Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Our Christmas morning started off with both of the girls in our room at 6:00am.
Luckily they came in and climbed straight into bed without a word about getting up to open presents.
At around 6:45am we heard,
'Rio, Rio, all by yourself,
You can't stop the fire.........'
Brooklyn was singing and pretending to fly around in circles and once she noticed us watching her we were all instructed to sing along. 
She loves the movie Rio and is often found singing this song around the house.

After her little performance and all of us singing along as instructed the begging to open presents began.

We decided that it would be okay to get up but we had to go and make sure Santa was gone first.

 What, nobody else cages their kids in on Christmas morning? :)
If we didn't these two would be running down the hall without us come Christmas morning.
We eventually let them loose and they ran to see what Santa had left for them.

The princess castle was a hit!
Brooklyn would not even open her presents because she would not stop playing with it.

Kayla, on the other hand was just fine with opening more presents.

We hid the power wheels in the other room where their stockings were.
We figured if they saw it under the tree they would not care about anything else, little did we know the princess castle would have the same affect on Brooklyn.
Once again we could not get Brooklyn to even come see the stockings or the 'big' present.
When Kayla came into the room alone she saw the new car ;)

I'm pretty sure she liked it

Here's Brooklyn still playing with the other toys.
She didn't even care when we told her there was a giant car to drive and it even had a real radio.

Eventually she decided to come and see what all the fuss was about,

She was pretty excited to sit passenger and play with the radio

After they unloaded their stockings Brooklyn decided to load up the back of the car with whatever toys she could fit in the tiny trunk area

Kayla in her new frog socks eating a healthy breakfast of Jelly Bellys

Daddy took the girls outside so they could test out the new ride while I got the turkey ready and cleaned up a bit.
The girls eventually got their outfits on and I tried my best to a get a picture of them but this is the best I got.

Fifteen minutes before all of the grandparents were supposed to arrive Brooklyn decided she wanted to finally open her presents.

It was such a fun day, eating, laughing, talking, eating, drinking, eating, opening more presents and eating 

Some yummy bubbly to celebrate the day!

I remembered to try and get a picture of hubby and I but didn't get one of the girls and us :(

opening more presents

after everyone left Brooklyn sat on this chair and stared at herself in that little mirror for about 15 minutes

Eventually the night came to an end and now I can't believe it's already over.
It was another amazing Christmas with our families and our two little girls who always make this time of year seem so magical.
All the decorations have been packed up and put in their boxes and the house is now clean and ready for 2012.


Kristin said...

I can't believe your decorations are already put away!! All I've done so far is think about how desperately I need to clean up the garage before I can even think about putting the boxes away! *sigh*

Angela said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful time! I'm a bit jealous all of your holiday stuff is packed away... I usually wait until we are done with all the December birthdays. I'm ready to start with a fresh clean slate!

KERRY said...

What a lovely looking Christmas Day, great pics Shannon :)
That car is so cool, and their faces are so sweet whilst opening gifts.

A Cozy Cottage in the City said...

Oh my goodness! Your girls are sooo adorable! Looks like they really enjoyed their Christmas - love that car! When I was little, I'd always wish that I'd have one of those...never happened! lol It's clear to see all the joy and love that filled your home for the holidays!!! :)

Sending over New Year's wishes your way!!!


Genn said...

WHat fun!
Cute pictures of the girls.
Their smiles are priceless.
Cute pic of you and your hubby too.
DId you make the turkey? I'm impressed! I haven't made a turkey yet. I guess that's next, then I will be a real grown up. ;)

Mrs. Dunbar said...

that is the raddest car ever!! you do know you will have to top it when they turn 16 don't you? ha.

and man, i need to get one of those gates. seriously, i do.

looks like a great holiday.

CHH said...

Love the p-jays, Shannon.
Where did you find them?

Also love Kayla's new ride and Brooklyn's outfit.

My friend bought my little girl the same sweater in pink from

Cyn said...

Oh my goodness I love all this pictures, they girls look so happy! I love the castle =)