Sunday, August 22, 2010

School Shopping

I can't believe my sweet girl will be starting Preschool in a week!  I have many mixed emotions about this and I am trying my hardest to be excited and happy for her. She is only going to be going half days twice a week but I just keep thinking how much faster time is going to start going by now that we are going to be on the whole school year schedule. A couple of weeks ago I received my Land of Nod catalog and picked out a few fun new school items for her. Land of Nod is one of my favorites when it comes to decorating the girls rooms. They have some really cute stuff and not quite as expensive as Pottery Barn Kids. Here are some items I have purchased or will be purchasing for my new Preschooler ;)

I love this idea of being able to add their school picture to this little book and being able to document their teachers names, favorite subjects etc.

I'll be taking 2 of these!

We have this CD and it is really cute. I bought it when Kayla was a baby and she still loves it. It's good music too, not the annoying children's music that a parent wouldn't want to listen too

I thought this was cute to bring out on those days when I really have nothing planned for Kayla. She always asks me "what are we doing today", this would be great to have on hand so I could just pull it out and have her make whatever she would like.

I ordered these for Kayla, they are great because they can go everywhere with us and I don't have to worry about cleaning them all up as I would regular flash cards.

and my favorite back to school item for Kayla is this
adorable backpack!

They said she isn't really going to need a backpack but can bring
one if she wants but she will need a lunch box.  Well how perfect that there is 
a matching lunch bag.

And yes I had to  buy them both, they were just too darn cute! 

I think besides some back to school clothes she will be ready for her 1st day of school.

Now I just need to get myself ready!

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Martha said...

Cute, cute finds...It is always hard getting yourself ready although they usually seem to be ready especially after the first day