Thursday, March 15, 2012

Random Haps

Earlier in the week I brought out all our Easter/Spring decor.
The girls were excited to play with all the bunnies and read through all the books.
I didn't realize how many decorations I had, it was kinda overwhelming and made me want to put it all back away.
I'm already getting sick of decorating and re-decorating for the seasons and that's only because I am too much of a perfectionist to just enjoy it 
I want everything to look a certain way and will end up spending an entire day trying to make it that way, I know my poor family ;)

Last Tuesday night was Kayla's Back to School night, we were so excited to see all her projects and hear how she has been doing.
She loves school and all of her friends she has made.

Sorry about the blurriness of the next pic but I took it with my cell.
Brooklyn is obsessed with rocks and after we drop/pick up Kayla from school she has to pick up a rock from the rock parking lot before we get in the car.
Oh and she knows exactly which rock she wants if she gets in the car and forgets to get one there is no way I can pick one for her she will want back down to pick out her own.
Girl knows what she wants.
On this particular day she had to grab the BIGGEST rock.

Hubby thinks I'm crazy cuz I even let her do this but c'mon look at that smile.
It makes her happy and maybe she'll study rocks when she gets older who knows ;)

Okay on to the next strange child,
Kayla swears she sleeps with her eyes open, I don't know why but she argues with me about this all the time.
In order to prove to her that she does indeed close her eyes when she is sleeping I went in to get a picture of her napping and found our kitty cuddled up with her.
He doesn't sleep with her often but when he does Kayla gets pretty excited.

He is a pretty spoiled cat as you can see.
She doesn't want him to get too cold while he is sleeping alone either.

This week I finally opened up the Playdough Cake decorating set the girls got for Christmas.
Of course they thought this was awesome.
I never had to worry about a mess while Kayla played with playdough in the house because for some reason she was pretty neat with it but Brooklyn on the other hand had it all over.
They had fun so the mess didn't really matter I guess.

Is anyone signed up for Birchbox?
This is my first month receiving a box since I signed up and so far it is great.
This month you got to choose if you wanted a regular Birchbox or the Teen Vogue Box.  
I chose the Teen Vogue box because it mentioned Essie would be involved and I happen to love Essie nail polishes.
I waited all day for it to arrive on Tuesday since it stated online it was out for delivery when it never showed up and said it had been delivered I was sure somebody else got it and I would never see my first month of goodies but Wednesday when I went to check the mail it was there.
I wanted to run back to the house to open it up but I used some self control and just walked fast instead.
It was so exciting seeing all of these fun new products to try out.
Essie nailpolish
Kerastase nourishing hair oil
tarte lip tint
twistband hair tie
kate spade fragrance sample
The polish is actually the one color I didn't really want because I already have one almost like it but oh well.
The kate spade fragrance broke but I didn't really mind.
I was excited to receive the hair tie because I have heard good things about them and the tarte lip tint which I was worried would be too dark but it was just the perfect tint of lip stain.
I don't know if the future boxes will be as good but I'm hoping they are because I always love getting stuff in the mail and this will be fun getting some new fun beauty products every month!

Well I'm off to pick up Kayla from school, she will be on Spring Break next week so I am looking forward to some sleeping in and doing fun things with the girls.
It's supposed to rain all weekend starting tomorrow through Monday so maybe a trip to the movies will be fun to see The Lorax.
Hopefully the weather will not be cold and rainy for the entire week!
Happy Weekend :)


Sabrina said...

Our cat is spoiled too. And I have been known to cover him up with a blanket every now and then. That is embarrassing to write! :)

I have really wanted to try Birchbox, I keep debating if I should do it. I love getting fun stuff like that in mail.

Colleen said...

I am cracking up at your Easter decorations comment. I'm the same way. Can't wait to do it and then I want to take it all down. I guess I'm strange like that too!!

These were great pictures.

I have no idea what birchbox is but tell me more!!!

SSM said...

Hello Shannon,

I've seen Birchbox mentioned but I don't know what it's all about.

Looks like you are participating in a lot of fun samples (for your opinion possibly?).

Have a great night!

KERRY said...

Hi Shannon! It's not a tradition over here to decorate for anything but Christmas but I could easily do it with the amount of soft rabbit toys we own!! We do love Easter though.
Your week sounds like it was a good one, great pictures!

WhiteWhispers2u said...

The decorating issue will only get worse the older you get.My last is over 6 years younger than my older two and I feel so bad but I'm just not into decorating for anything it seems like anymore.I have to put away to do any decorating and I just don't have the space.
The playdough cake decorating set looks darling and your treats in the mail look fun too~Cheers Kim

Shanon at Vintage Sparkle Chic said...

Such sweet girls, I always love to see what is going on with them.
Have a great weekend!