Friday, January 20, 2012


 It was just an ordinary Thursday in our house,
Kayla had school in the morning so after dropping her off at school and a quick trip to the grocery store Brooklyn and I came back home to hang out and play.

 I have a drawer in the kitchen filled with random plastic kitchen stuff that the girls are allowed to play with and drag around the house.
Brooklyn got into that drawer and pulled out a few things and decided to pretend they were choo choo trains on my bed.
Sometimes I wonder why we even buy toys?

I thought the girls would like to do some painting so after we picked up Kayla from school the girls painted before naptime.


Kayla was done so she thought she would help Brooklyn.
I had drawn a heart that I wanted them to paint so afterwards I could cut it out and paste it on some nice paper.
Kayla was a little worried with Brooklyn's work.

Kayla kept telling her to paint inside the heart and to take a look at the heart she painted.


I don't think Brooklyn was listening or cared what Kayla was telling her ;)

While the girls took their naps I got some stuff done around the house, 
like folding laundry.
As I was folding I found another hole in a pair of Kayla's jeans!
I swear this girl goes through a pair of jeans a month they were her brand new ones too, 
of course.
She always wears them out in the knees crawling around on the floors.
It's driving me crazy!!!

After some folding I organized all my makeup into a vintage tool box I found over the weekend.
Now I can leave it on the counter and it will look somewhat nice.
Not that I have much makeup since I'm pretty boring when it comes to that stuff,
just the necessities

afterward I decided to finally start on a book I have been wanting to read
I figured since it's supposed to rain all weekend it would be a perfect time to get some reading done  

of course I had to have my afternoon pick up
I love this Chai from Trader Joe's
I'm usually drinking it iced everyday around 2:30 or 3:00

if I don't I might just end up like my cat cuddled up in bed
What a life!

Kayla up and coloring while she waits for Brooklyn to wake up

By the time Brooklyn actually wakes up daddy is home and it's time for dinner.

and a drink to celebrate,
it's almost Friday ;)


Colleen said...

love blue moon!!!

ok kayla's face is priceless as she was watching over Brooklyn. That honestly sounds like a scene at our house. C is all over the place and E is more directed with her artwork.

CHH said...

Hello Shannon,

Why not switch to old sweat pants when she gets home to save the knees in her jeans?

Just an idea. I'm not there yet.

Enjoy your weekend! :)

Val said...

Cheers, to Friday!! I love how your pics tell your life. It's pretty awesome!!

KERRY said...

Hi Shannon this was such a nice post and great to get a glimpse inside your day. Enjoy your weekend!

Shanon at Vintage Sparkle Chic said...

I always love to see you daily "going ons". I loved Kayla's face when she was watching Brooklyn paint her "heart". The girls always seem like they are having the best time. Your blog will be sooo fun for them to look at when they are older.


Genn said...

Hi Shannon!

Your pictures are really getting so great.
That one of Brooklyn on your bed is SO sweet.

And I love TJ's chai tea too!!!
I've been obsessed with green tea with jasmine lately.

Have a great week!

becca said...

I LOVE the makeup in the toolbox!!!

Angela said...

I love the Blue Moon! Always good to look forward to Friday. If you like blue moon, you should really have a summer's the best!