Saturday, March 10, 2012

Ten On Ten

One Photo
 Every Hour
For 10 Hours 
On the 10th Day of the Month
It's already March!!!
Crazy how fast time is flying by, it will be Spring in a few more weeks.
 Today Kayla has her very 1st T-ball game and all the Grandparents are coming out to see her play.
Afterward they will all come back to eat some lunch, hang out for awhile and enjoy this amazing weather we are having.

Look who woke me up this morning

Getting the food ready for lunch

a few Saturday morning cartoons before we have to leave

all ready for her 1st T-ball game

 Kayla's fans


why not eat some chips after eating some cake


a very small orange Kayla found below our orange tree
hoping one day they will be much bigger ;)

a nap
how cute are baby bellies ;)

Today was so much fun seeing Kayla play her 1st T-ball game!
I'll be sure to post more pictures of her game in a few days.
Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend so far.  
Our weather is gorgeous, lets just hope it stays this way.
Now I need to go take a nap!

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Jacci said...

oh, my. love that last one. precious 10 on 10! :)

Genn said...

Oh how fun to be watching Kayla play tball! SO cute.

Your lunch spread looked delish!

And yes, baby bellies, so so cute.
Wish mine was. Ha.

Heather said...

That last picture is so adorable. She looks completely at peace. That belly is c.u.t.e.!

Angel said...

So sweet!
Looks like a happy and fun day.
Cutie pie baby belly, so adorable.

Mominin said...

Looks like a wonderful day!! I love sleeping little ones!

Our Beaten Path said...

Your girls are gorgeous!! And your lunch looked sooo good! :) What a special day you made out of your little one's first game.

Holly said...

We can't wait to start t ball! It must have been so much fun! Thanks for stopping by Pink Lady. I am new your newest follower and hope you will follow me back :) Holly @ Pink Lady

Sabrina said...

Great pictures! I gotta go with the last one being my favorite too! Just this morning I was holding my baby and telling him what a soft, yummy baby belly he had! :)

Shanon at Vintage Sparkle Chic said...

Love your 10 on 10's! I meant to try it out this time and forgot about it :( I did remember a few days ago......
Love your little girls! Love the baby belly and your lunch looked yummy!


Jennifer said...

Lovely photos...your girls are precious. :-)

SSM said...

Hello Shannon,

Oh, pass me some of those barbecue chips, please!

Do you set a timer when you do this? I would never remember to take a photo on the hour mark.

Looks like a fun day.


Cindy said...

kayla must be the cutest little t-ball player i have ever seen! and to have so many fans there...awesome for her.
baby bellies....yum!
have a happy day shannon