Saturday, November 28, 2015

Thanksgiving 2015

Thanksgiving started out with the girls running around the house like crazies pretending to be birds.  I made breakfast and then we spent the remaining of the morning watching the Macy's Thanksgiving day parade. 

Later in the afternoon we got dressed and headed over to my parents house to celebrate Thanksgiving with family.

My grandparents, brother, sister in law and nephew were there and we got caught up on taking some new family photos.

I swear I took atleast twenty of my brother and his family.  Oh I don't miss the days of a busy little toddler, they don't stay still for a second!

These cousins are too cute together.  When Jonas arrived he wouldn't even give me a hug but when he saw Brooklyn he ran straight to her and gave her the biggest hug!!!

Little buddies

Hubby getting his little boy fix with Jonas

Brooklyn sang to us all after dinner, she sang just about every Christmas carol she knew and when she ran out of songs she made up her own.

After all the adults were too full to move the cousins played games including Twister.  They had so much fun! 

Thursday, November 26, 2015


Happy Thanksgiving!
Every evening in November the girls write down one thankful and then they are displayed until after Thanksgiving.  I love hearing their thankfuls and having them shared here to look back on year after year.   Below is a list of each of their sweet thankfuls.

Kayla's Thankfuls
a home
my toys and clothes
all animals
my school
people who help our community
my sister
God and Jesus
my own room~
(haha, she was in time out for quite awhile for hurting her sister this day)
my family
the amazing bright and hot sun
the people who fought in our war 

Brooklyn's Thankfuls
my dog
my mommy
the moon
my bed
my food
the sun
my cat
the sea
my grandma
my Jesus
my school
my friends
the owls
my family
the bats
the light
my toys

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Our Week

Well I'm glad this week is over!  The girls had minimum days all week due to conferences so I had about an hour in between pick up times to bring Brooklyn home and make her lunch to eat it and then head back to the school to pick up Kayla.  It was nice though having them home early for the week and having no where to be!  
I started off my Monday morning by grocery shopping, stopping into Starbucks for my favorite chai latte and then coming home to cuddle on the couch and watch my favorite holiday movie, 'The Family Stone'  I will watch this atleast 100 times before January.  It's the absolute best!

Brooklyn and I waiting in the car for Kayla to get out, she always brings something to make the time go by, today it was barbies.

Tuesday at lunch she lost her third tooth, we had to search around for it since she didn't know what happened to it.  Luckily we found it so the tooth fairy could bring her some money that night.

The book fair was happening at school this week and Kayla asked to take some of her own money to buy these erasers that the girls love to collect.  She bought a pack of 5 and then 1 extra one so she could split them with her sister.  She's too sweet!

Brooklyn was a very happy little sister

Later that night while I was making dinner I found them quietly reading together in the living room.

While I was waiting for Kayla's conference Wednesday morning I spotted this cute poem and drawing she did.  I love kid art!  Both of the girls conferences went great, they are doing amazing and it's been a smooth sailing year for them both!!

Oh this child....Brooklyn loves to add a little certain something to her pajamas and this week it was snow hats.  She definitely marches to her own drum.

I've been sick for a month and got medicine from my doctor for what he said was a sinus infection which got rid of my cough, somewhat, but I'm still not feeling back to normal so I tried drinking this but couldn't even finish it because it is sooooo disgusting!   I just want to feel normal again and am so tired of being sick.

The girls enjoying some lazy evenings relaxing before bath/shower time

Brooklyns second snow hat choice of the week

Yay for FRIDAY!

I was helping out in Brooklyn's class for the day but I spent the morning watching Kayla play with her friends before class started.  She still doesn't mind mom hanging around so I'm enjoying it while I can.

Brooklyn's class was getting started on some holiday crafts.  We made Christmas stockings in the morning before the Kindergarten pow wow began.

I remembered helping out for Kayla's Kindergarten pow wow and now it was Brooklyn's turn.  I was a little sad that this was the last one, I really wish Kindergarten could last forever for her. 

While Brooklyn was enjoying her food Kayla came by to say hello

I was wiped out after all of that and was very happy by the time we picked up Kayla and realized our week of vacation was beginning.  We decided to kick off the upcoming week off with a much needed family movie night.  We have some really fun stuff planned for this week and we can't wait!

Wednesday, November 18, 2015


After three and a half months of soccer we are now done!  The girls both had their team pizza parties last week and received their awards and trophies.   Both of them were pretty bummed the season is over and although rushing to practice everyday after school was not my favorite I really did enjoy watching them play!   

I'm pretty sure Brooklyn found her sport!  From the first practice I knew she was good, I texted hubby right away to tell him "she's good!" and then when games began and we saw how aggressive she was we knew this was for her.   After the last two years of softball and dance I figured she was definitely going to be my dancer, she is so girly and not really into softball, although she is playing again this Spring.  Dance just seemed to fit her so when she said no to dance this year and yes to trying out soccer I figured okay let's see how this goes, well it went great!  She truly enjoyed every bit of it and I can't wait to watch her next year when she moves up to the next level.

This year was Kayla's second year playing, she played when she was five and did okay but didn't really enjoy it much so I wasn't sure what was going to happen this year.  She plays soccer everyday at recess at school so I thought maybe she would enjoy it more this year and after the first two practices she was already complaining about all the running.  Her age level is just the beginning of the competitive stage so it was going to be hard to jump right in without much experience but by the fourth practice she had already found her favorite position on defense and claimed stopper as her spot.   The first couple of games we were thinking she's not aggressive enough and then out of nowhere one practice it all just clicked and she had no fear and became very aggressive!

She was the first on her team this season to score a goal and I swear I was so proud I may have teared up!  I was so proud of her and how far she came in just a couple of weeks.  By the end of the season she was doing amazing and her coaches even nominated her and two other girls for Spring Select!!!  We opted out of try outs for that since the girls are going to be playing softball instead but Kayla really had a hard time deciding between Spring soccer and softball.   

At her end of the season party Kayla was awarded defensive MVP/stopper award for her team.

I can't believe how good the girls did this season and how far they came, especially Kayla.  I really hope they keep their love for the game going and we get to enjoy many more amazing soccer games!