Monday, September 13, 2010

Movie Night

Movie night is usually done when Daddy is gone and it's just Mommy, Kayla & Brooklyn but since we were going to Disneyland last Wednesday and Tuesday night there was a new Mickey Mouse Clubhouse movie on I thought it would be fun to watch to get us ready for our day at Disneyland. 

This would also be Kayla's first time eating popcorn, which she told me before she went to bed, "Mommy I really Love popcorn". 
I threw in some gummy caterpillars for some fun :)

Brooklyn got some Toddler snacks as well.  I was pretty surprised that she pretty much sat and watched the whole movie with us.

The best part of Movie Night is that everyone actually sits and quietly watches the movie and when it's over there is no argument about bedtime!  I am thinking this is something that we will be doing more often :)


paige said...


Tara / the cinnamon post said...

just catching up on your blog...super cute pictures Shannon!
LOVE movie nights.

amtolula said...

Oh, what stunning pictures. Your daughters are so sweet!!!! My sister have a daughter and her name is Kayla too ;o)
I´m happy to find your blog. I follow....
Hugs Tanja from Germany