Friday, May 27, 2016

May Recap

I can't believe the end of May is just about here!!!  The girls have 3 more days of school left and then it's time for Summer fun.   The entire month of May flew by with softball, birthday parties and a whole lot of school activities going on.  Here are a round up of phone pictures for the month of May. 

It was Hawaiian day so the girls dressed up in their cute flower dresses

Softball seemed to be never ending for Kayla's team this year again. They ended up in 2nd place and Kayla made a new bestie this season.

We've been busy every weekend this month and on one particular Saturday we had two softball games and two parties to be at.  By the time we arrived to our final party of the day hubby and I were ready for a drink!

The last party of that day was at my father in laws for his 60th birthday.  We always have a good time over there!  I think the girls especially love all of the attention and getting to hang out with all of the grown ups!

I took Brooklyn to get lunch at Taco Bell a couple weeks ago.  I'm going to miss having her with me for lunch everyday!  Next year both my girls are at school all day, it is something I'm excited and sad about but I have plans to surprise them at school and take them out to lunch for some one on one time on seperate occasions next year!

Brooklyn went all out this year for teacher appreciation.  This is the card she made for her teacher and her teacher LOVED it!

Speaking of going all out, this is how she likes to go to pick up Kayla.  She is too lazy to put shoes on or take her socks off I guess.  Good thing we just wait in the car for Kayla to get in.

My babies looking cute on their last full week of school this year!

Brooklyn's teacher made these potted succelents and the Thank You card for her class helpers and I love it.  She said the plant is actually cuttings from a plant her father gave her before he got really sick this year, luckily he is doing better but she wanted to give us all something that meant a lot to her and hoped we would one day be able to give cuttings to someone that means a lot to us.  How sweet is that!  I'm really going to miss having a kid in her class, she is so amazing!

After we got our fooseball table last weekend the room was in dissaray until I figured out a new set up and now all is good again although the room definitely needs to be painted and prettied up a bit.  Kayla loves coming in here to watch all her NatGeo shows that Brooklyn and I can't watch because they are either too sad or too gross(no animal surgeries for us!)  Yesterday she came in and set up her snack, water, grabbed a blanket and her pillow and made herself perfectly comfy for the afternoon.

I thought that I would have this week to enjoy my last few free mornings to myself but other than getting a pedicure yesterday I have been running around like crazy and helping at the school.  Today both girls, at seperate times of course received awards at the last awards assembly of the year.
Kayla received the Presidents Award for Outstanding Academic Excellence!!!

and Brooklyn got a Good Citizenship award for an AR level of 2.5!!  She was the highest reader in her class this year.

I'm so proud of these girls, they both are such great students.  I think we will be celebrating with lots of fun all weekend long!  Only a few more hours until we pick up Kayla and get to start our three day weekend.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

A Day in the Life...

Last Monday I took pictures throughout my day to document here on my blog what a day in my life looks like.  I love to look back and see what we were up to at that time and I think it might help when school starts again to get me back in the day to day schedule.  Mondays are always started early for me atleast.  I wake up at 6:15 and make lunches and usually get breakfasts ready for the girls.

Kayla usually reads until I call her in to eat and some mornings Brooklyn sleeps until I wake her up around 7:20 but Mondays everyone is usually up and eating breakfast at the same time.

After they are all taken care of I make my chai latte and read through emails, check on some favorite blogs if I have time and just relax before I get ready for the day.

Kayla usually comes over to tell me ALL about a new book or just ask me some questions.

Around 7:55 we all load into the car and head off to school

off they go!!!

Mondays are grocery shop days, luckily I didn't have too much to get so I was done rather quickly!

After I'm home and groceries are put away it's time to work out.  I try to work out atleast 3 days a week, during Summer I work out 4-5 but that is because I have more time to work out whenever I want to.

After my work out it's time to take my favorite pooch for a walk

then a shower for me

ugh laundry,
Mondays is always laundry!
After a weekend of being out and about there is always laundry to be done.

Atleast there is still some time to watch some of my favorite shows before picking up Brooklyn.  I love Hallmark and The Good Witch.

I try to enjoy my lunch around 11 before picking up Brooklyn.  Lately it's either salads or some sort of microwave meal.  I'm not much of a sandwhich person so this is my alternative

12 o'clock and my baby is home for lunch

She is done with homework for the year so she plays on her tablet for an hour right away.

I cuddle up on the couch and watch some shows or read with my furbabies

until I get a crazy idea to paint this tiny chair to put on the front porch

I always grab the mail before heading to wait in the pick up for Kayla....yay for new magazines to read while I wait.  Brooklyn also reads her book for school while we wait.

Kayla brought Brooklyn a half of a cookie wrapped up in a napkin that she got today at school.  Brooklyn was very happy and so was I especially considering how grumpy Kayla usually is when I pick her up from school.  She isn't the nicest to her little sister when she gets in the car so this was nice for a change!

We are home!

The new chair is dry and now on the porch.

back to laundry

poor Kayla still has homework to do daily

but she is nice enough to let Brooklyn play in her room while she does's a good day over here!

Soon enough it's time to head out to softball for Kayla's game

but not before a quick stop to pick up something warm for me.

Kayla ready to go
and Brooklyn most likely trying to get her hair out of her gum

This game just so ended up being the longest game of the season, it wasn't over until almost 8 and by the time we got home I was exhausted!

Dinner plans were thrown out the window and we had to grab whatever was fast and easy, the girls took super fast showers and then they were in bed close to nine!  I went to bed soon after and that was the end to our Monday.  I'm so ready for there not to be a daily routine for the Summer especially because it will be back to it way too soon!

Monday, May 23, 2016

Weekend Recap

This weekend flew by but that is fine with me since we only have one more weekend to go and then we will be well on our way to Summertime!!!

Friday night we took the girls to a local minor league baseball game.  They both received two tickets each for meeting their read a thon goals from their elementary school.  There were a couple dates to go but Friday night was the night most of the people from their school were going so we met up with some friends and had some fun.

Obviously they were exhausted from staying up late!

Saturday morning Kayla had her final softball game of the season.   The girls waited patiently for hubby and I to get ready while annoying our poor kitty.

The sky has been so pretty lately filled with white fluffy clouds.  It was the perfect day to end the season.

Unfortunately Kayla's team lost the championship but coming in 2nd place isn't too bad at all.  I had  told her she could have a root beer if she got a hit the last few games and even though she never did I still surprised her with a root beer to celebrate the end to the season.

I had mentioned to hubby a few days before that I wanted to get a foosball table for the front room so the girls could enjoy it when friends come over and we could all play.  He found one on craigslist Saturday morning so after the game he picked it up and we played all weekend long.  The girls even played this morning before school.

Since the table is a lot bigger than the one I was looking at the entire room has to be reconfigured out.  This is what Sunday afternoon looked like for my hubby.  His once comfy racing room turned into a couchless mess.  Eventually it will look nice again, hopefully soon!!!

Sunday afternoon I was called out to take a look at this,
look how happy they are!
I was not, Brooklyn was so excited to be in Kayla's old booster seat and Kayla just in a seatbelt.  How did it already come to this??  I need my babies in baby seats again!

Sunday ended with me baking some cookies while daddy and the girls played in the yard

I'm so excited that in less than two weeks just about everyday will feel like a Sunday!