Thursday, February 3, 2011

Decorating With LOVE

We decorate for every holiday and season around here.
This cute little tree branch has been so fun to add to our things to decorate.
Kayla gets excited whenever she notices it has changed (I wonder where she gets that from:)

I picked these little heart ornaments up at Michael's. 
They always have great ornaments for every holiday.
I am going to hang some candy on the tree for the girls come Valentine's Day which I'm sure will be a hit!

I had Kayla add some decorations to our house for Valentine's Day as well.
She made two of these cute little door hangers, one for her door and one for Brooklyn's.

These I just picked up at the Dollar Store the other night.
Easy and cheap crafts for kids can always be found there.

Valentine's Day is almost a week away and I have quite a few fun little things for the girls to do to get them excited.


Sheri said...

Adorable. LOVE the tree. I have one too but I think yours is cuter :) Love that you do so many crafts with your girls. Mine is 14 and we still do fun stuff - enjoy they grow up fast :) Be blessed.

Lorri said...

Very sweet! I need one of those trees.

Jess said...

thanks for stopping by! your girls are adorable!!! and i am totally hooked on your playlist!!!

Ashley | Domestic Fashionista said...

I love your tree and heart ornaments! It is so simple yet so stunning!

Thanks so much for linking up Shannon!

Deb said...

Love your Valentine tree cute! I haven't decorated for V-Day at all yet...guess I better get busy! ~Deb~

tinahead81 said...

that heart tree is awesome!!