Sunday, May 6, 2012

Celebrating the Day

Hubby and I woke up early Thursday morning to get ready to Celebrate Kayla's 5th Birthday.
I sent him to the donut shop to pick up some sprinkled donuts while I set out a few presents from us for her to open before she had to go to school.
Kayla ALWAYS wakes up by 7am, usually by 6:30am but of course on her birthday she would sleep until 7 and would have slept longer if we didn't wake her up.

After we sang happy birthday to her and she blew out her candle on her green with sprinkles donut she opened her presents from daddy and I.
She played for a little while before getting ready to go to school.

I sent her to school with some Hello Kitty cupcakes to celebrate the day with her classmates and then after we picked her up from school we headed to Disneyland.
The girls were so excited, you would think they had never been before!
Kayla talked the entire way there.

Once we arrived at the park, I took Kayla to the town hall so we could tell them it was her birthday.
They gave her a pin to wear and she got a call from Goofy singing her 'Happy Birthday'

She thought that was great that Goofy called just for her!

After that we headed straight to the rides.

We had to split up to go on most of the rides because Brooklyn and Kayla always want to go on something different

Eventually when we met up we realized that Brooklyn was tall enough to go on Kayla's favorite roller coaster ride in Toontown.
The girls were so excited they ran up to each other squealing and gave each other a big hug it was too cute!

As you can see Brooklyn was super excited!


Although that changed once she got on the ride.
Look at the seriousness in her face and those hands are just about to cover her mouth.
It's something she does everytime she is scared.
Needless to say she didn't like the ride much but once she got off and saw Kayla giggling and laughing she was laughing and saying that it was so fun.
We'll have to see if she goes on it again next time ;)

We ended up staying until the parks closed ending the night watching the World of Color over at Disney California.
Watching these shows are always my favorite part of Disneyland!
The girls both went on and on about how Beautiful it was so I'm sure we will be seeing it again and again if we make it til closing each time.
The girls passed out on the way home proving it was a great day.
A great day to celebrate turning 5!


SSM said...

What a great day!

Happy Birthday Kayla.

I wish we lived close enough to go to Disneyland on our Birthday's!

Shannon, you look beautiful! Great family photo. Love your glasses. :)

Cyn said...

Happy Birthday Kayla!
Looks like she had a blast, Love all your pics, and the Hello Kitty cupcakes, how cute!

Colleen said...

happy birthday to your sweet girl. looks like you guys had a fun day!

you are so skinny Shannon! you look great.

Kelli said...

Love her sweet smile! We took my older daughter to Disneyland on her 4th birthday and she enjoyed being treated extra special.