Sunday, August 19, 2012

Soccer for the First Time

Two weeks ago Kayla started soccer.
She had never played before but hubby and I knew that she would enjoy it and be good at it.
When she was a little over a year old she would kick the soccer ball up and down the street and we noticed she was pretty good at controlling it already then and since she is very fast and always jumping/bouncing around we knew this would be a good sport for her since it is so fast paced as she is!
Even though it's been the hottest 2 weeks of Summer so far and running around twice a week in the heat for practice she has done really well.

Saturday was her first game and as hubby and I knew she did amazing!
Out of the 4 goals her team got she scored 2 of them and is also the only one on the team that has never played before.

To say we were proud is an understatement!!
I'm really hoping she sticks with this sport and I'm looking forward to seeing how much better she is going to get.


Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

She is so cute. My daughter played when she was in high school and will have her daughter start playing as early as possible. I can't wait.

Kelli said...

She looks so cute out there and 2 goals !! Juliana started last year and it is so fun the see the little ones play. Her first game for this season is in two week and she is very excited.

Genn said...

So cute Shannon!!! I'm glad she loves it and sounds like she's got skills! :)

I can't wait for Hannah's first game! It's not until September 8 but so far she is loving it too. So fun isn't it? :)

Colleen said...

She is so adorable Shannon. That must be adorable to watch her out there.

{cindy} said...

Yeah for your little soccer star!!
we had a weekend full of soccer too.:) so fun to cheer from the sidelines isn't it?!
have a happy day shannon