Saturday, May 21, 2011

4 Year Pics

Just a quick post to show some pictures I took of Kayla this morning for her 4 year pics.
I haven't decided if these will do or if I will be taking her to get some professionally done.
She only cooperated for so long before she was done!

Brooklyn was feeling a bit left out and wanted a turn.
This was as good as I got with this girl, she doesn't stay still for very long.

Hopefully next weekend we will be able to head up to Oak Glen to get some pictures of them both outside!


CHH said...

Dear Shannon,

I think they look beautiful!

You did a great job.

Have a wonderful weekend with your


Coastal Blue Ocean

TeeZee said...

wonderful photographs!

yummy Mummy said...

Hi Shannon, Thank you for visiting Yummy Mummy. Your daughter is beautiful and so are the photos. My daughter is 3.5 :) You blog is lovely and I look forward to reading more. I hope you'll be back to Yummy Mummy soon.

Cyn said...

Great job and your daughters are beautiful!=)