Friday, August 26, 2016

Life Lately

Last week was hubby's birthday and since it fell on a Tuesday the girls were at school most of the day which kind of worked out since he took the day off and we got to spend it together wih no kids for a bit.   

The girls got dropped off at school and then we went out to breakfast and off to see a movie

There was no soccer practice that night so we enjoyed a delicious bottle of wine and I made pizza calzones per his request

After soccer on Saturday my parents gave the girls a goodie bag from a party we had missed out on.  I think they loved everything in it! 

Kayla does not have any homework, just reading everyday but poor Brooklyn does.  The good thing is that it is handed out on Friday and due back the following Friday so we try to get most of it done over the weekend when we can and cookies help while doing something not so fun!

The girls have been spending a lot of  their time writing and illustrating their own stories.  They are both so creative!

We fit in some swim time at my in laws this past Sunday!!

I miss Summer so much!!!

I swear I've been running errands and shopping non stop since the girls went back to school.  First it was buying gifts for hubby's birthday and now I'm working on presents for Brooklyn's birthday.

Kayla had an ortho appointment after school yesterday and we had a little time before so we stopped for some chocolate milks and a coffee for me

of course we left with ice creams and now purple bands on her braces.  She got the back wires put on yesterday and was fine until trying to eat breakfast this morning which ended up in tears.  

Brooklyn finishing up her homework for the week

and yay it's Friyay!!

Thursday, August 25, 2016


My favorite place to be.
Soon enough the Fall decor will be making an appearance and since I did not take any pictures of our Summer home I thought I would take some pictures of our home as it is now before the season changes.  I can already tell Fall is around the corner the mornings and evenings are cooling down and I have already started stocking up on my pumpkin scented candles!  But for now our home smells of eucalyptus and is decorated with the light and airy colors of Summer.

Thursday, August 18, 2016


A few weeks ago I took some pictures of Kayla because let's face it you are only a nine year old girl with braces once and I wanted these memories of her.  She had no complaints and we had some fun.   This girl might drive me bananas on most days but every so often we have the best times together!   She makes me so proud to be her mom and amazes me almost daily.  I love the friendship that we have developed and look forward to seeing what the future holds for my amazing girl!

Monday, August 15, 2016

Life Lately

The first week of school is done, glad we got that out of the way!!  We were all worn out by Saturday but atleast it's over with.   I did my best to try and make the week go as smoothly as possible.

Before Monday even happened the girls received  a little bag full of school goodies from their noni and papa and then we headed straight to get yogurt after their back to school night.

Sunday they played with playdough all day long!!

and then we ended our last night of Summer with ice cream and a movie!!

Not only did school start but soccer began. We are at practice twice a week but thankfully both practice on the same nights which leaves me with atleast three weeknights at favorite!!!

Kayla piles up her school items on the stools in the morning before loading them all in her backpack.

The girls had lots of fun snacks waiting for them when they got home from school last week

chocolate milk and mini oreos

and sno cones

Thursday night I made a cheese tortellini pasta that I knew they liked and even lit some candles

Then finally it was Friday night and we celebrated by watching the movie Rio and eating cookies 

Saturday morning we were out the door early for soccer pictures and their first games of the season

Both girls did great each scoring a goal and both their teams won!!!

While we were watching the girls soccer games a new family member arrived!  We drove straight home from soccer, showered and off we were to meet my niece, Joseline.

She could not have been more adorable and we can't wait to see her again and hold her!!

Saturday night ended back at home with pajamas, take out and movie watching together!  We were all in bed early and looking forward to spending Sunday at home relaxing after one busy first week of back to school.