Thursday, October 27, 2016

Halloween Home

We are days away from Halloween which also means the end of another month!  I had big plans to take more pictures of our home as in the family room and kitchen but today our refrigerator in the garage finally died on us so instead of finishing up my pictures I spent the day driving around town trying to find a cheap replacement since I would like to have cold drinks on hand Saturday night when we have all of the family over for our annual Halloween party.   It never fails that a refrigerator breaks days before we are supposed to have people over for something.   The worst part of it is that all of the meat I had just stocked up on was completely thawed and had to be thrown out.   A new refrigerator is on it's way and will be delivered Saturday, hopefully in the morning so I can use it as soon as possible.  Alright on to the actual pictures I do have of our home.....

I just got done painting the entryway from a beige color to this new light greyish color and love it.   I took down all of the pictures I had hanging over that table and until I find something I really love I'm just using this antique window pane.   I don't love it and I don't hate it so it works for now and will most likely be there for awhile now since we just spent money on a new refrigerator.

The living room has pumpkins here and there and a few of my pumpkin people scattered about.


The hanging black cloth and that spider is a favorite decoration around here.  The girls go nuts when they see it hanging, it's always been their favorite decoration that goes up.

I love that little pedestal pumpkin, he's always been my favorite decoration.

The only two pictures I have of our family room are above and below.  The black glitter tree with pumpkin heads sits on our mantel and we light it up whenever we enjoy a good Halloween movie at night.  We've got an entire weekend full of Halloween activities so I'm thinking we'll be spending all day Sunday watching as many Halloween movies as possible!

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

The End of Soccer Season for Brooklyn

This past Saturday Brooklyn had her last soccer game of the season.  She once again was on a great team and enjoyed every second of the season.  Of course she was bummed that soccer was over but knows she will be playing again next season.

I love watching my girls play this sport, both hubby and I never played soccer so we are learning as we go but watching it is so much fun especially when both of the girls enjoy it so much!

Brooklyn has so much energy and never tires of running up and down the field and she has just the right amount of aggressiveness when she is out on the field.

This years team party was at the bowling alley which made it a whole lot of fun for all the girls.

and look how adorable her trophy is!
They also got a small soccer ball to have their teammates sign and a picture book filled with pictures that one of the coaches took.

Our proud little soccer player with her coaches this season.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Decoupage Picture Pumpkin

Last year I had the brilliant idea to decoupage a fake pumpkin with all of the past Halloween pictures of the girls and us dressed up for Halloween but of course never got around to it so this year when I saw a plain pumpkin at Target just waiting to be decorated I immediately scooped it up and declared this would be the year I actually followed through with my idea.

I used whatever I had on hand to paint the stem

I then printed out all of my favorite Halloween pictures in black and white and got to cutting.  I randomly modge podged them all over the pumpkin and maybe should have thought it out a bit more because it didn't turn out quite as good as I had hoped but that's what happens when I try to squeeze in a craft now a days!   I thought I would have so much more time when my girls were in school all day and now it seems I have much less time for everything!!  Anyway  I got all the pictures on the pumpkin and called it a day.

 It may not be perfect but it sure holds a ton of great memories and it's a fun way for us to look back at all the costumes we have worn for the past nine years on Halloween! 

Monday, October 24, 2016

Harvest Festival and Our Weekend Recap

Friday morning started off great with daddy sneaking back home after leaving for work to drop off some yummy Fall donuts and my favorite chai latte from Starbucks.

It was a happy morning for sure around here!

I helped in Brooklyn's class in the morning and was super busy and ended up staying longer than usual so when it came time to leave I remembered Kayla would be out having snack so I dropped in to give her a hug and kiss and she begged me to stay and hang out and I couldn't say no to a 4th grader that still wanted to hang out with her mom!!

I watched her laugh and giggle with her friends until it was time to leave.

Friday nigth was the schools annual Harvest Festival!  We've gone every year since Kayla was in Kindergarten and while we were there I realized how many years it's been already and got really sad!  Kayla would also be helping out this year which was what really got me.   I remember five years ago when we first came and how there were older kids helping out with the games and thought how sweet those big kids were helping all the little kids with the games were and now Kayla is one of those big kids helping out already!!  How?!

Before Kayla was scheduled to help she got to play some games and ran off with her friends to play.  Brooklyn stayed with me and played until it was time for her to perform with Sundance Singers

Here she is with her singing group all ready to perform the two songs they had been practicing for the last few months.

We stayed maybe twenty minutes after Brooklyn was done performing and Kayla was done helping out so they could play a little more.  Then it was home to order a pizza and watch a Halloween show before bed.

Saturday morning the girls had their last regular season soccer games.  Kayla still has playoffs but Brooklyn is done with soccer for the season.  After the games we went to look at some trailers and then came home showered and decided to go out to dinner.

We enjoyed some ice cold beers and watching the Dodger game.  The girls were happy because you can throw your peanut shells on the ground at this restaurant and they get popsicles after dinner.  Kayla decided she didn't want one because it was so cold in there to begin with and Brooklyn probably shouldn't have even gotten one since she didn't eat much dinner but two giant beers and baseball got in the way of making that decision.

Sunday we slept in for a bit and then headed to get some things done.  One of them was to get my rings cleaned which meant we had some time to kill.   We stopped in at Bass Pro Shop and the girls enjoyed checking everything out.  Kayla decided she wanted a quad for Christmas and I told her the little one for toddlers behind her would be perfect!

Just relaxing on the camping beds and checking out the fish several times!

Next up we headed to the mall, Brooklyn headed off with daddy and Kayla and I had some fun in Anthropologie and Bath and Body Works.  We stocked up on some Christmas candles and even bought a gift for someone as well!

After picking up my rings we headed over to my in laws to celebrate my brother in laws birthday.  We were happy to see baby Tessa too and how big she is getting!

It was a busy weekend and I'm pretty sure it's going to get busier from here on out.  I can't believe next weekend is the last weekend in October already and then it'll be November!  So much to do from here on out.