Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Greenspot Farms

This morning Kayla went on her first field trip to Greenspot Farms.  She has been waiting for today since she first found out about it 2 weeks ago everyday asking how many more days until my field trip?
The most exciting thing about the field trip was the fact that she was going to ride on a bus for the first time.  
I tried to explain to her that being at the farm was going to be much more fun but she wasn't buying it!
Brooklyn and I decided we were going to tag along and meet them at the farm along with all the other parents following the two school busses.  I was pretty excited to be able to go and when Kayla's teacher found out I was meeting them there she handed me yellow a post it note and said here are your kids for the day ;)

I was happy to help and watch them run from one exciting activity to another!  The girl in the brown stripes is one of  Kayla's friends she plays with and talks about a lot so it was nice to get to know her better.  She ended up holding Brooklyn's hand just about the entire time watching her and being a great helper to me.

The first stop up was to pet the horse who just might have been the most patient horse I've ever seen.  He just stood there while all of the kids pushed and shoved to get to him.
Up past the horse was a train that they all climbed in and out of and eventually we got them to all stand still for a few photos.

Kayla and Nicholas, she claims this little fella is her boyfriend, I'm pretty sure he thinks they are just friends ;)
How cute is it that they are both tugging at their pants though? 

The excitement began when we came up to the first maze of the day.  I panicked a little when I realized Kayla and one of the other little girls were no where to be seen when they were right in front of me seconds ago.  I kept thinking please be at the exit because that would not look too good if I lost two kids within the first 15 minutes of the field trip!

Luckily they were waiting.
Up next it was time to learn how to grow a pumpkin.

After a few minutes of sitting still they were let loose to each pick a pumpkin.

They were all told to pick a pumpkin that they wouldn't mind holding the rest of the field trip.

I love how Kayla picked the smallest one she could find and Brooklyn picked a bigger one.
So true to their personalities, Kayla complains about having to carry or do anything strenuous and ALWAYS complains when it comes to carrying her own stuff.  Then there is Brooklyn who really just doesn't care what she is told and does what she wants anyways.
Mommy ended up carrying both pumpkins in her bag for the rest of the trip ;)

How excited do you think a class full of Kindergartener's got when they found out they were going to ride on this tractor?
Yep, this field trip just kept getting better and better for them!
I'm pretty sure they didn't notice how pretty it actually was but the view from up the mountain and the farm was beautiful!

The tractor dropped us all off and we got to go and learn about how bees make honey and watch them make a candle.
Oh and we got to try some honey, it made me want some cornbread with it in the worst way.
After all of the bee buzz ;) we got to visit the animals on the farm and feed a few of them too.
With perfect timing we were just about done, kids were getting thirsty and were near the end of what they could take.
Luckily the last part of the field trip included another maze!

They all ran over to get ready, see Brooklyn casually walking.

Kayla and another girl were the very first ones out of the maze Brooklyn on the other hand was the very last one out!

When we got back to the school Kayla looked exhausted and when she actually asked if she could take a nap today I knew she definitely was!
We all had so much fun and after a week that didn't start off too good I definitely needed this morning to get out and have some fun!


Jennifer S. said...

What a beautiful place! Looks like the girls had so much fun! I am headed to the pumpkin farm tomorrow with Annie. It is her first kindergarten field trip :) She is excited!

WhiteWhispers2u said...

I use to love field trips with my girls.It looks like a fun filled day for sure.
Beautiful pictures and what a great farm to get to visit~Cheers Kim

Kelli said...

Fun field trip. Juliana's class will be going to the pumpking patch in 2 weeks and she keeps asking how much longer. I think she may be more excited about the bus ride than the pumpkin patch though.