Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Borreggo Springs Camping Part I

A few weeks ago over Thanksgiving break we went camping in Borrego Springs.   We had planned to camp elsewhere but with all of the fires going on at the time we had to cancel and find someplace else that was hopefully away from the fires.   We decided on Borrego Springs and we were so glad we did.   As soon as we pulled into the resort we were given cookies and coupons for some free drinks from the bar.   I mean if that isn't a good start to a vacation I don't know what is!

The weather was perfect and the pool was heated so our first activity was swimming.

The girls were happy and I was ready to relax!

Back at the trailer after showers the girls read while hubby and I got dinner ready.  After we ate the girls and hubby watched Elf and I was in bed reading a magazine and eventually passed out by 7:30, it was amazing!

The next morning the girls were up and riding their bikes all over.

The campsites were so clean and the place was not crowded at all when we first arrived but the campers trickled in throughout our time there.

This game below is one the girls came up with about a year ago.  They call it two ball and they play it every time we go camping.

Once we were ready we went on a little adventure driving all over Borrego Springs to find the metal sculptures.   There are 130 of them and we had so much fun driving all over to find them all.  The girls enjoyed some off roading in the truck as well.  It kept us busy for most of the day and there were many fun photo opportunities.

Our Kayla has always been afraid of any type of large dinosaur sculpture and you can see below she wasn't quite ready to get too close to these sculptures either but by the end of the day she wasn't as afraid.

Brooklyn on the other hand didn't have any problem getting next to or on top of the sculptures.

After spending many hours driving around we came back to the trailer to enjoy a delicious snack and to relax.

The girls played 'two ball' and hubby and I played corn hole.  I was super excited because I won and I NEVER win at corn hole!!

Later after showers the girls cuddled up on the couch and watched Christmas Vacation while hubby and I went to the bar to use our free drink vouchers.

The bar/restaurant was directly across from our trailer and we were back in no time to finish watching the movie with them.

The next morning we were off to hike Slot Canyon.  

to be continued...