Thursday, August 25, 2011

Just Brooklyn and Me

Although Kayla had her first day of school Tuesday today is the first day that it is just me and little Brooklyn at home together.
Tuesday my mom was here so Brooklyn was preoccupied  playing with her Grandma most of the day so I don't think she really noticed Kayla was gone.

We came home this morning after dropping Kayla off at school and I spent some time calming down a tantrum throwing Brooklyn who wanted to stay and play at school.
The only thing that would calm her down was telling her we could watch Toy Story when we got home.
We watched it twice, or atleast it was on while we sang songs over and over; 

A, B, C, D....


Old McDonald Had a Farm....

After lots of singing we enjoyed snack time where she was her silly self,

and then played with piggie.

And soon enough it was time to go pick up Kayla.
Brooklyn was so excited to see her sister she ran right over and sat down right next to Kayla and listened to the rest of the book the teacher was reading.

 I don't think I'm gonna have any problems with this little girl starting Preschool next year!


KERRY said...

She is just soooo adorable Shannon!!
Enjoy this time with her, she too will be at school before you know it :(
Who doesn't like Toy Story lol, one of my fave's!

Colleen said...

She is so funny. Is it me or is B's hair looking lighter?

Jennifer S. said...

Thankfully she is only in preschool this year and not Kindergarten yet. That was a hard one for me! Brooklyn is a doll! said...

Such a cutie pie. Nice to have that one on one time.

CHH said...

Dear Shannon,

Enjoy your time together!

Isn't it great when they want to be social butterlfies and spread
their wings?

Have a great weekend.