Sunday, July 17, 2011

National Ice Cream Day

Since today was National Ice Cream Day and we actually had an entire day with nothing planned I told the girls that after naptime we would have ice cream cones outside.
I thought for sure they would take rather short naps but they slept forever today and I had to actually go and wake Kayla up otherwise the ice cream would have had to wait for after dinner.
 Which I'm pretty sure would not have ended pretty if I had to explain that one to them :)

Needless to say they were excited to have ice cream cones and a bit irritated with my picture taking before.

Brooklyn will not eat or even try the cone she will only eat the ice cream.
Child is weird about trying anything that is different or new to her.
I can't even get her to eat cereal with milk, she wants it dry still.

She didn't have any problem eating the ice cream though

Kayla was done quickly so she ran off to chase daddy around the backyard.
Brooklyn of course thought this was hilarious.
I love when they run around and tire themselves out!

It was a nice relaxing Sunday.
The girls ran around playing outside, we grilled Cheeseburgers for dinner and had movie night with the girls.
It has been awhile since we have all been home together and  had nothing to do for an entire day.


Colleen said...

Your day sounds awesome!! What a cute idea.

A Rosy Note said...

I didn't know yesterday was National Ice Cream Day...that would've been a good excuse for a treat. Your girls look adorable and like they're really enjoying themselves :)