Tuesday, December 28, 2010


I was very surprised when Kayla crawled into our bed Christmas morning and layed down to go back to sleep. I was sure she would have made us get up to go see what Santa had brought but she was quiet until we heard Brooklyn wake up and then she asked and asked and there was no way to convince her to lay down and go back to sleep.

Both the girls ran down the hall to see what Santa had left near the tree. Smiles were across their faces when they turned the corner and they immediately began playing with all their toys!

We opened our gifts and checked our stockings.

Christmas morning was full of surprises and happiness!

The rest of the morning the girls spent playing dressing up while we watched and listened to their laughter and little giggles.

In the afternoon we had family over to join us for Christmas dinner and dessert.  I barely got any pictures because I was so busy preparing the food that I only actually have one good picture of Brooklyn in her dress.  Next year I will have to try and remember to get pictures of them together before everyone arrives. 

I can't believe that Christmas has already come an gone and in just a couple of days we will be celebrating the end of 2010!


Sixty-Fifth Avenue said...

Oh so fun, the girls are adorable!

Martha said...

The girls and their jammas...so glad you dressed them the same...me too:)
sounds like a wonderful Christmas and much to celebrate

paige said...

i love matching jammies. i have friends that the entire fam matches on christmas eve....& the youngest is 18 ( years, not months!)
cute shots girlie

happy new year xo