Thursday, August 8, 2013

Family Game Night

Last night we had game night, it's been on our Summer fun list for the last two Summers in a row and we didn't get to it last Summer so we couldn't let it not get marked off two Summers in a row.
I'm glad we did it because it was a lot of fun and super easy to throw together!
All I did was set up a few different stations with games. 
We started by eating dinner at the table and playing Minnie Mouse Bingo together as a family.

I made homemade mac 'n cheese that everybody ate, even Brooklyn!

and then we began to play 

Brooklyn ended up winning first place

After we were all finished with dinner we split up and Brooklyn and daddy went on to play Connect 4

and Kayla and I went on to play Crazy 8's where she ended up beating me

next we met at the coffee table to play memory, I put out some m&m's and popcorn to snack on while we played

I'm quite proud to say I won that game, if you know Kayla she almost always wins at this game so it was a great win for mommy!

This was a perfect family night, we all had fun and I definitely think it will be something we do a lot more often.

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Such sweet family memories have been made xo