Sunday, April 30, 2017

Spring Break ~ Utah to Vegas ~ The Finale

Almost a month and a half later I'm finally finishing up our Spring Break Posts.  We have been so busy that finding time to sit and organize all of the pictures from our trip seemed so daunting but finally a Sunday with no where to be is a perfect time to get it all done.  Our very last day in Zion was the day the girls had been waiting for.  The spot where we were staying had a ton of activities for kids and we had told the girls that Wednesday was the day, if they were good, they could participate in all of the activities but first mommy and daddy wanted to get in one last hike!

I knew exactly where I wanted to hike and thought we were in the right spot but after about a half hour in I realized we had stopped at the wrong trail.   I wanted to take a somewhat easy hike up to a beautiful look out point that was stated to be a "must see" if it was your first time to Zion.  It was only about a 30 minute hike one way and would give us plenty of time to get back for the girls to have their fun.

Well our hike took about 3 hours and was about 6 miles and I'm pretty sure I should've listened to my gut when I saw the sign below that this wasn't the same trail!  Nonetheless it was beautiful and very peaceful but the girls, more like Brooklyn was over the hiking after about an hour or so in.

and her sweet, sensitive soul could not take the scene below.  She cried for awhile and I prayed we wouldn't see anything else like that or scarier such as a bear or mountain lion or a snake or etc. etc. 

While we hiked I had Kayla on snake patrol and I tried to enjoy the views all while being in mommy mode and making sure there was nothing scary around but honestly it was very beautiful.

The hike was quite the workout with us walking most of the way in very fine sand like dirt

and when it wasn't the sand we were walking on it was some pretty uneven ground

By the time we got half way to the top of this mountain I had already realized we were on the wrong trail so when we saw this view below we decided it would be a good time to have a quick snack and then head back.  It wasn't the look out point I originally wanted to go to but taking the wrong trail didn't turn out that bad.

Back down the mountain we went with Brooklyn complaining the entire time which honestly wasn't bad considering all the hiking we had done the past two days and she never complained until this last hike!

Luckily though we spotted this sweet deer ahead of us and she cheered up right away.

The deer let us get pretty close and she seemed just as curious of us as we were of her spending some time running from one side to the other through the creek checking us out

eventually she ran off and I was thankful that was the only wildlife we actually saw during that hike!

After getting back to the campsite and eating lunch it was time for the activities the girls had been waiting for all week!  First up was ziplining which Kayla could not stop talking about, she was sooooo excited!  Here she is all ready to go,

and here she is after her first ride.  Can you tell she loved it!?  Little daredevil!

She even got to go twice!

Brooklyn said no to the zip lining but was ready to do the trampoline next

Then the girls rode ATVs

Kayla drove nice and easy and even crashed into a hay bale while Brooklyn drove as fast as she could trying to pass Kayla.

Their last activity was horseback riding, they each got to go on a 10 minute ride through a trail behind the stables.  They both really enjoyed this!

I enjoyed the beautiful cloud filled sky while waiting for them to come back.

Thursday morning we packed up and headed out and I have never been so sad to leave anywhere in my life.  I honestly cried, Utah was so perfect in every way and I loved the entire trip.  

The wildlife we saw, the hiking, the gorgeous skies everything was better than I could have ever imagined.   We were all sad to be leaving and wishing we could have stayed longer which we would have if the threat of snow that was to come wasn't in the forecast.  

Instead we were packed up and headed back home for our nine hour drive, so the girls thought but little did they know that we were stopping half way for a quick over night trip in Las Vegas!

We knew this would be the perfect way to end our family vacation and there would be a lot of fun things for the girls to see and do.  First up was finding the Eiffel Tower for Brooklyn.  She loves Paris and was so excited to take this picture.

Then finding the perfect spot to eat dinner and it just so happens that a fun country western restaurant let the girls make their own pizzas.  They both enjoyed this and I thought it was an amazing idea!

After dinner we walked around and did some site seeing as well as found the roller coaster at New York New York.  While Kayla and daddy rode the roller coaster, Brooklyn and I played the arcade games.

Kayla said that was the scariest roller coaster she had ever been on.  She laughed at how her stomach hurt afterwards because she got a little scared but other than that she still loved it!

We walked around a bit before heading back to the trailer to call it a night.  The girls both loved Vegas and really want to go again but insist that we stay in one of the beautiful hotels instead of the trailer.  I'm so happy we stopped for one night so the girls could experience it and we could have one last night of fun before truly making our way back home!

Monday, April 24, 2017

Color Run

Saturday afternoon the girls had a Color Run at their school.   They didn't get to participate last year because they had softball so this year they were very happy to be able to!  We decided to walk to the school because we knew the girls would be covered in color afterwards and not having to clean out the car sounded like a good idea!

All the participants lined up and waited for the start time.   They all ran around the track and there were four different spots where someone would throw colored powder on them which was made from cornstarch so don't worry nothing got stained!

Kayla and her friends walked most of the run and were all about getting color thrown on them.

Brooklyn ran atleast the first 4 laps and was dodging the color for awhile.  The run lasted thirty minutes and it was 90 degrees out so we kept telling her to please slow down and make sure to stop for water.

Here she is finally tired and dusted with just a little color

Kayla cruising on by 

Just about everyone began walking at some point and Kayla and Brooklyn were finally somewhat near each other for a picture.  Kayla was happy with her newly painted blue arm and see Brooklyn behind her getting covered in blue!

She's half smurf!

Brooklyn and her friend, Dalton covered in color after the race.

When the race was done all the kids that raised a certain amount of money got a color pack of their own to throw at the end.  Here they all are in a group waiting for the okay to jump up and down with their color pack to make a huge cloud of color.

It was pretty watching from my view and I'm glad I didn't have to stand under it all.

It was a little hard finding our kids at the end as you could see why,

They had so much fun and yes it all washed off/out of everything and I'm pretty sure we will be going again next year!