Saturday, September 8, 2012


Today you turn 3!
 You are my very girly girl,
who always loves to cuddle,
and give kisses,

Can always be heard singing,
you love cheese, 
and especially love pizza!

You are a bit stubborn,
but very silly.

Always making silly faces whenever mommy wants a good picture of you.

You like shopping with mommy and being chased around by daddy.
You do not like to be dirty especially on your feet ;)
Always says Thank You and will rush to give someone a kiss if you accidently hurt them.

You are the perfect mix of sweet and sassy and we love you to the moon and back.

Happy 3rd Birthday baby girl!


Heather said...

Happy birthday to your sweet and adorable girl!!!!

Colleen said...

happy birthday Brooklyn! hope you had a fun party!

Cyn said...

She is so adorable! Happy birthday to your sweet girl!!!

{cindy} said...

what a sweet sweet post shannon!
she is such a cutie.
happy birthday brooklyn