Tuesday, October 18, 2016

The Weekend

Hubby left Thursday night for a guys camping trip which meant it was just the girls and I all weekend.  Friday movie nights are my favorite and we just so happened to have a new Halloween movie that needed to be watched so we picked up some Panda Express for dinner and called it a night.  While eating dinner we watched an older movie we had already seen before and after baths we watched the new movie while eating ice cream.

Saturday morning I woke up to a bed full of my favorite cuddlers

Both the girls had soccer games Saturday but luckily they weren't until after 10 so we had plenty of time to enjoy our morning.

Kayla was goalie the last quarter of her game and stopped so many goals!!  Her coach picked her and another girl as the stars of the day which means they get to pick out games for their practices this week.

 After the games my parents took us out to lunch at Chilis and then it was back home.  The girls played right away but as soon as I turned the tv on they became mesmerized with the show Halloween Wars on the food network.  They spent the rest of the day watching every episode!

They took a quick shower break and I popped some popcorn so we could all watch the very last episode to see who won together.

Sunday afternoon we had a birthday party to go to.  The girls wore their costumes from last Halloween so they wouldn't ruin their new ones.

They had lots of fun and I enjoyed talking to friends but eventually it was time to get home because daddy was coming home and I wanted to get started dinner so we could all eat together.

The girls and I had a great weekend enjoying our time at home but I'll be happy next weekend when we will all be home together!

Thursday, October 13, 2016

A Morning Stroll on the Beach

On our first morning waking up while camping Brooklyn immediately asked if we could go walk on the beach like we did the last time we camped and search for seashells and dolphins.  Kayla wanted to stay back at the campsite so it was just Brooklyn and I on our morning beach stroll.

We didn't see any dolphins but we did find a lot of pretty shells to bring home.

The sand was so cold on my feet that I swear they felt almost numb by the time we were done but it was well worth it for the shells, views and time with my youngest.

Little feet which aren't so little anymore.

The seashell below is one I found on the beach that morning and is probably my favorite shell I've ever found.  The colors are so pretty and I've never found one quite like it before.  I placed it on my bedside table as soon as we got home and now it will always remind me of that morning stroll on the beach with my youngest.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Last Beach Camping Trip of 2016

A four day weekend means a perfect oppurtunity to go camping in our family and when the weather feels like Summer in October it makes our last beach camping trip of 2016 that much better!

Other than the water being cold, kids didn't mind one bit, everything else was perfect!

After some time in the water Brooklyn decided to thaw out a bit and play in the sand instead.

After cleaning up and dinner we roasted s'mores.  The girls usually spend the evening riding scooters around the campsite but this trip there were a lot less kids around and they were tired so they chose to watch a movie inside the trailer instead.   Hubby and I stayed out and enjoyed the quiet around the campfire while they were inside

Brooklyn and I took a walk along the beach early in the morning together while daddy and Kayla stayed back at the trailer.  I'll post those pictures later.  After our walk we enjoyed breakfast burittos on the beach and then the girls played in the sand until it was time to get swimsuits on and head to the water.


I love that the girls were waiting so patiently for us to get down to the water so they could go in.

Camp food can still be pretty.

Have you ever noticed how guys can only be still for so long?   I could spend hours just sitting and staring at the ocean and do absolutely nothing but my husband will get bored eventually and has to either go in the water or dig/build something.  Here he is happily digging while the girls play in the water a few feet away.

I put him to work to find me a sand dollar but all the ones he found this weekend were still living so back in the ocean they went

Time to bury the girls!

It seemed a bit chillier than the evening before so we started the campfire earlier on Saturday night.

If you didn't notice we were missing someone in all the pictures above.  Right after dinner somebody was found passed out in her bunk.  She was very tired but made me promise that I would wake her for s'mores.   It took me forever to get her to wake up but eventually she joined us for some and then both the girls were back in the trailer cuddled up together to watch another movie.

Sunday morning Brooklyn helped me make pancakes and sausage for breakfast.

and after breakfast I let the girls have a cookie for dessert because why not?

 Then I enjoyed my chai latte on the beach while Brooklyn dug a hole in the sand and daddy and Kayla played catch with a football that was left behind.

Sunday afternoon we were leaving but we fit in some more time in the water before packing everything up

The car ride home from camping almost always looks like this.

After our first day on the beach I was helping Kayla change out of a wet swimsuit when she said "Camping is so much fun!"  her comment made the trip for me.  She is a hard one to please and complains A LOT so when she said that it made my mommy heart so happy that all of the effort and hardwork that I put into planning our trips was worth it and that we are truly creating such fun memories for the girls and us as well!

Here's a fun little video I put together of our trip with some of the pictures I took.