Friday, January 8, 2010

Happy Friday :)

I had to go grocery shopping today and I kept trying to think of a way to take a 4 month old and a 2 1/2 year old and not have any meltdowns or crying for juice, milk, snacks...etc. Brooklyn is quiet and pretty much just enjoys looking around but Kayla who always wants to go shopping with me ends up complaining everytime when we are only about half way through. Luckily for Christmas Kayla got a shopping cart of her own so I thought what a great idea to take it with us so she will have fun and feel like she is helping. Guess What? It whining or anything she was so happy to help pick things out, I even let her pick out some Circus Animal cookies. She even told me when we were checking out "I so happy to help you Mommy." S0 problem solved, I can shop with 2 kids and not have any problems! Oh and sorry to all the other moms in the store who gave me the evil eye as their kids whined about wanting to push their own shopping cart :)

Happy 4 Months Ms. Brooklyn!!!!


Tracey said...

Hi Shannon! Ahh, yes, grocery shopping is always such an ordeal with young kids...since having my 3rd baby (she's 2 now), I try to shop ONLY when I don't have to bring the kiddos along with's just too much work!! :)

Your little ones are just beautiful!

:) T

Martha said...

Oh LOVE it...we have Trader Joe's here...and they have mini carts for the kids...Madison LOVES IT...and so do we because it helps keep both happy!! I love that you brought your own because I haven't thought of that going to the regular grocery store:) So cute!

paige said...

shopping with my teens can be just as exhilirating!!!

your little ones are so precious