Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Weekend Recap

The girls are back in school this morning after having yesterday off and I feel like even though we had a three day weekend I need another weekend from the weekend.   We were gone the entire three days and if I don't get enough home time my body and mind just don't feel rested.   Our weekend started out perfect with a Friday night at home and hubby brought flowers home for me!  I put them in the kitchen to enjoy and propped them up next to my only Valentine's decoration I have out so far.   The gold heart can be purchased here if interested.

Our favorite Friday nights around here include pizza, red wine, popcorn and a family movie night!

Saturday Kayla had practice and daddy took her while Brooklyn and I got ready for a birthday party.  Once practice was over daddy and Kayla got ready and off we went to a princess party.

We all had a great time but didn't stay too late because bright and early Sunday morning Kayla had a soccer game.

7:30 am and 40 degrees Sunday morning Brooklyn was all bundled up and trying to stay warm.

The sun was out for about half of the game and then the fog rolled in quick and soon enough it was really cold!

After an early soccer game we went home and relaxed for a few hours before heading to my in laws to celebrate my birthday.

Monday morning I was so thankful we were all off and together but wishing we could just have a pajama day!   We all got dressed because we were off to pick up our new trailer.  Brooklyn made her bed and said it was decorated for Valentine's day because her stuffed animals were giving each other flowers/gifts. 


Here we are ready to take our trailer home!
We signed all the paperwork, did our walk through and we were done.  It all went a lot faster than I had anticipated so I was happy!

I cant wait until we have a free weekend to take this trailer out, there is so much more room inside!

We drove it back to our home so I could put all of this stuff that I had to store in our guest room back in the trailer.   We spent a few hours organizing and cleaning it before parking it in storage.  Hopefully we will be able to go camping soon....maybe if the rain ever stops!

 As soon as the trailer was done I went to the grocery store, by the time I got home I was exhausted.   Kayla had practice which thankfully hubby was taking her too because I sat here on the couch and rested until it was time to make dinner.  Our weekend was fun but a bit too busy for my liking.  Thank goodness it's only a four day school week and although Kayla has another soccer tournament this upcoming weekend it is supposed to rain so I'm kind of hoping it gets canceled so we can get some much needed home time!

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Ten on Ten

It's been so long since I've participated in a Ten on Ten.  Life gets so busy that half way through the day I forget about or forget to even start taking pictures.  Today I made sure to write it down and take a picture of the kiddos ready for school.  Hubby took them while I went grocery shopping.

It rained yesterday and is supposed to rain the rest of the week until Saturday so since today is the only day it wasn't supposed to rain I figured I should take advantage of it and do my shopping.

Today was also the day the buyer came to pick up our old trailer so hubby took the day off to go over how to use everything with him.  After that was all done we drove to a dealership to look at the trailer we are going to get.   As of last night when I checked online the dealership we wanted to go through did not have what we wanted in stock and I had told hubby that there was this exact model that I wanted and we would have to just wait but when I got home from grocery shopping my hubby had found it newly listed online just this morning!  I took that as a sign!!
 So we drove straight there and told him we sold ours and saw one online we were interested in.  He told us it wasn't even opened to see yet since they just got it in yesterday and was hesitant to show us because it was dirty and had not been cleaned yet.  We told him it didn't matter.  Anyhow we will be picking it up soon after they get it all cleaned up and we can not wait to go camping.  It is sooooo much bigger and has a ton of space for us.

After we were done at the dealership we picked up lunch and ate in the truck since we had a few things in the bed that we didn't want taken.

Now that we finally have the trailer it was time to book some camping for Summer!  So as soon as we got home I got to searching online.  Everything has been sold out for the Summer months but if you check constantly you will find cancellations sometimes and to my luck I found a cancellation for a spot at the beach we have not been too but have been wanting to try out.  So our first beach trip is in the books!

"Happiness comes from contentment"
Quiet tea time while hubby left to pick up the girls from school.

How cute are these heart lights?
My father in law dropped off two of them for the girls rooms for Valentines day.  They look so cute lit up in their rooms.

Brooklyn worked quietly on her homework after school

Soon enough the house was no longer quiet and the girls pulled out toys and played together.

Kayla eventually had to get ready for soccer practice in the rain!
She was excited while I'm just hoping she's safe and she doesn't get sick!  She has a big tournament this weekend and with all the rain and the holidays they have only had one practice in the past three weeks so today they had to squeeze in another one since the rest of the week is going to be rained out.  Today the fields are dry enough to play on but they are supposed to be closed the rest of the week to dry out as much as possible for the tournament.

Thank goodness hubby took her to practice while Brooklyn and I are warm and cozy at home.  It's just about time to put pajamas on for us!
Happy Tuesday friends.

Monday, January 9, 2017

First Week of January Recap

It's a rainy Monday over here and my babies are back to school.  It would've been the perfect sleeping in pajama day around here with them but back to reality it is.   We had the perfect two weeks off for Christmas break and I can't wait for the week they get off in February. 

We celebrated January 1st with some fondue and dippers for lunch and I made a delicious cake for dessert that night.

January 2nd was my birthday and I woke up to some presents and cuddles from my girls

A Kendra Scott necklace, a book I'd been wanting and a new pretty apron from my hubby and girls.

Later in the day we took the girls to my parents so hubby and I could go to the movies and dinner.  We saw LaLa Land and then ate some delicious sushi followed by lobster for me and steak for hubby.  Afterwards we grabbed a Starbucks and did some window shopping.  

Wednesday the girls and I headed to see the movie Sing and do some shopping with all their gift cards they had gotten for Christmas.

So many choices!

Brooklyn got another doll and Kayla decided to wait because they didn't have anything she wanted yet.

Thursday and Friday were spent mostly at home enjoying our last few days.   Saturday morning I made donuts and then we got dressed to go and clean out our trailer.

On Friday I got a call from a couple who asked if they could swing by and take a look at it, it's been listed for sale for about two months, they loved it and made an offer right away.  I called hubby at work and said "I sold the trailer!"   We were all so happy and a bit sad.   So many great times in our first trailer but it is time to find a bigger one so we can up our camping game!

After the cleaning out of the trailer and unloading everything into our guest room we drove to a few dealerships to find the perfect trailer for us.   We are still on the hunt but have a few in my mind but we just want to make the right decision so we will not have to buy another one for a long time.   Brooklyn knew we were headed to Downtown Temecula so she insisted on wearing her "cowgirl boots" because it was a cowboy town.   I had to break it to her that those weren't really cowboy boots but they do resemble riding boots.   

After shopping for trailers we ate at a favorite burger spot and then headed home.

Sunday was spent at home doing yard work and enjoying the last day before back to reality.

Our weather yesteray was perfect, it was actually warm enough for shorts, tank tops and sitting on the patio with snacks and cocktails.  My favorite kind of Sunday!

This morning is another story rainy, cold and some not so happy girls that headed back to school.  I missed them the moment I pulled into the driveway but they'll be home soon enough.  I can't to see their smiling faces in a few hours!

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Upon A Dream Designs

Our Winter Break is just about over and we are all a bit sad that reality will be back come Monday morning when the girls are back in school.  I just wanted to pop in and let you all know about a great deal over at Society6.   Every now and then I can share a great sales link with you all and now through Sunday you can receive 15% off and Free Worldwide Shipping on EVERYTHING in my shop when you click through this link.   A few new items have been added through the last few months and there are so many choices from frames, canvases, pillows and so on.   It's always fun to add some new decor items in the New Year and I have a few pillows headed my way to change things up a bit.

Take a look and don't forget the sale ends at midnight on Sunday.
Thank you for all of your orders past and present!!