Sunday, February 10, 2019

Ten On Ten

Happy Sunday Ten on Ten!
Our weekends start off slow and cozy especially when it's as cold as it's been lately!  I enjoyed my chai latte in the quiet of the living room while the girls were busy watching their shows together in the family room.

Brooklyn was going to a friends birthday party in a few hours so she was busy making her friend a card.

Dinner was prepped and put in the crock pot, we are eating this tonight and I'm hoping it comes out as yummy as it sounds.

Making us some money today!
Hubby works for Southern California Edison and they have so many projects going on so he's had a whole lot of overtime lately.  Atleast he gets to work from home in pj's today though, right?

I took Brooklyn to her birthday party and then drove over to pick up a Starbucks and enjoyed some alone time for a bit.

Back to the party to watch Brooklyn paint with her friends.

Back home and these two were cuddled up watching a show together.

Then it was time to bring out all the toys to play.

I finished folding lots of laundry and then plopped myself on the couch with a glass of wine to watch The Grammy's red carpet while I waited for dinner.

Finally it was time to eat and it was delicious!  I linked the recipe above if you're interested, super easy and we all liked it.

That's our Sunday, we pretty much just watched the Grammy's for the rest of the night and then we were off to bed to get ready for Monday.

Saturday, February 9, 2019

Hawaii ~ Part V ~ The Final Day

Our final full day on the island started out with a delicious breakfast.   So many people recommended for us to eat breakfast at the Gazebo restaurant.  Now I'm not a huge breakfast person but hubby and the girls are and when I realized it was on the way to the beach we were heading to I figured we better make the stop to see what the hype was all about.

best buddies for life

We were already aware there would be a long wait which did indeed last an hour but the girls were busy the entire time so there was no complaining whatsoever. 

They played coconut checkers, Brooklyn won,

and there was plenty of whale watching going on

At one point the girls and I walked down to the tidepools and saw lots of exciting sea creatures.  Brooklyn spotted a small sea snake, he was up to no good eating away at these eggs pictured below, we saw pretty fish and even spotted a sea turtle.

Once we sat to eat we enjoyed this beautiful view which was full of whale sightings while we ate.

The food at the Gazebo was delicious!  Hubby and I both got huge omelettes while the girls both got white chocolate chip pancakes which were beyond amazing.  Brooklyn topped her pancakes with coconut syrup and thankfully she loved my omelette so we ended up swapping many bites.

After we were completely stuffed we headed to Kapulua Bay to do some snorkeling.  I had read great things about snorkeling here so we were excited to check it out.   The water was very clear and although Brooklyn and I did not snorkel at all previously my goal was for us all to go out together on this day.   Brooklyn really wanted to try it but she was scared so Kayla took her out slowly and promised to hold her hand while they snorkeled.  It took awhile to get Brooklyn to go out further than 5 feet in but once she felt comfortable snorkeling was all she wanted to do.

Holding Hands,
watching these two making memories together is by far my favorite thing in the world.

Both girls claimed this day to be their favorite out of all of the days we had here in Hawaii.

It definitely was amazing.   We saw so many beautiful fish, Kayla saw an eel and Kayla and saw and swam right beside a sea turtle for quite awhile which indeed was something I will always remember.   Later in the day hubby and Kayla saw the sea turtle again.  Poor Brooklyn never got to see one so we'll just have to go back again someday to find one for her.   We all snorkeled out pretty far together at one point, Brooklyn and I held hands and I made sure to look around the entire time because I didn't want any sharks near my babies!

Kayla took a little break on the sand to build a town

but she was all alone because this one is still in the water.

The next two pictures are Brooklyn snorkeling all on her own.  She literally would not get out of the water she ended up loving it so much.  She was not happy when we told her it was time to leave.

This day snorkeling as a family was the perfect way to end our Hawaiian vacation!

After we were back and showered we headed straight down to watch our final sunset together before dinner.

We ate dinner in downtown Lahaina at Paia Fish Market, it was so so good!   Afterward Kayla wanted to walk around and shop which was something I never hear her say she wants to do.  She wanted to buy some souvenirs and she bought some good ones.  I was surprised when she picked out an almost fifty dollar small seahorse painting.  I told her that was a great choice because it was something she could keep forever.  She also bought a few keychains for her backpack.  After some shopping we stopped to get some yummy gelato before calling it a night.

The next morning we were up and packing up our room.   We stopped for a little bit to go get some Starbucks because I needed some of my favorite honey citrus mint tea to soothe my soar throat I'd had for the past two days, yup I was getting sick.  I knew it was bound to happen after our flight there.   The girls loved having donuts and chocolate milk to eat while we enjoyed our coffee and tea.

Brooklyn and her Chinese fan she chose as her souvenir.  She has always loved these so it was no surprise this was something she would by.  She also purchased some Jasmine lotion and soap to take back home.

Next thing we knew we were at the airport and waiting for our flight back to reality.  I'm not sure why they are so happy I was very sad our trip was coming to an end.

Our flight back home was soooo much better than the flight there but feeling the cold weather once we got out was not so great!  I'd much rather be back in the warm 80 degrees than the cold 40's we came home to.

I had to capture how Brooklyn and her Millie traveled.  This is how she was carried through the airports.

We had such an amazing trip and the girls were so great the entire time.  They are definitely ready for some more adventurous and we can't wait to explore some more fun places with them.

Thursday, February 7, 2019

Hawaii ~ Part IV

Since it was the girls as well as hubbys very first time in Hawaii we had to of course fit in a Luau.  We chose the Old Lahaina Luau mainly because of all of the amazing reviews.

We loved it from the moment we walked up!
We were greeted with fresh flower leis, the girls and I were offered sweet smelling flowers for our hair and hubby and I were handed mai tais while the girls were given a yummy non alcoholic drink.  We felt special from the beginning.

There were activities for the kids to participate in and they took full advantage of them all right away.

They were having a blast.

Of course they had to see the unwrapping of the cooked pig even though I'm pretty sure they wish they hadn't after the fact.

Her face says it all!

Our view from our table was beautiful and we all enjoyed the show.  We ate and drank delicious drinks and the girls LOVED that they could order off the long list of alcoholic drinks and they would make all of them without any alcohol for them.  Our server was hilarious and so fun.  It was all around a good time for us.

The next morning we woke up and got ready for our Whale Watching adventure.  Kayla was super excited and so were hubby and I.  Brooklyn was of course very nervous which we expected.   Our boat was small and pretty much just a raft like the rafts that the coast guard use.   We chose this because we would all be able to see better and the boats are faster than the other tours offered meaning that I would not get sea sick.   When we got on we were told we could sit along the edge and just hold on or on the seats in the middle.  We all chose the edging on the boat but I had Brooklyn sit in the seat in the middle.  When we took off she quietly held back her tears and looked down hoping nobody could see.  Hubby and I felt awful but I knew without a doubt as soon as the boat went faster and she saw the whales she would be fine.  After we got out to sea and she saw her first whale she was absolutely fine and soon enough she was sitting right next to us holding on to the edge of the raft with a big smile on her face.

Out of the two hours on the boat we saw whales for more than half of our trip.  The guy said we were extremely lucky because that isn't always the case.  Kayla got the picture right below which turned out to be the best one of the day.

This was such an amazing and fun experience.   The whales were huge and seeing them this close was just mind blowing!  

After we were done whale watching we needed food because we were starving and we were like walking zombies after all being on Dramamine.  We found lunch in downtown Lahaina and then did some shopping along with some site seeing.  We found the huge Banyan tree and then walked through the Old Lahaina Court House and looked around.

Brooklyn showed off her tattoo she got at the luau the night before.

After shopping and site seeing we stopped so the girls could get some shaved ice from Ululani's.  There were so many flavors to choose from and after taking long enough to decide they were both happy with their choices.  They both were very good.

Back to the hotel and then we headed down to the pool.  Hubby and I enjoyed a few mai tai's while the girls swam and then we watched the sunset from the jacuzzi that night which was probably the first night we actually watched the sunset.  All of the previous nights were pretty cloudy and/or we were out and about and missed it.  It was definitely nice to just sit and watch the sunset this evening.

We had another late dinner that night and had to wait awhile as well.  The girls colored outside while we waited.   We chose another sushi spot to try because it was also rated very high as being a great sushi spot.   The place was very tiny though so the wait was long but the food was delicious and very fresh.  I preferred the first spot we went to because of the atmosphere and the menu was larger but Miso Phat Sushi was also very good!

After we were back to our hotel and in bed because the next day would sadly be our very last full day on Maui.