Friday, August 10, 2012

Ten On Ten

Welcome to the August edition of Ten on Ten.
Enjoy a look of our day through ten photos for ten hours!
(updating throughout the day)

Daddy was home this morning so he woke up early with the girls getting them breakfast and everything so by the time I woke up they were already full of energy.  Yes 7:30 is sleeping in around our house, sad I know ;)
Here's Brooklyn happily showing off her muscles to me.

7:30 am

the mess has already begun, 

8:30 am

getting our lunches all ready for our end of Summer picnic 

9:30 am

off to have some fun with my girls

10:30 am

some candy 


the perfect picnic spot

12:30 pm

back home and the girls are napping so I'm digging into some candy for me ;)

1:30 pm

Finally getting to watch The Help which I've had forever and have not watched.

2:30 pm

Look who woke up and isn't happy I've got the t.v.

guess I'll be finishing my movie tonight.

3:30 pm

Not only was it ridiculously hot today we also had thunder and rain.

4:30 pm

Well that's my ten on ten. 
Thanks for visiting and I hope you all have a great weekend!

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Colleen said...

ok, I am cracking up at the muscle one of B. C constantly asks me to feel his muscles. it makes me laugh and is so darn cute!

Sheri said...

yay. I love your 10 on 10. Great idea. Enjoy your weekend.

Sarah M. said...

That sure looks like a perfect place for a picnic! Nice candy shot!

Genn said...

Great set as always Shannon. Your girls are such beauties.
Your picnic looked like fun!

Nellies said...

Great set!! Love the picnic and candy photo the most. Have a wonderful weekend!!

Megan Bailey said...

Your girls are adorable!

amyhersheyskisses said...

Oh I loved The Help! Hope you got to finish it!!

Shanon at Vintage Sparkle Chic said...

Fun day, I love The Help, both the book and the movie. I always like to see your 10 on 10 days.