Thursday, June 13, 2019

Ten On Ten ~ First Summer Camping Trip

Monday was Ten on Ten and since we were packing up to leave for our first camping trip of the Summer I decided to take pictures of what it looks like the day we leave.   I honestly prep most of our meals, snacks and get the beds made in the days prior to when we leave because all of the last minute things take a lot of time.  But first like any other day it must start with coffee and a little down time before the crazy begins.

I still had to make our breakfast burritos so I made those right after I was done enjoying my coffee.  These got packed up for us to enjoy on one of the mornings while camping.

The dining room table becomes my gathering spot for all things that I don't want to forget and need to be loaded up.  It starts piling up for about a week before we head out.

The girls and I packed their clothes for the week and then loaded theirs as well as mine into the trailer followed by all of the items on the table as well as whatever else needs to be put in.  The food also all gets put into the trailer refrigerator.

 After everything is wiped down and cleaned inside I take a quick shower and then we all get loaded up and off we go!

It was about two and half hours 'til our destination this time.  The girls played on their tablets for an hour and then we all ate some snacks (gummy bears) and waited patiently to arrive.

Once we have arrived and everything is set up the girls change into their swimsuits.

It was June Gloom at it's finest but these two didn't mind one bit, I opted to stay in my long pants because it was breezy down by the water and I prefer to stay cozy.

An ice cold beer and an ocean view is exactly how I like to start my vacation!

We all made it to our happy place and no matter what the weather is we always enjoy our time near the ocean!

I'll be back with more camping photos soon.

Sunday, June 9, 2019

Schools Out For Summer

It's finally here!!!
Thursday afternoon it was officially Summertime.  It was bittersweet for the girls, Brooklyn and Kayla were both sad to be leaving their friends but I'm pretty sure if I asked them today they would be okay with not going to school.

Our annual Last Day of School photos compared to their first day.  
 How is my youngest already going to be a big 4th grader??

I feel like Kayla just started 6th grade and it was over in a blink!  She'll now be a 7th grader and it's really going way too quick for me.

Kayla's last day was spent on a field trip to the movie theater to see Aladdin.   She had sooooo much fun and had so much to talk about when I picked her up at noon.   I was teary eyed listening to her she was so full of excitement and had so many new memories from just that morning that I know she'll remember forever.

Brooklyn was out for Summer at 1:08 and gave many hugs goodbye to her besties.  I had to remind her that she WILL see them again.   Her day was filled with playing board games, watching a movie and lot's of yummy snacks.

She was ready for Summer!

The girls came home to a few Summer treats

When daddy got home and after we ate dinner the kids jumped on the trampoline until it was time for showers and bed.

Friday was National Donut Day so I made the girls donuts

Not a bad way to start a Summer morning.

A little while after it was quiet and I found them each reading in their rooms!

They have also been spending some time making bracelets.  They like to sale them when we go camping and did pretty good last year making some money. 

Saturday we spent the day swimming in Palm Springs.  The weather and water were perfect and it was a very fun day.

We definitely aren't having any problems "Jumping" into Summer over here!

Friday, June 7, 2019

Sixth Grade

This year was the fastest year yet!
I have just barely gotten over the fact that I'm dropping off a 6th grader at middle school everyday and now I'll be dropping her off as a big 7th grader!

I will say though that all of my worries I had for her this year never happened and she not only did amazing in 6th grade but had a great time as well.  Her friends that she has chosen are amazing and we've been pretty drama free so far.  Fingers crossed next year stays the same for the most part!

This past Monday Kayla received not one but two Teachers Special Recognition Awards.  One from her Math and Science Teacher and the other from her ELA and History Teacher.

They both said the kindest words about her and I could not of been more proud of her!

This week when she brought home her yearbook  I was flipping through it when I saw this!

There she is under Future Genius!
The only girl listed might I add and she had absolutely no clue about it.  Good thing I actually look through the yearbook right?

Now I know Cross Country happened months ago but since my blogging has been terrible this past year I never got around to posting all of the pictures I took of her so here they are.  
Better late than never!

I mentioned to Kayla last Summer that she might enjoy Cross Country in middle school and it would definitely help out with her speed which in return would be great for soccer.  She agreed it sounded fun and decided to try out for the team.

She did indeed make the team and did so great throughout the season, bettering her time each race!

I really enjoyed watching her run and seeing her once again do awesome at something new

Her bestie was also on the team and it turned out to be her first sport she had ever done.   She turned out to be a super fast runner and beat Kayla just about every time but it was great to see them running together and I thought it was neat that Kayla could push herself to run next to her to  better herself.

She loved cross country and is looking forward to being on the team again in the Fall.

I'm looking forward to watching her run again as well as seeing how seventh grade goes because if it's anything like sixth it'll be awesome!