Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Our Easter

I took so many pictures but when it came down to the girls being all dressed up I have nothing. I am so upset I didn't get any of Brooklyn by herself in her dress, she looked so beautiful! I got a few of Kayla but that was only because she was searching for Easter eggs. I think I might take some of Brooklyn outside once it warms up in her dress just so you can see how adorable she was.

Here is Miss Kayla decorating her Easter Eggs Saturday night...

After digging into their baskets Easter morning I had to get shots of them in their sunglasses

Then the Easter hunt around the house began

So proud of herself for finding all the eggs

I wonder how next year will go when she realizes there will be some competition!!


Now on to our Easter party which doesn't include any pictures of our actual guests. Sorry I get busy and since nobody else picks up the camera to take pictures (Chris) we get nothing but a few shots of Kayla hunting for eggs again and the one shot I took of our Sangria stand right before everyone arrived.

Well atleast we got a family picture in!



That's it, we had a great day and we were so happy we didn't have any rain!! Although we did wake up to pouring rain the next morning which soaked all our backyard furniture that we did not bring in the night before. Atleast it will be warm the rest of the week to dry it all out :)
Happy Tuesday Everyone!


Blondiensc said...

ahh sounds like a wonderful day and your sangria table looks so pretty...love the metal cloche and the sangria jar!!!

DustyLu said...

Great post! So cute. It is such fun when they get older to do the Easter hunts. Dustin really enjoyed it. We had two big ones. He recieved 5 baskets from all the families. We donated 4 to church on Sunday. To much sometimes..I enjoy your lovely posts. I too can't get to the camera sometimes when we have people over. Hubby no help there..lolol..great Sangria Stand..Have a great week! ~lulu

DustyLu said...

oh ya can't wait to see your niche! love your bunny and book! Great taste! ~lulu

Anne Lorys - Fiona and Twig said...

Shannon, you are truly blessed with the most beautiful family! Those girls are just divine. :-)

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Martha said...

Your sangria stand looks beautiful!!! ANd of course those beautiful girls of yours do too! Sounds like a GREAT Easter for you all Shannon

Beki - TheRustedChain said...

What an adorable family you have!