Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Cold & Cloudy....Again!

After a weekend of doing absolutely nothing around the house which I loved!
I have a ton of things to get done now.
I haven't mopped my floors since before Easter and after the great weather we had last week and the girls playing outside all I can see on my kitchen floor are footprints mixed in with suntan lotion marks and dirt.

It decided to rain last night and has also decided that it will be cold again for the next few weeks!
I was just getting excited for summer and enjoyed being outside all day and getting some color.
Now it looks like we will be stuck back inside until the weather figures out what it wants to do.

Atleast I will maybe get some things done around the house. :)

I hope everybody had a great Mother's Day?
I had a great weekend and I am definitely wishing it could be Mother's Day EVERDAY!

Just to make it last a little longer I thought I would order this camera bag from Jeanne's new summer line.
If you haven't checked out her shop be sure to head over there fast.
Her stuff is so beautiful and usually sells out fast.
Oh and she is also having a $500.00 giveaway to her shop over at her blog!

Well no more wasting time around here.
I'm off to get a big girl ready for Preschool and to wake up my still asleep little one.

Thank you to my wonderful husband for making my Mother's Day and life so amazing!
I Love You :)


Jennifer S. said...

Great pics of your girls! Oh, and thanks a lot for sharing the giveaway. I am in love with her shop. This is bad news for my husband. I guess my birthday is coming next month so I know what I will be asking for. :) Our weather has decided to hit 90 in May. It is soooo humid! Have a great day!

Coastal Blue Ocean said...

Dear Shannon,

Love the new pretty flower that you have for your profile.

Have a great day!


Coastal Blue Ocean

Cyn said...

How cute are your beautiful girls on their swimming suits! They look adorable. Hopefully we get some warm weather soon =)