Monday, January 4, 2010


Saturday I turned 30 and I have no clue how that happened but it did. I remember being little and thinking 30 is so old and here I am now 30 and I still feel like it was just yesterday I turned 21. So to celebrate Chris and I went wine tasting in Temecula, and stayed at the Southcoast Winery & Resort which was beautiful! The beds were so comfy and we had the cutest little patio where we could have sat out and shared a great bottle of wine or champagne but since we did a few too many tastings and could not drink another sip by the time we finished dinner and made it back to our room it was not used at all. Atleast we know not to drink so much wine ncxt time right? We had so much fun though and it was great to go out with just my husband and be just us again. I did miss the girls terribly and it took a lot of wine to stop worrying about Brooklyn being too young to leave behind but of course she was fine and in the end I feel refreshed and happy to be back at home with my girls!


Tracey said...

Happy birthday Shannon!!! A weekend away from the kiddos to sip some wine with your hubby sounds like the perfect way to spend a 30th birthday!!!

:) T

Martha said...

Happy Birthday to you! SOunds so wonderful and so glad you two enjoyed it together...Time away is hard but always worth it:)