Wednesday, January 13, 2021

December Recap

 December starts off with the countdown to Christmas.

The advent calendars are from Trader Joe's and we get them every year.   The girls look forward to their chocolate everyday.

December is such a fun month!

The weather got cooler which meant these kitties got a little more cuddly

It was  a beautiful month to get outside!

Cute wine glasses make cocktails that much more fun!

I love cooking during the colder months.  Comfort food is the best!

Peppermint Ice Cream and a Christmas Movie, Yes Please!!

Elfie found lots of strange spots to appear throughout the month.

My favorite morning spot during December

Picking out pretty wrapping paper every year is so fun.  I always pick up some fun rolls from Homegoods.

A few weeks before Christmas I wasn't feeling well, I had a bit of a cough and a stuffy nose and after two days I lost all taste and smell which then I knew it was Covid.   The girls ended up getting it as well, Kayla had a cold for a few days and Brooklyn a runny nose for a day but they both lost taste and smell.   Chris was fine and never had any symptoms.   We are all fine but when I was resting Chris came in and gave me an early Christmas gift.  He thought I could use the weighted blanket now instead of later.   It was perfect to cuddle up with and watch Christmas movies with when I wasn't feeling well.

Our family 2020 Tree Ornament.

When Brooklyn broke her wrist our Elf showed up the next morning with his wrist hurt as well.

For how much she dislikes online learning she is still doing amazing.  She received a Writing award from her teacher.

This year I tried my hand at growing Kale and it did great!  I used it in a soup a few weeks back and it was delicious.

Brooklyn's last day of school in 2020 was a hot cocoa pajama day

Kayla and all her friends picked names this year for a gift exchange.  They set it all up, decided the amount they would spend and the day they would drop off gifts.  We were a little sad to have to cancel our annual friend Cookie Decorating Party but since we were all just getting over Covid we knew it wasn't worth taking the risk of getting anyone else sick.

Egg Nog and games with my little buddy

We enjoyed so many movie nights in December!

Brooklyn brought out my Christmas gift all wrapped beautifully and I may have gasped at how much I loved it!

We needed some Christmas gifts for friends and I already had candles and soaps for the girls but wasn't sure what to get the guys but Trader Joe's came through with the prettiest bottles and saved the day.

Brooklyn is all in whenever I am baking anything and she really wanted to learn how to make the caramels.

She did a great job stirring the caramel constantly for me.

Christmas Eve Eve is my baking day, 

Chocolate cookie bark,
peanut butter m&m cookies
vanilla bean bundt cake

and the cranberry sauce were done.

Once the kitchen was cleaned and everything was put away I enjoyed an egg nog with maybe a little whiskey.

The day after Christmas Kayla was excited to pull out her nail kit and do her and her sisters nails.

I tidied up a little but spent most of the day relaxing on the couch watching movies and shows.

By Monday we were done with all of our Christmas celebrations so I spent all day packing up the decor.   These girls played with their Christmas gifts and enjoyed their lazy day having fun together.

Brooklyn got a balloon making kit from one of her uncles and she spent so much time making balloon animals.  Her room is still full of 'em.  She had us cracking up with all of her creations.

Back to my pre Christmas tree coffee spot.

I had to run out and get my mother in law a birthday gift from bath and body works and the girls asked if they could come along and stop at a few places after so they could use some gift cards.  We were all excited for a fun shopping morning until we had to wait in line for two hours just to get into bath and body works.

They were troopers though and we made the best of it.

We stopped in to the cutest book store so they could use their gift cards.

Oliver was happy to keep me warm on a cold morning. 

On New Years Eve Eve my father in law came over for enchiladas and I realized I had entertained more in that last week of December than in the entire year, or so it felt.

New Years Eve we were going to celebrate the evening with friends and I guess Brooklyn was excited to see her bestie that night because I walked out to see her watching her friends youtube baking channel that morning.