Friday, July 22, 2011

Around the House

Yesterday was rough I'm not going to lie.
It was one of those days where as a parent you feel like you have failed.
I screamed and Kayla screamed, it was bad.
It makes me not look forward to the teen years.
She is only 4 and tests me like no other.
Both my girls are stubborn!
It makes things a little interesting, to say the least, since we are all STUBBORN in this household.
I just try and remind myself it's just a bad day and tomorrow will be better.
By the end of the night things had already gotten better.  I could hardly think of the screaming that went on earlier I was too busy watching the girls  playing in the backyard giggling like the best of friends and I couldn't help but laugh and smile watching them run around together.

Anyway to try and persuade a little bit of good attitudes and listening.
I bought this,

Kayla gets a coin for being good, helping out around the house, making her bed, etc.
It's a hit so far and I love that we can fill it up with different kinds of candies :)
The only downfall might be Brooklyn,  she spotted it yesterday and had a major meltdown, screaming for M&M's, it was right before dinner so I gave her one but that was still not good enough thankfully she eventually got distracted and gave up.

Brooklyn has become obsessed with coloring this past week.
She spent all day coloring yesterday.
It's the first thing she asks to do when she walks into the room now.

and for some reason that orange crayon is her very fav.!

While at Walmart the other day I picked up a $15 Umbrella stroller in hopes that Brooklyn would actually sit in it since trying to get her into her regular stroller is impossible now that she wants to walk on her own all the time.  We needed something cheap and small so we could take it to the beach for our walks around the island in the evenings.  Both the girls love it!  As you can see it is parked right next to Brooklyn's baby stroller and she thinks Kayla pushing her around in this new stroller is the greatest thing ever!  Oh and it might help that I have not called it a stroller, just simply a ride :)

Here are a few of my obsessions lately.
I LOVE Maria's lavender pillows and have a little collection going on.
They smell amazing and look so pretty.
The girls love playing with them and smelling them.
They now each have one of their own in their bedrooms.

I also just got a new scent for my Scentsy warmer.
It's called Kahiko Hula and is a mix of passionfruit, mango and papaya.
It smells so good and is the perfect scent for Summer.
I have my warmer in the kitchen and I turn it on as soon as I wake up in the morning and leave it on for about 30 minutes to an hour.
It makes the entire kitchen and family room smell delicious.

Another favorite thing I love to collect are these vintage mason jars.
They are my favorite color and this little centerpiece I threw together with shells scattered around looks so beachy to me

Speaking of beach I am slowly gathering or should I say piling things up that I don't want to forget to take.
Although last year I was much more organized  with what I was going to make and buy for our beach trip.
Oh well, I've still got some time to figure it out ;)

Have a great weekend!


Colleen said...

I know those days and they can be hard!!!! I love your table runner. Where did you pick that up?

Kerry said...

Oh I threw out our gumball machine because the I was convinced ants had moved in. Don't know why cause I never saw one lol. I should make a mental note to get another for bribing purposes, thanks for the tip ;)
Cute pics and don't worry, we all have thoses days...It's all a learning curve being a mum xo

CHH said...

Dear Shannon,

Where did you get the mason jars from? Maria told me where she gets her's but they the ones that were at the store she gets them at weren't the same.

You know you can do a list of all the things that you're packing on Cozi. There is a link on my blog.
Then next year you don't have to create the list from scratch just add or change things.

Have fun.


Coastal Blue Ocean

Cyn said...

Love the idea of the warmer in the kitchen. And the jars! so pretty! Hope you have an amazing weekend =)

Kristin said...

I have those rough days - more often than I'd like to admit! As parents, we are far from perfect...I head something last night that really struck a chord with me - that when we become mothers we are automatically expected to become selfless, patient and nurturing and it just doesn't happen that way! It's so true, that while we all can certainly possess those qualities it's impossible to be the "perfect" mom all the time. We don't teach our kids that they have to be perfect, so why should we strive for that? Anyway, I'm rambling, but just really wanted you to know that I've so been there!!! It's ok to have those days once in a while. Thankfully, our children are very forgiving!! :))

Love your centerpiece, btw! said...

You are a completely normal mommy. We all have bad days. I'm glad yours got better. Thanks for sharing your summer mommy days with us.

Michele said...

Thanks for keeping it real and sharing your mom moments. I have the same less than perfect parenthood moments more than I'd like to admit. My boys are both stubborn and they aren't very good listeners. It's challenging for sure! Hang in there! You have some great ideas. And, I love those blue/aqua mason jars. So simple and so pretty. Have a great weekend!

Val said...

This is a very cute post!