Monday, October 16, 2017

Goodbye to the Beach

The girls always have a four day weekend the first weekend of October so for the last couple of years we have made sure to schedule our last beach camping trip for that weekend.  The weather is usually still warm and it's a nice way to end our beach days for the year.

This picture above sums up my feelings about this place.....pure heaven!
Everyone is happy here and we always have such a great time.

Our little Brooklyn is always the first one to bed, she was tired from riding all of those waves.

Kayla kept us very entertained out by the campfire.  I could watch this video a million times, she cracks me up and I love that little giggle!!

Saturday was perfect, the weather and everything else about the day.

Just two sisters hanging out in their bunks together cuddling and reading.

Brooklyn enjoying a little bike riding while waiting for everyone else to get ready

Sundays weather was not great.  It wasn't supposed to be cold but it was and put a damper on the day.

Brooklyn didn't mind though and was still in the water all morning while Kayla and I stayed on shore with long sleeves to keep us warm

The clouds would break now and then but it was still chilly

A little snack and hoping for it to warm up.

Eventually the clouds came in and did not leave plus the winds kicked up and we were getting pelted by sand so we called it a day.  I was very sad that we had to cut our last beach day short because of bad weather.

I didn't want the girls to be bummed so after they took showers I surprised them with some hot cocoa.

Our last night there the girls made a friend they rode bikes with her most of the evening and played games together.

On Monday we woke up to beautiful clear skies and of course warm weather.   We were sad that we had to leave and could not enjoy it 

We went down to the water to say our final goodbyes and the girls and their friend made a  sand mermaid 

It was sad leaving when the weather was so nice.  I guess we'll just have to wait 'til next year to enjoy it all over again!

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Ten On Ten

Happy Tuesday Ten on Ten!
Yesterday was a holiday which meant today was pretty much our Monday and thankfully now we only have 3 more mornings to wake up for school left this week!  After staying up late and sleeping in late for the past four days it was rough getting back to our morning school schedule but we all got out the door on time.

We camped at the beach this past weekend so today I had a whole lot of laundry to tackle which I'm still doing as I type this.

I also decided I'd mop the floors today as well, might as well make it a cleaning day since I'm home all day today.

I made sure to spend some time catching up on a few shows I had recorded over the weekend with a yummy candle lit of course.

Cali was dropped off around noon and is back home with us.  My father in law watched her while we went camping.   She comes along with us most of the time but she's getting older and is not as well behaved as she used to be so we sometimes choose to leave her with him.  She is much happier I think with that decision so it's a win win for us all.

Whenever I'm away from home I always get all of these great ideas of things I want to do around the house so today while I was home I moved a piece of furniture we had at the end of our bed into the family room to use as a side table next to our sofa.  I really like it here so I think it will stay.   Now I just need to figure out what will go at the end of our bed in it's old spot.

I picked up the girls from school and they quickly grabbed a snack before starting on homework.  Kayla happily modeling her snack of choice for the day.

Time for some reading

Yay for daddy coming home to take these girls to soccer practice

which meas mommy can enjoy this glass of wine and watch the season finale of Chesapeake Shores in the quiet of my house!!

Tuesday didn't turn out to to be too bad at all.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

September Recap

September was a great month for us!
The temperatures cooled down a lot  by the second week and I was able to plant some Fall mums in the back and I lit my delicious smelling pumpkin candles.

I enjoyed long walks with my pup while the girls were at school.

The girls have been busy with soccer and reading, which is thankfully the only homework they have this year.

I surprised them with some fun Halloween goodies and matching Halloween pj's.  I can't wait until it's cold enough for them to wear them while we watch some spooky movies together!

I baked chocolate chip pumpkin bread which we very much enjoyed eating.

Hubby left some fun surprises for me to find on the first day of Fall.

Cute Starbuck's cups make school mornings much more bearable

Both of the girls received awards this month!

I'm so proud and thankful for how hard they work and how easy school comes for them.

A few Friday's ago the girls each invited their besties over for some after school fun.

As soon as their friends left I enjoyed a glass of wine on the patio and Brooklyn grabbed a book to read next to me.

The girls have had plenty of fun playing together this month.  We've been busy but have had most of our Friday nights and Sundays free to be home together.

School pictures happened last week and the girls looked beautiful.

We are halfway through the regular season of soccer and the girls are doing awesome.

The last day of September hubby and I had a night out without kids and went to dinner and then met some friends at a local sports bar for the night.  It was the perfect way to end a great month.