Friday, October 26, 2012

Pumpkin Patch

Gosh the days are flying by!
Halloween is next Wednesday already which I'm pretty excited about and mainly because I am already in the Christmas spirit.
I spent the other day crafting away while listening to Christmas Carols.
I think I might just have to pull out some decorations a bit early this year ;)

Anyway I don't want to stress anyone out about the holidays just quite yet so I'll get on with our  pumpkin patch photos.

We actually came home with zero pumpkins this year.  
The choice seemed much smaller than the past and I'm sure it had to do with the excessive heat we had 
It's a good thing I had already stocked up on numerous pumpkins so it didn't really matter.

Lately Kayla is all about the poses.
She was cracking me up with her moves which she was coming up with all on her own.

Brooklyn on the other hand was being a goof and kept making silly faces.

Since we weren't too worried about finding the perfect pumpkins to bring home we had more time to wander around.
We found this cute little road which ended up being the perfect little spot for pictures.

Now if only they had cute little white dresses on, I might just have to get back up there for a new photo session sometime soon ;)


Cyn said...

Love the pics, Your daughters are beautiful! Have a fun week =) said...

I love going to the pumpkin patch every year even if my kids are too big for it. It just goes with the season, right? Your girls look so cute in their pictures. Love ther personalities. Love that Kayla is going to be a model ;)

Kerry said...

Very cute pictures of your girls Shannon :) Kayla is looking more like you everyday!
Pumpkin picking looks like a fun day out!

Kelli said...

Beautiful pictures Shannon! Your girls are so cute and it looks like they like getting their pictures taken :)

Colleen said...

love these pictures! I have to crack up at you listening to christmas carols already. too funny!