Tuesday, September 18, 2012


So the girls and I have a nasty cold and I'm pretty sure all the crazy busy schedules we've had the last few weeks have something to do with it.
Luckily our weekends are much less busy for awhile and I am looking forward to kicking back and relaxing on my Saturdays and Sundays, that is after Kayla's soccer games!

This morning after we dropped Kayla off at school Brooklyn and I ran to Target and Trader Joe's to pick up some much needed items.
We also made a quick stop to Toys r' us so she could use a gift card she had gotten for her birthday.
I quickly realized we could be here all day as she ran from toy to toy screaming "ooohhhh I want this" luckily she narrowed it down and decided on the Dora the Explorer car.

She was very happy with her choice and couldn't wait to play with it as soon as we got home.
Kayla was happy too and so far no fighting over it yet ;)

Speaking of Kayla, she is doing so awesome with her reading!
I barely even have to help her with her reading homework and I often find her reading books to Brooklyn in the mornings.

Sunday morning I picked a dozen roses from the yard and could have easily picked a few dozen more if I wanted to cut them all.
I can't believe how many blooms are on my rose bushes right now, I don't know how they tolerate the heat we've been having lately but they are.

I had the roses on the kitchen table but have already moved them so that I could place some Fall color to our table instead.  
Hopefully by the end of the weekend all our Fall decor will be scattered around  the home.
I love decorating for the seasons but Fall is always my very favorite because it gets me excited for all the upcoming holidays!

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Shanon at Vintage Sparkle Chic said...

I loved it when my older daughter could read to my younger girl. I am ready for fall, too. I haven't lugged out any decorations yet. I just love your roses, they are beautiful.


tiff@thecoffeehouse said...

No fighting?! Wowza. I'm impressed! I am also impressed with your decorating skills. Love! I can't wait to get my fall decorations out ... must to that this weekend!

tiff@thecoffeehouse said...

*do that this weekend.

Colleen said...

pretty roses!!! hope you guys feel better soon. I find it very cute that she reads to Brooklyn.