gets excited over every gift, she's so sweet!

She loves taking quizzes to learn more about herself so this should keep her busy for awhile

Her own skateboard!  No more sharing with Kayla.

Everyday this kid begs me for her own chai latte so since it was her birthday I made her her own.  It was gone in no time! 

For dinner she wanted pizza but not just any kind of pizza.  I had made a peach and cheese along with a pesto potato burrata pizza over the Summer and the girls loved them so that's exactly what she requested for her special dinner.

Dessert was brownie ice cream sundaes

I can't believe she's now 11!!!

Throughout the week she received a few more gifts from family.

Then on Saturday she had a couple of her good friends over to celebrate with.

She was extremely excited for this day.  She has been missing being at school and just around her friends in general a lot so this day was perfect for her.   All seven of these girls played hide and seek, foosball, video games and jumped on the trampoline for hours.

It was the perfect day for our big 11 year old!

Thursday, September 10, 2020

Ten on Ten

Happy Thursday!  This week has been a busy one so I was happy to have a slow morning to enjoy my coffee while the girls were off learning online.  We are celebrating Brooklyn's 11th Birthday Saturday with a few friends so I've been busy shopping and cleaning for that.

Brooklyn is not working at a kids table anymore.   We sold it and set up a card table for her to work out until she gets to go back to in person school.  Fingers crossed that is soon because she misses being with all of her friends a lot!

Chris had to go into work for awhile this morning so I enjoyed pretending I was home all alone and did some laundry, drank more coffee and watched the Real Housewives.

Eventually I ran to the grocery store to pick up a few items

and then I came back home and threw dinner in the crock pot. 

I did a little kitchen rearranging and set up this little tray next to the sink to enjoy while I'm doing dishes.

Everyone's busy working away from home.  I really miss having a dining room table to decorate and make pretty!

The girls were busy playing barbies after school today.

After dinner we went on a walk while the girls rode their skateboards.

Once we were home it was time for showers and t.v. watching.

Monday, September 7, 2020

August Recap

 August 1st we were on our way home from camping at the beach and when we got home we drove up to a large fire burning in our local mountains.  The clouds of smoke were huge.  Thankfully our home was not in any danger but it burned for a few weeks before it was completely put out.

Now that Kayla is comfortable on her skateboard she almost always rides that while we go on our walks.  

Back to school is in August and this year the girls had to pick up their books a few days before distance learning actually began.

Sweet moment of Kayla taking June on a little backyard tour.

We had a couple of cool evenings where we could eat dinner on the back patio.   We served some nachos and the girls spent the evening playing outside.   I can't wait until the weather cools down again so we can enjoy our dinners in the backyard a little more often!

We went to a pool/bbq party at a friends house.  We were all happy to be hanging out and the girls had so much fun seeing their friends from school.

Every year for back to school we make peanut butter and jelly bars,  Brooklyn helped me make them this year.  She loves being in the kitchen and creating yummy food.

Daddy met up with some friends to golf one afternoon so I told the girls we could grab take out for dinner and watch tv in the family room.  They picked one of our favorite episodes of Parks and Recreation.

Some of their distance learning break times line up and they find each other to hang out right away.   This day they literally ran to each other and held hands as they walked off, it was too cute.

June and Brooklyn cuddles

Brooklyn started off distance learning in her room but the first day she was having problems with connection so we moved her to the kitchen.  She decided she wanted to work in the den and dragged this kid table and chair set in there.   This is what her space looked like after she was done the first week or so.  She would just leave and go play after she was done.

Some hangout time with my big girl while we watched a few episodes of Parenthood together.

Oliver hanging out with Kayla while she's learning

June decided she'd hang out with Brooklyn

The library finally opened a couple of weeks ago and Kayla was super excited to go!   We both agreed that Summer had felt so off because we couldn't go to the library.   

Our walks have been moved to the evening now that the girls are in school in the mornings. 

Friday distance learning is kind of a catch up day for the kids and when they are all done they can play games online but Brooklyn usually uses that time to read instead.

I entered Kayla in a raffle that our library was having online and she won!  She was excited to get a book and cute backpack.

My father in law came over for dinner one night and I was excited to have a guest and a buddy to enjoy a glass of wine or two with.

Cutest little trouble makers

Kayla is in a video production class this year and she had to make her own cooking video.  She made an appetizer and dessert.   We enjoyed eating the appetizer late afternoon and by dinner none of us were very hungry so I told the girls we would have the dessert for dinner.  They were both happy to have chocolate cakes for dinner.

Woke up to find that June had found the perfect spot to sleep. 

Always drawing

Since the girls are in school they can't go on walks until the evenings so Chris and I try to sneak in some walks during the day just the two of us. 

We celebrated our 16th wedding anniversary camping at the beach but when we got home we celebrated again with one of our favorite bottles of champagne.

Last week Brooklyn's school had spirit week and the first day was sports day.   She wore her LA Galaxy soccer shirt and then came out with paint on her face.   She cracks me up with her ideas!

That was our August!