Tuesday, August 19, 2014


I'm learning that it is not getting any easier walking away from either one of my girls and leaving them at school for the day.
I truly love having them home all day with me and really miss them when they aren't running around the house driving me crazy or not.
Today Brooklyn started her first day of Pre-K, she will still only go half day twice a week but it's still weird thinking about how fast the past few years have gone by.  I made sure not to show any sadness about her growing up and going back to school since the last month of school in Spring she cried everyday I left her.  Luckily this year she was super excited to get back to school, rushing me out of the car and dragging me to her classroom she was happy to be back.  
I was a little sad to find out that all her friends that were in her class last year were either in a different class or go to school on the opposite days she will attend.  I know she'll have no problem making new friends and as I was leaving she had already found another little girl to play with.  

At pick up she told me she had a super fun day and one of her teachers said she already knew all the answers to what they were going over in the class which made me very happy!  The past week we have spent our time waiting in pick up for Kayla going over letters, writing, sounds they make and yesterday we worked on reading.  I'm glad it is paying off and she felt confidant enough to raise her hand in class to answer questions.  She is excited to go back and see all her friends and I'm so happy it's looking like it's gonna be a great year for both of the girls!

Friday, August 15, 2014

Friday Favorites


Today's Friday Favorite is the August Popsugar Must Have Box.  I have to admit that the past few boxes have not been very good and I was thinking about canceling depending on this months box but after I received my box on Tuesday I was not about to cancel!  Fingers crossed the upcoming months are just as great.  Let's take a look at all the fun products I received.

Looking forward to making those cookies!!
The August information card had me smiling right away.  As soon as I saw the outdoor bistro lights on it I immediately thought of our upcoming 10 year anniversary party my husband and I are having in a few weeks. 

Then as I went through all the amazing products I thought how perfect everything was for that special night!  I love Lollia bath products and already have quite the collection of their bubble baths so I'm excited to try out this yummy smelling body wash and the candle in a mason jar could not be any cuter!

By far my very favorite item is the Kendra Scott earrings!!!  I have been wanting these and wished I would have bought them at the Nordstrom sale but didn't so I was beyond thrilled to see them in the box along with a 20% off coupon at  KendraScott.com, maybe I will be ordering a necklace to match soon.

I can't get over how much fun this box is.  If you want to sign up for a monthly Popsugar box click here.  Each month costs $43.15 including tax and shipping and you are pretty much guaranteed to receive atleast $100.00 worth of items inside every box!  I'm really looking forward to the upcoming boxes because in the past the Fall boxes have been pretty amazing!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

2nd Grade

Today was Kayla's first day of 2nd grade and to say she was super excited would not be an exaggeration.  The girl woke up with a huge smile on her face and I don't think she has stopped smiling since!  When she woke up I had a few items for her to take like a notebook since she loves to write stories or draw, a bright green pencil case along with some fun new pencils and erasers.  We are very lucky that we don't have to buy anything for back to school except for the obvious backpack and lunch bag, the school supplies everything!  Speaking of backpack and lunch bags, Kayla chose the peacock print from Pottery Barn Kids for her bags this year.  I wasn't too sure if they were my favorite until we got them and I immediately agreed with her that they were adorable!

We were all up and ready early this morning to make sure we would not be rushed and would have plenty of time to take the yearly first day of school pictures by the front door.  Kayla enjoyed it saying she can't wait to take the end of school year picture so she can see how much she grows!

I love, love, love her outfit.  We both loved the dress as soon as we saw it and her sandals are such a pretty color. 

We were about to leave and I told her I needed to get a picture real quick with my phone to send to daddy and she asked if she could throw up a peace sign.  She's so cute, love watching her become her own little person.

When we were walking up to the school she kept saying "I wonder which friend I will see first?"
She spotted one little girl when we first got to the playground and they both ran to each other and hugged each other saying how much they missed one another.  It was the cutest thing and made me tear up hearing their conversation and excitement seeing each other.  After many hugs to all her friends we found her buddy Landon and I had to get a picture of them two.  They have been good friends for the past 2 years and get along so well.  We love him!

Soon it was time to go into the classroom and get situated.  

After many kisses goodbye I finally left my big girl. When she got home today she said she had a great day and her teachers are really nice.  I'm still in shock that Summer is officially over and it's going to take some getting used to not having both the girls home playing together all day but as of right now they happily playing my little ponies together just the way it should be!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Game Night

The last item on our Summer Fun List was Game Night.  So Sunday evening the girls took early baths and while we sat and ate homemade mac and cheese for dinner we all played a game of Hello Kitty Bingo where Brooklyn happily won!  After we all finished eating daddy and Kayla went on to play Connect Four while Brooklyn and I played Old Maid after we switched and played the other game we met up for a family game of CandyLand and then a game of matching.  It's such a simple and fun way to spend an evening with the girls.  I'm looking forward to a rainy, soup for dinner, game night some time in the near future!