Monday, April 18, 2011


The weather was beautiful this weekend!
Saturday was the warmest of the two days and we made sure to take full advantage of it.
Daddy headed out to the Long Beach Grand Prix with friends so I packed up the girls and we drove out to my parents house and spent most of the day outside in the water.

It took Brooklyn some convincing to go into the spa but once she was in she did not want to get out. 
Kayla already knew she wanted to spend the day in there!

I think they were in the spa for a total of two hours straight.
My dad spent the entire time jumping around with them and then catching them while they jumped to him.

I think this picture says it all!
They were having a blast but Papa needed a rest :)

Eventually they did get out and headed over to the slide which is now equipped with a water drip or spray system, thanks to Papa.

Needless to say we had a great time at Gram and Papa's
The girls were so worn out, they even slept in Sunday morning!


Sheri said...

What a great combination - sunshine and grandparents. Looks like an awesome day. Have a blessed week.

A Rosy Note said...

Looks like a wonderful day! said...

It was beautiful this weekend wasn't it? We took in a Dodger game Saturday night and it was soooo warm and beautiful. Didn't even need the sweater I brought. Your girlies look like they had a great time with their Papa. Sweet memories.

Cyn said...

Looks like the perfect day! Love the slide/water idea. =)

Tara / the cinnamon post said...

Oh what fun! I am still wearing my winter coat and on Saturday I wore a wool hat...glad to see that you were in some sunshine. Sweet pictures with Papa.