Monday, December 10, 2018

Ten on Ten

Two weeks from today it will be Christmas Eve!!     Today I officially finished ALL of my Christmas shopping.   I'm so happy to be done so now I can just focus on enjoying the season.   
Only 15 more days to enjoy!!!

The girls were ready for Monday, five days and then they are off for three weeks!

I had lots to do today so as soon as I was done with both drop offs I drove straight to Walmart, shopped, came home and put everything away.  Then I drove straight to Costco to shop some more. 

After Costco was all put away I got to wrapping presents.  I ran out of gift tags so I decided to go to Marshall's to get more.  While I was out I stopped to grab a few gift cards I needed to buy and boom, Christmas shopping was done!

By then it was time to pick up the girls so a quick stop at Starbucks and then I was off to get my babies.

Last week Kayla and I started working out together after school.  Brooklyn wanted to join us today so we all did a Pilates video together.   I like having them work out with me because I don't make excuses not to do it when I know they are counting on it.

After working out I went to hop in the shower and by the time I got out the girls were busy playing legos.

I got dinner started and then wrapped a few more presents.

Right now there is wrapping paper all over the family room and my ten on ten is actually nine on ten but my kitchen is clean and that's good enough for me.  I'm calling it a day and I'm ready for some Netflix before heading off to bed.

Sunday, December 2, 2018

November Recap

November seemed like such a short month and I only have a very few photos to share because I did a little better with posting this month although I still need to share all about Kayla's Cross Country season and our camping trip we took over break and then I'll be caught up which will be just in time to start sharing all of our holiday fun that is just beginning.

November started off with a little scare for me when our sweet kitty had to head to the vet because something was wrong.

Thankfully some medicine got him back to normal and he's been fine ever since.

He's back to his cuddly self and even more so now that it is finally cold and there are blankets all around.

Brooklyn's soccer team advanced to play offs and ended up taking third place which means we have moved on to area.

We were all really hoping to be done but we are now spending the first two weekends of December playing in tournaments.  She is definitely done playing but no matter how much she has been complaining she is still playing her little heart out on that field.

After an early morning game my parents took us out to breakfast.  Of course these two had to sit together because they are inseparable.

When we had a soccer free morning we went to see The Nutcracker movie which was just okay.  None of us were that impressed, we definitely should have seen The Grinch instead.

The girls wrote Thank You's to our cousin for getting us tickets to Disneyland.  I loved them so I had to capture them before we sent them off.

We had terrible winds this month and almost lost our fence and I'm pretty sure that tree isn't going to make it.  We are afraid to move our make shift barrier because the tree will most likely fall over especially if we have any more winds.

This past Friday we got into the holiday spirit and went to our high schools production of Elf the Musical.  The girls were excited to see their friends in the play and it was a fun way to start off the weekend.

Well we are already one weekend down in December and I already want more time!  The girls are off for break in two more weeks and we couldn't be more excited.  There is so much to do and so much fun to be had.

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Thanksgiving Break

We've almost made it through our week back to reality after having the week of Thanksgiving off.  It was so nice having an entire week off and all of us being off together.  It was definitely a little tease of what's to come when we get three weeks off this year for Christmas! 

The Friday before break Brooklyn had twin day at school and her and her besties came up with their outfits to match.  They looked so cute!

Kayla had a fun day on Friday as well and got to participate in her schools Turkey Trot.   She was excited all week and was really hoping to win a turkey.  When Brooklyn and I pulled up to the school I saw her in the distance and asked Brooklyn, "Is Kayla actually carrying a turkey?"  We laughed so hard and I'm pretty sure I'll remember seeing her lugging a turkey while she crossed the street forever!   As soon as she got in she exclaimed, "carrying the dang turkey was way more work than actually doing the Turkey Trot!" 

Saturday we left to go camping and then came back home Tuesday afternoon.   Wednesday morning the girls and I headed out to run some errands and when we stopped into Marshall's I saw all of this amazing Rae Dunn goodness!   I controlled myself and only bought two mugs and they are going to be for camping so it was a justified purchase because my family knows the last thing I need in the world is another coffee mug!

While we were out and about I let the girls use their gift cards to get Peppermint Fraps.  I refrained from getting one but they gave me a few sips and oh my goodness if Christmas was in a cup these would be it!

 Thursday was spent celebrating Thanksgiving with family and then Friday we pulled out all of the Christmas decorations! 

I might have had a smile on my face the entire day, well there was atleast an hour that I was stressed over the decorating but other than that it was perfect!  Christmas Carols playing, the girls were outside helping daddy hang the lights and I got to spend hours decorating for Christmas.  It was my favorite especially when I pulled out the decor my girls have made over the years.

 When I was all done, showered and in a clean pair of pajamas because it's vacation time and we spend the day in pajamas, I poured myself some wine and relaxed.

 We ordered a pizza and then watched one of our favorite Christmas movies, Home Alone.

 Saturday was another lazy day at home, the girls played together and I did a lot of online shopping.  We did decide to get dress to go out to dinner though.

Then it was back home to cuddle right back on the couch.   Our kitty Vinnie used to be my best buddy but lately he is all about daddy.  I think he's mad at me because I'm not home with him during the day anymore but I sure don't like that my kitty has taken to hubby more than me lately.

Sunday morning the girls were happy to see that Elfie had finally arrived!  He had apparently gotten into the leftover Halloween candy and made a bit of a mess all over his face.

Since Sunday was our last morning together before back to reality we enjoyed eating a slow breakfast all together.

Then the girls were back to playing, creating or hanging out with Squiggles. 

Only two more weeks until we are off again!

Sunday, November 25, 2018


Thanksgiving this year was unusually cold which made for a perfect sleep in cozy morning.  Brooklyn came in soon enough to give us her adorable Thanksgiving card she made at school.  

Once we got up and opened the windows I was surprised to see so many sweet Finches eating away.  I had bought food a few weeks ago and was certain it was going to hang full forever but they most of found it this week while we were gone camping because they finished it all by the end of the day.  I loved waking up and seeing so many birds right next to our back slider.

While we listened to the birds eat we enjoyed pumpkin cinnamon rolls.   Nothing homemade just purchased from good ole Trader Joe's.

I love Thanksgiving morning but this year was so perfect with it being cold outside, cozy inside and watching the Macy's day parade while the girls played 

So thankful for these crazy morning hair girls

While I painted my nails for the day the girls took turns reading our Thanksgiving books.

We only had one stop to make today so there was no need to be rushed out the door.  The girls were good sports when I asked them to pose in front of the fireplace holding the Thankful sign.

As soon as we arrived at my parents house the eating began!

My nephew looked so handsome.

My grandmother and I. 
Beyond thankful to have her celebrating another Thanksgiving with us.  I have the greatest memories of  huge Thanksgivings at her home.   She will always be the best hostess of all time!

Brooklyn and Jonas are so cute. They play so well together and Brooklyn just loves playing with her little cousins.

Kayla helped peel all of the potatoes for our feast

My mom got the littles set up to help with dinner as well.

My niece found the swim goggles and enjoyed wearing them throughout the day

and Jonas thought Brooklyn's boots fit perfectly

Soon enough it was time to eat and just like always I over ate the appetizers so I never went back for seconds which I now regret!

Brooklyn just needs her gravy and she'll be ready to dig in.

After dinner these three played Simon Says for a very long time.  They had so much fun.

Kayla stopped to read to Josie

Eventually it was time to drive our full bellies back home.   It was a wonderful Thanksgiving and I was so happy we were all together to celebrate.