Friday, November 11, 2011

Week in Review

Happy Veteran's Day!
I hope everyone has a great 3 day weekend.
It was supposed to start raining today and last throughout the weekend but so far no rain here and now it's only supposed to rain Saturday.
Hopefully I can get just about all my Christmas shopping done by Sunday so I can relax and enjoy the holidays.
I tried to get some done earlier today but came up empty handed but I did score a great vintage bench and cute kids chair from an antique store for me ;)
If only everyone was as easy to shop for as it is to shop for myself!
Oh well I still have Sunday and hopefully I find some good gifts then.
All right on with the program, here is our Week in Review.

Last Friday the girls dragged out their lion from the playroom and for some reason Brooklyn wanted Kayla on it at the same time.  Apparently they are coloring as well. Strange.


Saturday night we stayed the night at my parents house.
We were celebrating my brother's birthday and all went to P.F. Changs for dinner and afterward we went back to my parents and the girls stayed  there while we went out and celebrated.
The girls are obsessed with watching the movie Rio and since we don't have it at our house that is the first thing Brooklyn wants to do when she gets to Grandma & Papa's house so here they are watching it with Papa.


Sunday morning when we left my parents house it was raining so the girls wanted their blankets on them.
I had to take a picture of Kayla because she had me cracking up with her Turkey head sticking out of the blanket so he could see.

I had to throw this picture in because we had some crazy weather Sunday night.
It was hailing and it piled on the ground so high that it almost looked like snow everywhere.


My after bathtime babies


Kayla was hiding from Daddy to scare him when he came in the door after work.


Wednesday morning my parents came out to visit and play with the girls.
I ran to Old Navy since Kayla was having jersey/sports day at school Thursday and she insisted she needed a top.
After my parents left and the girls were napping I decided to make a quick Fall banner, Kayla walked out and saw all my stuff and wanted to color so this was pretty much our afternoon until dinner.


Here's Kayla wearing her USC shirt. 
Kayla and I wanted a UCLA shirt but I couldn't find her size so I had to settle for USC  :( 
She was fine with it though so it all worked out.


Hubby was off today so he ran out and picked up my favorite drink of all time, Peppermint Mocha coffee from Starbucks.
I look forward to this drink every year and could live off of these, so sad it will be gone after Christmas :(
Anyways while daddy and Kayla got coffee and Brooklyn watched cartoons I made Cranberry Orange Scones.
They turned out pretty yummy.
Maybe I'll post the recipe later this week right now I am being attacked with kisses by a 2 year old.
I think she wants my attention!



Shanon at Vintage Sparkle Chic said...

Fun filled week! I want to try this "week in review"!


Colleen said...

Busy girl!!! Kayla is so photogenic! She always has such a huge smile!

Ok, I really want that letter stencil thing you have. Where did you find that?

I went shopping last night and made a huge dent so I am right there with you!! Hoping to be done by the end of next weekend. Oh, and I'm now in the mood for a peppermint mocha. see what you started?!

KERRY said...

Great photos Shannon, your girls take a great pic!! Those muffins look delicious and oh my gosh, look at all that hail! Sounds like you all had a lovely week, have a great weekend too!

Jennifer S. said...

What a fun week! Your girls are so cute! I am jealous of you almost having your Christmas shopping done. I have only bought a few presents :(