Thursday, October 18, 2012

Pumpkin Painting

Sorry for the lack of blogging this entire week but I barely picked up my camera and come to think of it there really wasn't much of anything to take pictures of.
We've just been running around from soccer practice to shopping and to me piling up my dining room table with goods to sell in the yard sale we are having Saturday.
Since I felt guilty about the lack of fun going on in our home this week I picked up some pumpkins from The Dollar Store this morning and when Kayla got home from school today the girls got to painting them.

I told them I really didn't want to see any orange left on them.
Kayla made sure to cover the entire thing, she was done rather quickly.

Once Kayla was done she put a movie on and then Brooklyn quickly lost interest 

They came out cute either way and will find a new home in their bedrooms.

Can you believe Halloween is only 13 days away??
I'm so behind, hubby and I don't even have our costumes yet!
I'm planning on slowing down next week and hopefully having more time to enjoy some Halloween movies with the girls.


Kelli said...

I bought some pumpkins for the kids to paint this weekend. The girls pumpkins turned out cute.

Sometimes I feel I like I do not have anything to blog about. We do the same thing day after, school, homework.

Good luck at the garage sale! said...

Darling little girlies and darling pumpkins too!

{cindy} said...

oh those are sweet!! we are trying so hard to make it to the pumpkin patch this weekend. we would love some big beauties to paint for out front.:)
good luck at your garage sale...those can be such a pain!:)
have a happy day shannon

Sarah said...

The difference between having girls and way would have I sat my boys next to eachother with paint and brushes. :-) Cute pumpkins. Can't wait to see what you decide on for costumes!