Monday, June 25, 2012

Santa Ana Zoo

Sunday evening we were going to my grandparents home out in Laguna Beach for dinner so we decided we would make a little stop on the way at the Santa Ana Zoo.
We have passed by it numerous times and had always wanted to take the girls so we figured yesterday was the perfect day to check it out.

The zoo is small and has mostly birds, different kinds of monkeys and a few farm animals.
It was the perfect size for us to walk through and see everything and then head over to my grandparents.

The girls laughed hysterically at the anteaters and a few of the monkeys that they thought were too funny.

Kayla rushed from monkey to monkey while Brooklyn was more excited to see the birds.

Of course thy had a carousel and a train.
There's no way we could leave without going on the rides ;)

Later this week we are taking the girls to Sea World for the first time so this was a fun little way to get them even more excited than they already are to see everything.
Hopefully it turns out to be just as great of a day as Sunday was!


Colleen said...

such great smiles on your girls! also I think kayla looks so grown up in that first picture!

Kelli said...

Looks like your girls had a fun day at the zoo. We have not been to Sea World in a few years but the kids always have so much fun each time we go. Makes me think that we should make a trip that was sometime this summer.

Kiri said...

Your girls are so cute! The zoo looks like a blast...I can't wait until I have kids to take! lol

p.s. just wanted to let you know I passed on the liebster blog award to you on my blog. don't feel like you have to participate, just wanted to let you know! :)

KERRY said...

Wow that last picture is absolutely gorgeous!! You have beautiful girls Shannon :)