Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Could it get any Hotter??

I am definitely ready for Fall weather after this week!
It has not only been extremely hot but add some humidity to it and our days have been unbearable.
We have been trying to stay cool by staying inside but Brooklyn got a new sand table for her birthday so yesterday we tried it out.

Luckily we found a little shade in the back where I set up the table and the pool.
They both only played for about an hour and then wanted back in the house.
I could barely stand the heat so I watched them through the Family Room window while enjoying the air conditioning ;)

 When they came in we made a tasty dinner and then showered up and cuddled up in bed to watch cartoons.
I know soon enough I will be wishing it was warm again but right now I'm looking forward to rainy days spent in pajamas with these little faces.

Today I tried to get them back outside and they refused to go out!
I think they're ready for Fall too.


Colleen said...

You wanna swap? It's been raining for 3 days here!!! Like pouring rain. of it!!!!

Marina {Yummy Mummy} said...

Oh my gosh it has been SO hot! We don't have air conditioning but I'm wishing we did. I hope it feels more like fall soon.