Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Yesterday was Kayla's 100th day of school, she has been excited for this day for the past week.
She knew they were going to have cupcakes to celebrate and lots of fun games for them to do.
Needless to say she woke up in a good mood!   
After breakfast the girls both got ready quickly so they could play princesses before it was time to leave.

A quick picture of Kayla before sending her off to celebrate 100 days with her classmates

Back home Brooklyn took a break from playing princesses to watch a princess(Sleeping Beauty) while snacking on some gummies.

When I picked up Kayla from school she immediately told me all about the fun stuff they did, 
100 exercises, 
counted to 100, 
read 100 words
ate their cupcakes.

She got this $100 bill from school as well.
It was the first thing she ran out to tell me about when I picked her up.
Come to find out later once we got home and she asked me "what should I buy with my $100.00" poor thing thought she was handed over free money!
I had to break the news that it was not real and people don't just hand out a $100.00.

 She was a little upset but eventually got over it.  Luckily she had a date with daddy to look forward to.
She was going out to dinner with him and then back to her school for a Math Family Fun Night.
She had a great time playing math games with daddy and got some fun stuff to bring home to play with as well.

As for Brooklyn and I, we enjoyed her favorite cheese quesadillas for dinner and then played with playdough while watching some Sofia the First. :)


Kelli said...

The 100th day of school is so fun. Juliana's class celebrated it last week. I do not remember celebrating it when I was in school.

WhiteWhispers2u said...

How fun for them to celebrate a 100 days of school.My Girls schools never celebrated it :( Sweet lil Girls you have.Miss mine being lil ! But I also enjoy them being older too ~Kim

Colleen said...

great pictures Shannon. poor thing that she thought it was real.

Becca said...

I remember a 100 days celebration. My mom came and helped us make necklaces out of 100 fruit loops! How fun! :)

Sarah said...

Cute post! I taught first grade so I fondly remember 100 day activities.