Monday, September 20, 2010

It's Already Monday

and Almost FALL!

  The weekend went by even faster being that I was sick all day yesterday and got absolutely nothing done.  

We had a yard sale Saturday morning and sold just about everything.  

It was nice to get rid of all the big items that were just taking up space in our home or garage.  

After the yard sale we got all cleaned up and headed to my parents to celebrate my dads birthday. 

Sunday I woke up sick as can be and today I am still recovering.  

Hoping to get better and not have any kids sick because we are 
planning a trip to the fair this week and I am super excited to see those piggies!!  

Oh and to eat lots of that unhealthy food :)

Happy Monday!

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amtolula said...

P.S. I love sunflowers!!!!!

amtolula said...

Congratulation to your dad.
And I hope you fell healthy tomorrow and your kids not get sick.
Wish you an exciting trip this week.
Hugs Tanja

tara said...

Hope you are feeling better, that yuckie cold is going around, it seems the first week of school brought out the germs!! hope the kids are all good to go to the fair! xo

Kiri said...

Hi Shannon! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I took one look around your blog and knew I had to follow...I love your taste! Hope you're feeling better by the way! Nice to "meet" you :)


Sixty-Fifth Avenue said...

Feel better and get some rest Momma!

Martha said...

I really hope this week has been treating you better...I'm sorry I have been absent in reading...I've been posting but not really reading at all...and that just makes me feel bad...
Anyway...hopefully those flowers brightened your day as you were under the weather!