Tuesday, September 13, 2011


We're still here just haven't been up to anything too exciting this week.
Just getting back into the swing of school days on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
I'm not looking forward to next year when Kayla is going full time and Brooklyn goes twice a week.
I'm not a morning person so it takes a lot of getting used to getting up early and fighting to get them ready and right now it's only twice a week ;(

Kayla spotted this rainbow after dinner and came running down the hallway to tell me about it.
By the excitement I thought it was going to be huge but this is it.
It's the little things.

The weather was so nice today.
 We woke up to lightening and thunder and I've had the windows open all day to enjoy the cool breeze.
I'm sure it will all change and probably be back up to the 90's tomorrow.
It's taking everything I have not to pull out every pumpkin decoration I have but I'm trying to atleast wait until next Friday when Fall begins!
Right now I'm getting by with this candle burning daily,

it smells so yummy~!

We found this GIANT praying mantis on the back patio this evening
It was pretty exciting.

Kayla doing her homework like a good little girl


oh and check out the doll, that's Sally.
I think I might have to do a separate post on just Sally she is apparently a part of the family now.

Brooklyn watching Super Why, her new cartoon obsession.
Is it just me or is it ridiculous that she is 2 years old and eats like this???

I seriously do not know what is wrong with this child, she is definitely one of a kind!

Never a dull moment over here :)

Finally, it's almost bedtime!!!



A Rosy Note said...

I'm not a morning person either, so I know what you mean about the school thing. My daughter started preschool today and luckily it begins at 12:15. I'd never be able to get her ready in time if it was in the morning. Oh, love the little bit about Sally...we have a Cindy at our house :)

Colleen said...

Ok first I have to say your music just scared the heck out of me!!! You can tell it's quiet here!! LOL. love those last couple pictures. I have never met your girls but from what you write it seems their personalities show in those pictures!

Kat said...

Your girls are so adorable!!! That praying mantis is HUGE! I saw one the other day on our window screen and pointed it out to my girls, they were so excited. I can sympathize with not being a morning person, I have to get up at 6:30 now that my oldest is in Kindergarten. My youngest doesn't have to be at school until 9:00 though, so that is nice, although she gets up at 6:30 too.

April said...

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Genn said...

Your days sound so much like my own Shannon!

I am so not a morning person either. It's tough adjusting to the early am wake up for school, but as long as I get myelf up in time to have a cup of coffee before the girls get up, I am usually okay...

Check out that praying mantus. Crazy cool pics you got of it.

How are you liking Scott Kelby's book?? I am dying to get those. I want all three but I haven't heard from anyone who has read them. So woudl you recommend it?