Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Weekend

We spent the weekend playing outside, doing yardwork, washing cars and celebrating our Noni's 86th Birthday.

Saturday afternoon I surprised the girls with a pretty picnic set up.
They were so excited you would have thought I spent hours on it.

They pretended they were at a fancy restaurant while they ate their lunch.
Kayla asked if I could please do it again someday.
I see a lot of fun lunch surprises in their future ;)

I think daddy found his car wash buddy.
She did such a good job helping him out.

Sunday we celebrated Noni's 86th Birthday.
We all celebrated with pizza, pasta and cake of course.

Noni with all of her great grandkids

Brooklyn always sticking her finger in the cake when no one is looking

This week is going to fly by, Kayla is turning 6 on Friday so I'll be getting ready for a weekend of celebrating!


{cindy} said...

isn't it funny how the littlest things can make them sooo happy!:)
love that!
I love looking at your pictures Shannon...it reminds me so much of when riley and janey were those ages. how far apart are they? mine are 19 months apart.
gotta love carwash help
have a happy day shannon

Colleen said...

honestly, it's those simple little things that make our kids go bananas. how can we not do them when they get such a smile????

Kelli said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend...we spent a lot of time outside as well.
Your picnic looks fun. I love the table cloth Shannon.
What kind of a party is she having this year? Juliana will be 6 in July and she wants to have a Hello Kitty party. I will need to look back on your Hello Kitty party from last year.