Wednesday, September 21, 2011

From Here to There

Now that we are done with Birthday parties for awhile we are slowly getting things ready for Fall around here.
We have been pulling out a few pumpkins to decorate with here and there but mostly my house is full of toys.

Of course when you get family together you are going to end up with cute gifts for the kids.
This is one of the items that ended up joining our over abundance of toys this weekend and Kayla has had a blast building bridges to help us get from here to there.

She spent Sunday afternoon building this bridge and has rebuilt it just about everyday.
Except I think yesterday she finally realized it was too much work to clean up so she has taken a break with the building for awhile.
If the bridge is up we are instructed to walk on it so we do not fall into the water.

We are also not allowed to help or fix the bridge if we do we are told "I want it the way I want it",  not quite sure where she gets that  ;)

I'm just glad she is such a hard little worker!


Kristin said...

Love your photos and how you really got down to her level. So cute!!

Kacey said...

I love those moments! Adrian constructed a huge train track with a bridge in his room yesterday that had to be very carefully shifted come bedtime. It's so much fun to see their imaginations work!


p.s. love the angle of the photos. :)

Jennifer S. said...

Too cute! I keep telling myself that I will be sad when all the toys are gone! :)

Colleen said...

Love the picture angles too!! so cute. You have a nice looking house Shannon. Love that paint color you have going on. said...

Such fun and so cute!