Thursday, February 20, 2020

Valentines 2020

Valentine's celebrations began on Wednesday for me.  I had been working all week and feeling sick as well.  Our class was having their Valentine's day party early because one of the teachers was going to be out the following day.   I almost called out because, not feeling great but I sucked it up and headed into work.  It was a fun day so I'm glad I made it in and I even got a few treats from some of the kids which is the least they could do since they were the ones that got me sick right???

Lots of sweet goodies!

Thursday Brooklyn was ready for her Valentine's day festivities! 

She's been into painting her nails lately and I thought her little creation was too cute not to capture.

I definitely did not go to work on this day because I wasn't getting any better and needed to rest.  I even had a twelve year old telling me I better be staying home so I thought I better listen.

I very much enjoyed resting all day except for the quick errand I had to run to get Valentine's finished for my girls.

Brooklyn had Early Act after school so I picked up Kayla first.   Her school had been selling roses and when she hoped in with one I asked her who gave her one and she said "nobody, it's for you"   I teared up and thanked her and then had to beg her for a picture because..teenager!

After we went to pick up Brooklyn, she came home with her Valentine's and the box she made in class.  How cute is her Love Diner she came up with?

On Valentine's day I woke up to my favorite orange colored roses waiting for me on the dresser.

The girls each had one on their dressers as well.

Such a sweet daddy.

Unfortunately I was still feeling pretty bad so there was no exciting Valentine's day breakfast which bummed me out because we were actually home all day and my plans had to be put aside.   We were also having a new refrigerator delivered and I needed to finish clearing out the old one so I was busy taking care of that.   This was my Valentine's day gift and I was perfectly fine with that.   I still love opening this fridge and seeing how pretty it is inside. #adultlife

The girls and I played UNO a lot during the day

Kayla's bestie dropped off some treats for her

and there was another drop off from their Noni and Papa Buzz as well

Later in the day the girls played on their tablets for a bit while I set the table for dinner

When daddy got home they opened their gifts and then we ate.

Dinner was simple with just shrimp and angel hair pasta and a caesar salad

The girls decorated their annual heart shaped cake before we each had a slice

and then it was showers and watching Be My Valentine Charlie Brown.  Kayla decided she wanted to read in her room instead but Brooklyn joined us with a few of her favorite stuffed animals to cuddle up with. 

Just a simple and relaxing Valentine's day this year!

Friday, February 14, 2020

Happy Valentine's Day!

A little peek into our Valentine's Day home...

Wishing you all a wonderful Valentine's Day with the ones you LOVE!

Monday, February 10, 2020

Ten On Ten

Happy Ten on Ten on a MOANday, that's what we call Monday's around here if it's a school day!  Luckily we are off on Friday so we've got four days til the weekend and then next week is a no school week so happy dance over here.

The girls are set with breakfast so I'm off to sit in my morning spot.  I was sick all weekend and I'm still not a hundred percent but I'm working so lots of coffee it is.  Kayla actually enjoys refilling my coffee for me every morning so she happily will come and get my cup and refill it for me just about every day.  I remind myself of this sweet gesture many times throughout my days because hello teen mood swings!!

My sweet girls and I all ready for our Monday!

At work with my favorite preschoolers

The school I sub at is literally just around the corner so I almost always come home for my lunch which is so nice because I can easily eat and start a load of laundry or tidy up so I don't have to do it later on after work.

I get off just in time to pick up Brooklyn.  She came home and grabbed her favorite yogurt as a snack.

Kayla was staying after school today for a soccer meeting so Brooklyn and I got to work on her Valentine's. 

After we picked up Kayla from her meeting I came home and checked on travel prices.  I've been checking daily for the past month and was happy to finally book our Summer vacation!!  I'm so happy that as of today all of our Summer is pretty much booked.  We've got our camping set and now our big vacation ready.  Makes working everyday a little sweeter when you know what your working for, right?

Laundry needed to be folded, yay for kids to help out with daily chores!

The girls and I ate a quick dinner tonight and then headed out to a parent meeting for Kayla's upcoming AstroCamp she's going to.  She's going to have such an amazing time, I'm gonna miss her like crazy but I can't wait to hear how much fun she had when she comes home.  I know it'll be one of those experiences that I'll hear about forever!!

We came home from our meeting just in time to all get showered up and ready for bed.   Once the girls are down, I'll enjoy some tea since now my voice seems to be going away and then hubby and I will catch up on some of our favorite shows.  Three more days to go!!

Sunday, February 9, 2020

January Recap

January is always the longest month ever atleast it feels that way.  Somehow with however long it felt I took absolutely no time to blog for the most part.   I'm trying to stay on top of things but life just gets in the way but for the most part I want to be able to come back here and see what our lives were like at certain times so I keep up with it as much as I can.   Even though we are a week into February now I've got to wrap up what our January looked like before carrying on with our days now so here goes....

The day after we got back from Nashville Winter Break was officially over but that Monday we decided we needed a ditch day and all spent the day at home together which was perfect because I missed my girls and just being home, all four of us.

I also needed to get in as many kitten snuggles as possible.

We were home just about every weekend in January so there was a lot of cooking going on and I realized having three furbabies searching for food droppings can be a bit annoying.

Yummy dinners followed by easy desserts!

One of our antique kitchen chairs finally bit the dust so it was time to buy new ones.   Thankfully World Market was having a great sale and I got the four chairs I had always wanted.

Brooklyn loves her kittens so much, she made a little bed out of a box and pillow she had and loved the fact that June actually enjoyed using it everyday.  Although now she has her door shut at all times if we aren't home and even at night.  She is fed up with them waking her up each night and said she can't sleep in and for some reason they got into so many things in her room and ruined them.  They've eaten her bracelets, toys and even knocked off just about everything on her dresser.   It's funny but not so funny, they haven't bothered any other room but for some reason Brooklyn's room was where they go wild.

Some simple frozen cookies thrown in the oven for a Friday night dessert while I enjoyed my dessert is the perfect way to start the weekend.

January weekends in California have been amazing and nice enough for us to enjoy lots of family walks/bike rides.   Kayla found a dart along the way and decided to stick it to her helmet for the ride.

Soccer has been over for over a month and Kayla finally had her team party.  Brooklyn kept us entertained while Kayla was off bowling with her team.

The cousins came over for a few hours on Martin Luther King day and they had fun jumping on the trampoline for a bit.

Two kittens holding paws!

Unfortunately I had jury duty this month and got called in, thankfully I was released by noon!!!

Our sweet old pooch, Cali.

We cut back all of the rose bushes a couple of weeks ago but I grabbed a few that were left to enjoy inside.

Every weekend the girls ask for daddy to make his waffles.   For awhile hew was making them every weekend but now it's more of a special treat so Brooklyn was extra excited to finally be having waffles on this Sunday morning.

Lazy morning kitty cuddles

Another weekend, another bike ride

These two, 
holding hands while riding together.
I love them so much!

A trip to our favorite brewery for dinner and drinks

It was Kindness week at school and Brooklyn held a kindness sign to greet all the kids at drop off.

The 100th day of school the kids were supposed to dress up as a 100 year old.   Brooklyn said she wanted to dress up and had everything ready but as always she changed her mind on her outfit and was throwing a fit that I needed to help her pick out something to wear.  I told her she was on her own because I was getting ready for work.  She finally found her outfit and then I quickly gave her some wrinkles and sprayed some gray in her hair before we were out the door.

Off to work in my 
100 Days of Making a Difference tee
except lets be honest I definitely haven't worked 100 days this year but it was still sweet that the teacher I work with had given me a shirt to wear for the 100th day of school.

Back at home,
Brooklyn gathers a kitten or two to read with everyday as soon as she gets home.  Sometimes they stick around sometimes they don't.  This afternoon they looked quite happy and cozy hanging out.

Warm afternoons after school call for playing outside.

Pajama day at school and Brooklyn planned to match with her "little sister" as she refers to her.

She's known her since she was a baby and they adore each other.

It was family reading day and I spent the morning ready with both of the girls since her mom and dad were unable to be there.

I tried out a healthier dessert and made some delicious hazelnut brownies.

My father in law came by for dinner so we enjoyed some appetizers and wine while we waited for dinner

The girls had a blast playing with his puppy, Baxter

Baxter enjoyed showing off all of his tricks to his new friends.

January finally came to an end and now February is already flying by.   The girls have a week off of school coming up this month and we can't wait to just do nothing together plus we get to celebrate Valentine's day!