Friday, September 20, 2013

This Week

This week has been a good one!
We haven't been home much but it seems like everything ran smoothly which means the girls have been getting along and listening for the most part.
The weather is finally cooling down and it actually feels a bit like Fall around here.
I'm wearing jeans today which is a good way to start the weekend right?!

Last Sunday when Kayla and I went to a few antique stores I found this pitcher and had to buy it, love the pretty blue on it.

Kayla started the week off without any front teeth.
She is just in time for Halloween, we told her she would make the perfect jack-o-lantern.

This is what I mean by getting along!
Monday morning they were both reading quietly in Kayla's room before school.

Brooklyn's been her usual silly self and keeping me entertained.

Wednesday after school I took the girls to meet their cousin, Jonas
Brooklyn was eager to hold him but Kayla was fine just taking a peek at him.

After visiting with their new cousin we met daddy at the mall and went out to dinner.

Can't forget to post this little guy. 
After leaving the hospital when Jonas was born we saw this raccoon which we were told hangs out around the hospital nightly.  He has become a little friend to the staff.  
He sure is cute!

I had to take a picture of Brooklyn in these cowgirl boots that I love, they were actually Kayla's and now they fit Brooklyn. 
Little Cowgirl

Another quiet morning where I caught the girls coloring before school, sisterly love.  A few nights ago after we got home a little late and I was getting out of the shower Kayla took it upon herself to put Brooklyn to bed, say her prayer and sing a song to her sister.
She has been such a good helper lately!

Here's to hoping the weekend goes as nice as the past week has gone by.
I'm so looking forward to burning my Fall candles and watching all the new shows coming back on!
Happy Weekend!!


Billie Jo said...

So very much to love about this one, Shannon...

Your girls are adorable, and so sweet that they are best friends!

Those cowgirl boots are my favorite. : )

And you are right...fall candles and new shoes are the best.

Have a wonderful weekend, friend!

WhiteWhispers2u said...

Well the new lil Cuz in town is Gorgeous!!! as well as the lil Chicks always adorable and the boots are smokin :)

I also broke out my fall candles and got myself some pumpkins.

Enjoy your weekend!

Jo said...

Your girls are just gorgeous!

Colleen said...

LOVE the cowgirl outfit with the boots! it is so her!

Sounds like a nice week. Don't you love it when things go smoothly??? lol. I'm the same way.