Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A Different Kind of Tradition

It looks like we have started a Christmas tradition here that might be a little different from others!
Just like everyone else does during Christmas time I take pictures of both of the girls in front of the Christmas tree except my picture seems to come out the same, atleast it has for the past three years.

Here we are on our way to Kayla's Preschool Christmas concert, I just wanted one photo of the girls looking cute in front of the tree but as you can see that was not going to happen.


This time we were at Disneyland......what could she possibly be upset about here??


and lastly this year after decorating the tree as a family.


 As you can see Brooklyn is not very fond of my picture taking.
 Looks like we definitely have a different kind of Christmas Tradition!


Sarah said...

That's so funny!!! I get a similar reaction from my younger son with back to school pictures.

Genn said...

Ha! Too funny!! That last one is just precious. And reminds me of Claire!!

I love your header!!!
And I love that pic you took of your girls backs looking at the tree a couple posts back. Or was that on IG? So sweet.

Colleen said...

lol, ok this was great. it actually makes me feel better because E often has those faces too!

Leanne {Life Happens When} said...

This is so funny! I love the tradition, she'll have to keep it up over the years! :)