Friday, September 30, 2011

Week in Review

The last few days the girls have been sick, I guess that is what you get when you skip naps and don't get your rest!!
Or of course it could be from preschool or a day spent at Disneyland but I told them they should be taking their naps so they could stay healthy.
Of course they have been napping great since they've been sick but earlier in the week I would try for almost 2 hours everyday to get Ms. Brooklyn down for her nap.
She never fell asleep during naptime but around 4:00 I would pretty much be guaranteed to find her looking like this infront of the t.v.

she sure looks cute, but don't let this sleepyhead fool you ;)

Kayla decided to play instead of falling asleep which is okay because I was busy getting dinner ready.
I made PW's Sour Cream Noodle Bake which was good as is everything I've made of hers but the real excitement is that I made my first ever homemade bread,
French Bread.
It came out soooo good and was pretty easy to make!

On another note I read a book in less than 24 hours!!!
I know that may not be too exciting for everyone else that probably reads a book a day all the time but for me it is.
I don't read very often because honestly it's pretty hard for me to find the time to just sit and read. 
I always end up thinking of other things I need or want to do so when I finished this book so fast I was quite impressed with myself :)
It was easy to do being that it was a James Patterson book and his books pull you in pretty quickly.

I want to read the Help next so I can see the movie but I'm pretty sure I will not be able to finish it as quick.
Maybe I'll get another Patterson book instead, I'll keep you updated :)

Wednesday we pulled out the Halloween/Fall decorations and Kayla has been dragging this Halloween bear around everywhere since.
He even sat with her to do her homework.
I love how Brooklyn wants to color next to Kayla while she does her homework.

Wednesday night Brooklyn came down with a horrible fever and then while putting both the girls to bed Kayla started complaining about being freezing cold so we knew she was getting it too.

They both woke up with fevers so they spent all of Thursday watching cartoons or movies.
Kayla was still her happy ball of energy self most of the day while Brooklyn just looked miserable.
They did however take L O N G much needed naps during the day.
Yay for me!
Hopefully they will be feeling great and nobody else gets sick around here because we have a busy, fun filled weekend :)
Hope everyone enjoys their 1st Weekend in October!!!


Jennifer S. said...

I hope your girls are feeling better today! I would also love to read more but never find time. I did however read The Help. It was great and I finished it in about 5 days. Worth it! The movie was great too! Also, I just joined a book club so now that will force me to read more. At least, that is the goal!

Kacey said...

Hope your girls are all better by now!

That french bread looks yummy! Attempting my own french bread has been on my list all week...and it hasn't happened. Maybe this weekend!

"The Help" was wonderful! That's one you'll want to read quickly, so you find out what happens. I haven't seen the movie yet - that's also on my list. :)

Have a wonderful weekend!

Colleen said...

I have the Help to read too. I also love James Patterson. Hope the girls feel better quickly!! It's not fun when they both come down with something. said...

Your little sweeties are darling. No fun to have sick little ones. Your noodle bake looks so good and look at you making french bread. Looks amazing!

KERRY said...

Hi Shannon,
Firstly, you should read JP's 'Suzanne's Diary For Nicholas'
Secondly, I hope the girls feel better real soon :)
Lovin' your header with the DL pic, very nice!
Have an awesome weekend!!

Genn said...

hi shannon,
your pictures have been so beautiful lately!!
love that first one. way to get down on the floor! it really changes to mood of the pic, i love it.
and that last one too, love. :)
i like james patterson too. you should read suzanne's diary for nicholas. it's a super quick read.
and i think the help wouldn't take you too long to read. it sucks you in pretty quick too.

Shanon at Vintage Sparkle Chic said...

Your girls are so gorgeous! I know I always say that but.... I hope they feel better soon.
I printed that noodle bake recipe and I think I will try it out tonight. Looks yummy!
The Help was one of my favorite books, it's a must read! I want to see the movie.
Thank you for your sweet comments on my blog!