Saturday, November 16, 2019

Vail Lake Camping

We had a three day weekend with no sports and no place we had to be so we quickly booked a camping trip that wasn't too far from home.   We've camped here at Vail Lake many times and we've always enjoyed ourselves.  We left Friday right after the girls got home from school.  Brooklyn was ready to go along with her favorite friend, Milly who has gone on just about every trip with us.

It was dark when we arrived and although we were at a location we've camped out many times our spot was in a different area than our usual so we weren't sure what was around.  We couldn't explore much because it was just too dark so we set up, grilled dinner, got some beverages and then we all spent the evening playing card games before calling it a night.

The next morning the girls were out ready to explore.  There was a perfect spot for them right beside our campground where they found a cool tree they could play in so they were happy.

Before it got too hot we headed out for a bike ride, well they rode bikes while we walked.

It was a beautiful walk overlooking the lake.

Kayla did not enjoy it so much!
She is not into our hikes/walks whatsover anymore.

When we got back we ate lunch and while we relaxed the girls were off exploring again

The campsite had mini golf so we did that later in the afternoon along with the girls riding on the barrel train

We grilled up some dinner and then headed back to the main area to listen to the band they had playing that night.

Brooklyn took over my phone before we left and took a bunch of pictures.   I'm only posting three because how many selfies of a 10 year old do we need to see??

Brooklyn was not into listening to the band which was quickly taken care of with a game of ping pong for them while we got to enjoy the music

Sunday was Ten on Ten and I documented most of the day here in this post but here are a few more of our day.  Pictures of Kayla are hard to get now that she is over the smile for mommy phase so I have to beg for them whenever I can

The girls, Brooklyn, really wanted to ride the barrel train again so we waited while they got in one more ride before we headed off to some local wineries.

Just a picture of my dream home up on a hill overlooking the vineyards in Temecula wine country.

The girls enjoyed looking at the farm animals while we tasted at a new to us winery

Then we headed over to one of our favorite wineries.

We played spoons but improvised with lipgloss while we waited for our dinner.

Our last night was beautiful, pretty sunset followed by a full moon!

A few quick photos before heading home.

We all agreed it was a fun and relaxing trip!

Monday, November 11, 2019

Ten on Ten

We just got home from one of our most relaxing camping trips!  I have many more photos to share but since yesterday was ten on ten I thought I would share a few that I took specifically just to post for the day.  We had a particularly lazy Sunday morning and I even climbed back into bed after breakfast while the girls played card games for awhile on their own.

We eventually got dressed and Brooklyn and I walked around the campsite with Cali for a little while

This area was right beside us and the girls had fun exploring and they even found a cool tree they used as a fort.

Brooklyn really wanted to play down in the tree but Kayla wanted to say in the trailer and write so I went down with Brooklyn to watch her because I didn't want her down there alone.

I needed a picture of Kayla but she wasn't cooperating much so I snuck this one of her quickly while she was hanging inside the trailer.

The day before the girls rode in the 'barrel train' and they had so much fun that, Brooklyn said we had to make it happen again on Sunday so we planned our day around their ride.

After their train ride we headed over to some nearby wineries and tried a new one that had a few farm animals, we figured the girls would like that.  The farm animals were great but the wine not so much.

 We decided to visit a winery that we knew we enjoyed and tried some of their new wines while the girls hung out and played card games.   We ended up eating dinner from a local food truck that was set up there and then played a few card games with the girls before heading back to our campsite.

As soon as we got back the girls grabbed a ball and played until the fire pit was ready and there were s'mores to eat and that was pretty much our day!  I'll be back with the rest of our camping trip soon.

Thursday, November 7, 2019

Halloween 2019

Up and ready for a busy Halloween day!

Brooklyn made her lunch and decided to add a little decoration to her fruit cup.

Her school is not allowed to wear costumes, boo.  But it was 'black out drugs day' so we added as much Halloween as we could.

She loved the idea of the black lipstick and said that a girl that sits next to her told her she looked scary today.

I dropped off both of the girls and then came home and got my table ready for Halloween dinner.

Kayla had a cross country race so she didn't get to dress up at all which was a bit of a bummer.  She said later it didn't really feel like Halloween because she missed out on dressing up with all her friends at school.

It was super windy and cold at her race and she usually wants to stay all day to hang with her friends but on this day she asked me to please sign her out for the day.   So yay for me!  We came home around 11:00 and she got in some warm clothes and then we headed out to pick up some lunch.

Back at home we watched A Nightmare on Elm Street together.  A perfect way to get her in the Halloween spirit.

I loved driving through the neighborhood and finding a red balloon tied to the gutter.  Although neither of my girls would get out and let me take a picture of them next to it! lol

Brooklyn came home and was ready to party.  She set up the karaoke machine and sang along to Halloween music.  Then she turned the family room into a Halloween carnival with a few stuffed animals.

We put the pumpkins out and fixed the decorations from the wind that messed them up earlier in the day.

Kayla's kitty pumpkin

Brooklyn's witch maybe?

Cali got a pirate bandanna tired around her neck and we were ready for the trick or treaters

For dinner I made these adorable skull calzones.

They were a hit!

Afterwards the girls got in costume and we were ready to trick or treat!

Brooklyn chose her costume this year by handing me the masquerade mask and said I just want to be whatever I can so I can wear this mask, lol.  It had to be scary so we came up with this.

Kayla found the dragon accessories and she was sold!

We had fun trick or treating this year and found a scary street where the houses went all out and they had people in costumes to specifically scare you.  Brooklyn was moving from Chris and I to avoid being scared.  I asked her why she was scared when she dressed up as something scary.  She said she likes to dress up as something scary to offset the being scared underneath.

We didn't stay out as long as usual this year and the girls were really okay with it.  They both said they were ready to come back home.  They went through all their candy and chose a few to eat, took showers and they were in bed before ten and that was Halloween 2019!