Friday, October 14, 2011


 what the books look like after naptime everyday, except this is actually clean compared to usual

Our morning started out like any other morning, 
breakfast, cartoons, brushing teeth...etc. etc.
While in the middle of getting the girls dressed and ready for our outing to Walmart I noticed their scraggly sad looking toes and fingers that needed a trim.

We trimmed up and painted toes and off we headed to Walmart to get some groceries for dinner tonight.
We got back home ate our lunches and baked some delicious cookies 

recipe found here

the girls played around the house a little before naptime

Kayla wanted to make sure I took a picture of just her toy

and I finished up 2 of my 4 chairs that I've been wanting to paint white forever!
Next on the list is to stain the top of the table a dark color closer to our cabinets but that might be next year at the rate I'm going with projects ;)

Naptime finally came around and it was time to watch some of my shows I've had recorded.
Brooklyn never actually fell asleep during naptime.
Instead she decided to take all of her diapers and spread them around the room and empty Kayla's underwear drawer as well as pulling out all of her jewelry too.
Oh and see that first picture of the bookshelf....that was before naptime so lets imagine it completely empty afteward.
By the way Kayla was completely asleep while this all went down.
My sweet Brooklyn is a terror!

I eventually gave up on Brooklyn ever napping and decided to just let her stay up.
She played while I made dinner,
Pizza Calzones. 

My father in law came over for dinner and we enjoyed a few glasses of wine before he played with the kiddos and they watched a Halloween movie.

Before we knew it, it was bathtime and bedtime!
The days seem to fly by at times and then other days drag on forever.
Weekends always seem to fly by and I'm sure this one will be no different.
I'm off to pack for a girls night out tomorrow with my friend at the L.A. Food and Wine Event where we will see Train perform live as well as hang out at all the after parties. 
But even before that I will be getting a massage and enjoying lunch with my mom and my brother's girlfriend.
Sounds like a perfect weekend to me already ;)


Shanon at Vintage Sparkle Chic said...

Loved seeing how your day went. The girls are so adorable.
Have a great time with your little "getaway"!


Mindy said...

Yeah, those weekend plans sound pretty amazing.

My kids love those Little Quack books. :o)

Kacey said...

I think Brooklyn and Wyatt are exactly alike. I can't believe how he manages to tear apart his room during quiet time!

Your chairs look great - sounds like you had a really productive day! Enjoy your fabulous weekend!

Genn said...

Loved your post Shannon!
Laughed and told my husband how similar your life is to mine. :)
Our girls book shelf always looks like that! everyday. And Claire often empties dressers and drawers instead of napping. lol.

Your weekend sounds perfect. and TRAIN! omg, jealous. I'd love to see them again. Hope you think they are as amazing as we did.
Can't wait to hear about it!

Jennifer S. said...

Your chairs look great! Brooklyn sounds like my Olivia!
Train concert sounds like so much fun!