Saturday, June 25, 2011

4th of July Ribbon Wreath

I have a very easy and quick little craft for you!
I don't know about anybody else but I have had a hard time finding any 4th of July decorations lately.
Atleast I haven't seen any that I have liked much.
I was shopping the other day and picked up some ribbon and then headed over to Michael's later that night and picked up a foam wreath.


I wrapped the ribbon around the wreath and then added a few little stars
Ta Da,

A fun little 4th of July Wreath!
I'm loving the white feather's :)

Have a great weekend!



CHH said...

Dear Shannon,

Funny you should say that.

I found a July 4th wreath the
other day and thought of you.

It looked like something that you
would do. I will e-mail you the information so you can check it out.

Have a great weekend.


Coastal Blue Ocean

Colleen said...

I love it Shannon - very cute!

marina {Yummy Mummy} said...

LOVE it! Great work. I wish I had gotten my act together to make a Fourth of July wreath!

Frugal in WV said...

Love the wreath, great idea! New follower from the fancy friday hop, have a great weekend! You can me at