Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Just the Two of Us

Friday after school the girls came home, packed their bags and got ready for their softball games.  They were very excited to be going home with grandma and grandpa for the weekend so mommy and daddy could have some fun!

After we watched their games it was lots of hugs and kisses goodbye and off they went.  Hubby and I went to grab some take out and cuddled up on the couch to watch a favorite movie of mine that was left in my stocking back at Christmas.  If I could spend every Friday night like this I would!!!

Saturday morning I used my gift card that hubby gave me on Valentines day to get a swedish was amazing!!!  Here I am enjoying some tea afterward....actually I'm wishing it wasn't over.

Back home I showered and got ready so we could go out and do some wine tasting

We had so much fun and enjoyed lots of delicious wines! 

In a little over a month we are headed up to Paso Robles and Pismo Beach for a few nights and Saturday got us even more excited for our upcoming getaway.   Looking forward to many pretty views with good wine

On the way back home we stopped at a nearby sportsbar and ordered a beer and chili cheese fries....just because we could!  How fun it was to come and go as we pleased and not worry about getting home to our kids for an entire day!

Sunday afternoon we picked up the girls and back to reality it was.  We definitely missed them but had a lot of fun as well.  The entire weekend was perfect!  I wish we had more free weekends to just spend together as us.  

Friday, April 22, 2016

Home Sweet Home

The weekend is here and it's going to be a good one!  The kids are off to stay with their grandparents for the next few nights and hubby and I are going to enjoy a weekend alone at home.  I will miss their little faces so much but I'm also excited to have the weekend to spend with just my love and I.  May is just a week away and life is going to get busy, we have a lot of upcoming family members birthdays to celebrate, mother's day celebrations, a ton of school activities and softball.   I've been spending some time slowly adding in Summer decor and getting our home ready for the next season.  I really can't wait til Summer is actually here!!   Here are some pictures of around the house while we wait for the next season.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

April Life Lately

I know we still have a week or so of April left but I have so many pictures already that I figured I would share them anyway.  This month has gone by so fast and mostly because we have been so busy with softball everyday.   Brooklyn's season will be over May 3rd and Kayla will most likely play for another two weeks after that.  Then the countdown until Summer will be on.....actually I'm already counting down and can hardly wait for Summer!  I love having my babies home with me EVERYDAY!!   We have so much fun.  Until then here is what our month in April has looked like,

Snails....yes, snails.   Brooklyn gathered as many as she could find and started her own little city

and then Kayla joined in by bringing over a slide for their new snail friends. #kidsarestrange

Brooklyn's reading has taken off this year.  She is in Kindergarten and reading at a 2.8 level which is almost a third grade level.  She has begun testing on the books she reads for AR and has gotten 100% on all of them.

I'm so glad she is following in her sisters footsteps and is enjoying reading too.

Our sweet kitty was sick for about a week this month and I had to take him to the vet.  Luckily the medicine they gave him cleared him all up and he is back to his mischieveous self.

I picked Brooklyn up from school one day and she had a mustache...her class took pictures and had dressed them up as a french artist.  She wanted to wear that silly mustache all day.

My rose bushes have taken off this month.  With our weather changing weekly I had to cut some bouquets to bring in before the rain came.  The girls loved having their own rose bouquet in their rooms for the weekend.

Kayla reading me one of her stories she had to write for speach homework.

I help out in Brooklyn's class every other Tuesday and I had just told her teacher how Brooklyn is known for going crazy with pants, markers, pens etc. and drawing on her face if not watched closely.  Her teacher said "really?  she is so well behaved, I'm not sure I believe you"  Well later that week I picked her up and come to find out she had free paint time in class and her teacher laughed because sure enough she painted her nose pink while she was supposed to be painting a picture!!  Some things never change.

Softball every night!!
I'm really enjoying this season and will definitely miss it especially since Kayla doesn't really want to be playing so I know this is her last season.

Our caterpillars have arrived!
I actually can't stand caterpillars they freak me out but I love butterflies so I will get through this stage.  I can't wait to see them fluttering soon.

Now that Summer is coming up quick I decided it's time to start making some time to read so I picked up a book from Target.  Kayla loves when we can read together so when she asks "mommy, can we go read together before bed?"  I stop whatever I'm doing and we cuddle up and read together.

Brooklyn and I read while waiting for Kayla to get out of school everyday.  She has no problem making herself comfortable in the car while we wait.

My fur babies cuddling.
Every now and then they love each other enough to cuddle in the evenings.

Brooklyn is having so much fun this season playing softball but she gets really serious when playing especially when batting and when she doesn't hit the ball it bothers her a lot.  So we were so excited Saturday when she get a huge hit at her last at bat.

To make it even better she was the last batter which means she got to run all the bases like it was a homerun!  When coming home the catcher had the ball and she was not about to let her get her out so she ran around her and slid into the plate from behind her

This past Sunday Brooklyn crawled into our bed and said "Today is my lovebugs birthday"
This little boy and her both swear they are going to marry each other one day even after rarely seeing each other now that they go to different schools this year. 

They are best lil buddies and get along so well, both of the girls had a blast at his baseball themed birthday party.

Early morning reading before school.....and ignore the broken plate on the wall it's now been glued back together until I find a new one for that spot.  I was rearranging the wall collage and it fell I was not happy that it broke!

My parents took us out to dinner after the girls games at our favorite mexican restaurant and they had live music that night.  The girls got up and did the macarena.  We go here all the time and they have never had live music.  It was so fun and the girls of course loved it!

This is my today!
Brooklyn has some sort of stomach virus and is home from school, she is not happy that she will be missing her game tonight.  Hopefully she is better tomorrow!!!

Monday, April 11, 2016

The Weekend

This past weekend was perfect!  It was cold and raining Friday morning so I quickly got my grocery shopping done and got home to enjoy the weather from the comfort of my home!

It was supposed to rain all weekend and I knew softball would be canceled so while I was at the store I picked up some brand new crayons and new coloring books that I knew the girls would enjoy and to help keep them busy being stuck inside.

I also had a movie night planned for the night and Kayla requested "no popcorn" this time so I picked up a box of brownies while at the store and made those before the girls got home.

Brooklyn fit in some tablet time before we headed off to pick up Kayla from school

and since it was raining it was hot cocoa for an after school snack

We cuddled on the couch and watched Gilmore Girls until I had to make dinner.  That's when they decided to watch the animal cams from the San Diego zoo on the laptop

We watched the movie Flubber before bed and that's how we ended our Friday night.
Saturday morning was cloudy but no rain, games had been canceled already so we had the whole day to be home.

I mentioned how I wanted to use my gift cards to Anthropologie but hated to pay for shipping so hubby suggested we drive out to Palm Desert, go to lunch and I could do some shopping, "Ummm okay!"   Lunch was a delicious BLTA with a fried egg to top it off #Iwantonenow

Then it was a glorious time shopping through my favorite place, Anthropologie and wherever else I wanted to drop in at. 

I purchased this, this (Pomelo & Sea Salt scent) and this pan from Williams Sonoma, on sale for $12.  I just couldn't pass up a pumpkin loaf pan, it will be perfect for my chocolate chip pumpkin bread!

The girls were so good and patient while I shopped around.  They were also enjoying how pretty the area was!

Back home we made pizza for dinner and opened a favorite bottle of wine to enjoy.

The girls took a bubble bath and soon enough it was bedtime for them.  Hubby and I watched the movie Boyhood which was not a favorite of ours.  Definitely would have been fine with never seeing it!

Sunday we enjoyed the entire day at home, stayed in our pajamas and relaxed.  It was Ten on Ten so you can click here to see what our day looked like.