Monday, May 17, 2010

The LadyBug

The other night Kayla and I found a Ladybug stuck in the water

We scooped her out and she became Kayla's new friend

She spent a long time with her new Ladybug friend

Admiring her beauty

and laughing at the tickle she got as the Ladybug crawled up her arm.

It does not take much to excite little kids,

There is so much to learn

and teach one another.


Martha said...

Oh how wonderful and beautiful!!! Love Kayla showing her sis the lady bug!!! They are so cute...and that first picture of the ladybug in her hands...oh my!!!

tara said...

That is very sweet and the lady bug didn't fly away, they always fly away when we find them! btw, I like this song~ :)