Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I made it through the rest of Friday night and good thing I did because we had a great Saturday night. We went over to Chris's moms and step dads and had fish tacos and a black bean soup that was the best tasting soup ever! Kayla had a blast playing with her new dress up chest and Brooklyn enjoyed eyeing the delicious food we were eating.

After we were done eating my mother-in-law and I opened our birthday gifts and then enjoyed some chocolate cake.

The snuggie we got her was a hit even though the boys tried to say how lame it was, Uncle Matt sure enjoyed cuddling in it with Kayla.

We had a great night with the family and delicous food. Thank You so much for a wonderful birthday dinner!

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Martha said...

So glad you had a FUN weekend...after those kind of weeks...those weekends mean all the more:) I hope you have a GREAT night!!...and that dinner you had sounds so yummy!