Friday, February 3, 2012


Happy Friday and February!
Time is flying by already in 2012, every weekend in the calendar is already scribbled with things to do for the entire month.
Looks like we will be adding stuff to do on our weekends since we are hoping to sign up Kayla for T-ball.
She is super excited and so are we, I can't wait to spend our Saturdays watching her play.
Now if only somebody will call me back to tell me when and where I turn in her paperwork!

Last night we all went to visit a friend who had just had a sweet little baby girl.
Both of the girls were so excited to see the baby but little Brooklyn was really curious.
At one point when I was holding the baby, Brooklyn came over to me and asked very quietly if she could hold the baby.

How adorable is this,
Clearly I need another one!!!!!!!
Now when I ask Brooklyn if she wants Mommy to have another baby she says 'No, I want to have a baby'

 Now if only I didn't have to be pregnant for 9 whole months!

nothing like a princess parade

Earlier this week while the girls took their naps I made some cute little hair clips.
Kayla really likes them and they were so easy, I have a few more ideas for some so I need to head out to JoAnn's for some fun fabric to make some more.

 This weekend we actually have nothing planned so we will be spending Super Bowl Sunday hanging out at home eating lots of fun appetizers and playing while daddy watches the game.
Which sounds perfect to me!

Anybody doing anything exciting for Super Bowl?


kelli said...

Cute hair say they are easy to make? Could you share? :)

Kacey said...

I love the princess parade! The hair clips are cute - and even more impressive, you made them!

Genn said...

hi shannon!
i am catching up on your last two posts. with a broken keyboard and no way to comment i have been away from the computer.

tball sounds like fun! i bet she loves it.
i've been wanting to get my girls signed up for gymnastics and we've just been too busy to even get down there to check it out. hopefully soon.

do you like your slipcovers? where are yours from? i want to cover the couch in our living room but i don't want to spend a ton.

Jennifer S. said...

You so need to have another baby! You could have a 3rd girl like me :) LOL!
We had to cancel our Superbowl plans cause Liv, my youngest contracted the flu. H1N1 to be exact. Super.

Shanon at Vintage Sparkle Chic said...

Those hair clips are so cute! I'm with you on the 9 whole months thing, I just couldn't do it again. But the end result is sooo worth it!
Sounds like you have a great time planned out for the Superbowl!


Colleen said...

Nice job on the hair clips!!! So pretty. Love the princess parade. Just took a similar picture of my boy with his cars all lined up. So cute when they do stuff like that.

SSM said...

Hello Shannon,

I love the photos and the fact that the girls have each other.

Loving the pretties you made for the girls hair!

I chose the pink & gray and it's almost done. I'm so excited.