Monday, March 18, 2013

St. Patrick's Day

Happy Monday!
I hope everyone had a fun St. Patrick's Day, we had a good time celebrating with the girls.
They loved seeing their green eggs and green orange juice at breakfast.

Brooklyn was the first one to see the table all set up and the fun glasses waiting for her.
She immediately ran down the hallway and came into our room and said "thank you mommy and daddy" and then she went and told Kayla about it.
When hubby and I woke up we were given pictures they each had been drawing up while waiting for us to get out of bed.

After breakfast the girls played around with their glasses and the other fun goodies we had laying around for them.

Before lunch I brought out some pictures to color that I found online and printed out.

We had nowhere to be yesterday but home so we spent the entire day just hanging around.

The girls spent Saturday in the bouncer and we had left it out so they could bounce Sunday as well.
They pretty much bounced the entire weekend!

They were both a bit sad when the day was coming to an end and they were tired so you know it was a good day.

Good thing Easter is coming up next for some more fun!


Colleen said...

seriously, how cute are you with all this??? love it. Kayla looks SO GROWN UP in one of those pictures at the table.

Kelli said...

Love the cute table decorations!