Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Little Snow

There was snow on the ground Saturday night when we went to bed and we had already told Kayla it was snowing so when she woke up at 6:30 she insisted over and over again she was soooo excited and really wanted to go play. 
I tried my hardest to roll over and go back to sleep but she was not gonna take no for an answer so we all got up and got dressed to go out in the snow.

Lets all remember here that it is 7 AM on a Sunday and just about everybody is still inside sleeping while we are outside playing in a little snow.
There was enough for the girls to play in but I was hoping for a bit more. 
Last year we had a lot more but I guess it served it's purpose.

While Kayla was giddy with excitement I was getting Brooklyn ready and I just kept thinking, this girl is going to hate the snow.
Brooklyn is a sweetheart but just not as easy going as Kayla is. 
Kayla is and always has been so easy to please while Brooklyn is much more the thinker and can be quite serious at times.
Once we got out there and she slowly took her steps and looked around she was alright.

Everything was going fine until Kayla decided she wanted to go down the slide which I told her she could as soon as Brooklyn was done playing at the bottom of the slide otherwise she would knock her over.
Kayla looked at me and said okay but sure enough as soon as mommy turned her back Kayla went down that slide and knocked Brooklyn down into the snow.
Poor Brooklyn got up and realized she was soaking wet and started screaming.
I took her in and got her changed and she sat and ate her breakfast while Kayla kept playing.  
That is after she got yelled at and then cried.
I think between me yelling and both girls crying we might have woke up the neighborhood.

No worries though,  we all got over it and went back to having fun.

After Brooklyn ate her breakfast I got her out again and gave her a tiny snowman to hold.
She was okay for about 5 minutes....

and then it ended.

Poor thing, sometimes I feel like crying when I'm too cold as well.
Kayla on the other hand stayed out for a long time and had a blast! 


Secret Garden Cottage said...

My kids were hoping to get snow this year, too, but all we've had so far is a couple of hail storms. Kayla looked thrilled to have snow to play in. Your youngest is probably just too little still to enjoy it. :)
Hope you have a wonderful week, Shannon!
~ Jo

Melissa said...

How fun! That looks like about the amount of snow we got in our neck of the woods a few weeks ago. Your girls are adorable!

Deborah said...

New to your blog. I'm really enjoying it. Can I ask you where you got your branch tree or did you make it. If so, how.

Jess said...

what a morning for you! we have had our share (and then some) of snow here in the Northeast...it wasn't until my kiddos were about 3 before they would play for hours in the snow...i remember one winter when my youngest was 2 and would not keep his mittens on!! every second he was taking them off and wanting me to put them back on!!! and it would take us about 20 minutes to get all the snow gear on for only 5 minutes of playing!!! Now, at 4 and 6 they will spend hours our there.

The Wife said...

Your daughters are the cutest things I've ever seen!!! They are giving me major baby fever!