Saturday, April 30, 2011


For Kayla's Party this year she wanted cupcakes so I decided I would make them instead of buy them.
I never have a problem with making cupcakes so easy right?
Well of course I mess them up this time!
I filled most of them too high in the cupcake holders and now they don't look so pretty.
They taste delicious but they don't look so good.
Maybe when I frost them tomorrow morning they will look better. 
Until then I will try not to care.

Besides these two little girls are not going to mind what the cupcakes look like.
They just want to eat them!

If they don't mind messy looking cupcakes,

Then why should I!


Colleen said...

LOL, this cracks me up. Same thing happened to me with my son's bday. I was so mad. I bought the wilton frosting thing and my frosting looked awesome but they all stuck to the pan.

CHH said...

Happy Birthday, Kayla1

Enjoy every moment Shannon.

You have been blessed.

Deb said...

Your girls look perfectly happy with just the cupcake mix actually Shannon...they are so cute!

Love your new blog name too and I will follow when I figure out my blogger/computer problems...just not letting me follow any new blogs right now???? I will add you to my blog roll anyways for now. Have a great week Shan! ~Deb~ said...

Your daughter looks like she is completely enjoying licking the beaters. Love that you let her get all "dirty" doing it :)

A Rosy Note said...

Looks like your girls thought the cupcake batter was mighty tasty :)