Friday, November 18, 2011

Week in Pictures

The weekend is here again and next week is Thanksgiving.
I'm trying my hardest to leave my pumpkins up and not tear all the Fall/Thanksgiving decor down and replace it with twinkling lights and greenery here and there.
I even feel like pulling out all the Christmas movies so I can spend the next week cuddled on the couch watching them with the girls.
We've already been listening to Christmas Carols so maybe watching a few Christmas movies wouldn't be so bad, right?
I'll try to wait but I can't guarantee anything!


I skipped out on taking any pictures on Saturday so I will start on last Sunday.
I spent the entire day shopping for Christmas with my mom but I actually didn't even get anything other than presents for the girls and a few things here and there that I needed.
It was just nice to get out of the house for a bit and when I came home the girls were playing in the playroom together like good little girls.


Monday morning there was a little snail outside our back window climbing up the screen the girls were glued to the window most of the morning watching the snails every move.
It's the little things in life that amaze them sometimes.


After school on Tuesday we made our Turkey prints.
Here's Kayla waiting for her foot to be cleaned up so she can walk again.

and after dinner Tuesday night, Brooklyn was a dancing machine she was having a blast dancing around the Family Room.


Wednesday Papa came out to fix our back door and he had all of his tools out so Kayla ran to the playroom to grab her tools as well.
The girls had fun hanging out with Papa handing him their tools and learning the names of his tools.


Thursday was Kayla's Thanksgiving Feast at school and she came home with this pilgrim hat that she enjoyed wearing around the house most of the day.


Not much of an exciting week as you can see which is fine with me. 
We have a busy weekend ahead and then next week Kayla is off from school so I'm hoping the weather is nice so we can go to the park and then maybe head to Storytime on one of the other days. 
I hope everyone has a great weekend getting ready for Thanksgiving!


Kacey said...

The girls watching that snail is just the cutest thing!

I'm right there with you on the fall decor! I'm determined to leave it up through Thanksgiving... said...

I agree, I keep wanting to watch my Christmas movies early too and I just might do that. Love the picture of the girls watching the snail. Too funny.

Cyn said...

I agree the girls watching the snail is so cute! Hope you guys have an amazing thanksgiving week =)

Genn said...

Hi Shannon,
as always, adorable pics of your girls. love the one of them watching the snail. :)